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  1. Crim Rui

    Why is everyone waiting for something to happen? Just enjoy their interaction. This should have been in the movie.

  2. James Polinowski

    Rogue is gonna put her in a coma.

  3. The Living barfpoo 2

    its time!!! Fly son!!!!1

  4. Lonzo Ball

    How would that rings even fit in the fingers of a GIANT dragon? Howwwwww???

  5. Kimberly Jeanne

    The purge trailer that lasted forever... I think we basically just saw the movie. Meh. Honestly I was more entertained by your Manscape promo 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  6. Kilian Rayleigh

    This show is amazing, and Andre Brauer has fantastic comedic timing

  7. Cinematic Goodness

    Uncle Wrecker's relationship with Omega is something I never knew I needed in my life yet here we are lol

  8. Jose Luis Serrano Mejia

    Well done guys! Love your reactions!

  9. Volatile Supernova

    This show gets better every episode

  10. Wimplo86

    Only the First Order trained their Stormtroopers from when they are kids. The Empire didn’t do that

  11. Zack Zander

    Nolan remembering Debbie’s speech about being happy and realizing what he have done to Mark and everything cause him to regret it. He’s been fighting himself more than fighting Mark by trying to convince himself that he must be and still is loyal to the Viltrumite Empire, but was too late when he realize it...

  12. Zack Zander

    I love almost all reactions is the same for that train scene. Like... Jesus f*cking Christ...

  13. Dino Onde

    I don't like the new snake ayes

  14. Darth Sidious

    14:45 is happy wheels

  15. Darth Sidious

    thats call of duty for you

  16. ドリューローズゴールド

    “feels like a pg-13 show but i can’t tell if it R rated” oh boy...

  17. Hybrid

    The more matpat says "shung chi" and not shang chi makes me more and more angry every time

  18. Leonardo Parkinson

    it was Agatha all alonggg

  19. Darth Sidious

    ahoo ahoo !!! it sounds like the spartan chant lol

  20. Puss in Biker Boots

    If this doesn’t happen I’m going to be disappointed

  21. Red Wright

    Iko Uwais! Nice. Definitely going to watch this.

  22. Greg


  23. king dog

    I love the new venom and to be honest the new venom is strong then spiderman

  24. cahyando ong

    Congratz! Love ur content

  25. BiggestDawgEver

    I think Clark decided that perhaps giving Jordan some self determination and trusting him to be responsible for himself(under reasonable "Super"-vision), might help him break his cycle of depression and feelings of inadequacy. Clark only assumed Jordan was going to lose control in the hallway. We don't know he would have. Also, you forgot that Lois checked in with Johnathan last episode. She acknowledged what he gave up for the move and how hard it must be and what a great brother he is being.

  26. Eli Warren

    Someone needs to do a “body language of a fucking liar” on Andrew Garfield and upload it on KGup😂😂😂🙌

  27. Art's Life

    2:19 I love that they both can't aim for sh*t

    1. Art's Life

      2:52 also no it doesn't, the blades would have bended instead of persing

  28. Art's Life

    19:00 I love the guy on the lefts face

  29. A RJ

    Him: Go!! Her: No I’m coming with you! Him: No! It’s too dangerous! Also when he doesn’t have time to explain why he’s acting crazy but needs her to understand he’s not crazy. Him: Do you trust me? Her: W..what? Him: DO YOU TRUST ME? Her:........Yes. And finally while cupping her face as she’s scared about what ever explosive drama has just taken place. Him: Look at me! Look at me! Her: scared look on face Him: Listen to me..I’m not gonna let anything happen to you.

  30. Lifted_OD

    I honestly wasn’t that impressed with this film. It’s well made but it just didn’t stick with me. Hereditary was way better.

  31. Benji Time

    It gets so much better and yes please twice a week!

  32. Art's Life

    8:25 I'm using that one

  33. Blackmantittie

    I LIVE for these intros!!

  34. Cinema Guerrílla

    Dudes WOWWWWW

  35. Fluff Universe | Funny TikTok Compilation Videos

    I cracked up so hard watching this is one of the best compilations I’ve seen the great video.

  36. Otonashi Jorge

    I was waiting for the robot head guy to say "Where are my testicles Summer?"

  37. MrReddington 77

    Great interview. I can see you guys on the red carpet one day.

  38. Prajjwal Pawar

    I don't know why but this movie is made for theatre it can't be seen from home it should be seen in theatre it look awesome

  39. Christian Henson

    Gooooooood RIDDANCE!!! She was a terrible choice to begin with!!

  40. hussd21

    I can't wait for you guys to get to the Halloween episodes, and the Backstreet Boys cold open

  41. 1c3 sLy1

    That's insane. They give you the trailer to react and you still have to edit audio!

    1. The Reel Rejects

      Haha yeah, different departments with different rights to different things across multiple continents 😅 yadda yadda yadda

  42. Raul

    Nicaragua has beautiful women

  43. Lord Ventini

    When I say John's impressions are spot on. I mean it.

  44. Bowlingdoughnuts MD

    I mean they did it with Dormamu

  45. My name is Aminé

    I don’t really get the hype about Henry Golding, such a likable guy though. If anybody in the comments could recommend me some of his best acting performances (outside of Crazy Rich Asians) I could check out I would appreciate it! 👍

    1. The Reel Rejects

      Been hearing a lot of praise for him in The Gentlemen!

  46. Wak Job

    What a cool guys aren't too bad either ;-)

  47. shawn hammond

    She is going to become binary and join the space avengers

  48. TheChaz5504

    “Could that be finnick?” INTERESTING. Omega could be force sensitive- I get that from her intuition- but she also seems able to MIMIC or learn very quickly others abilities. After watching hunter track, she could track. She was able to shoot like crosshair (the blaster from his hands!). Love this show so far.

  49. bilinas mini

    Strangers thing call, the mindflayer would have a word with carnage for a partnership😂

  50. Sugar Daddy Zemo

    Spiderman didnt kill doc ock. He sacrafices himself to stop the mini sun

  51. Clothilde

    That long exposure-esque timelapse shot of the stars is absolutely stunning. This looks likes it’s going to be an absolute feast for the eyes and I 👏🏻 am 👏🏻 here 👏🏻 for 👏🏻 it 👏🏻

  52. Sugar Daddy Zemo

    That beggining bit though with the secret moves 😂😂

  53. Carina Mendoza

    I am having winter soldier vibes with this one and I am so excited for it 💪🏼

  54. Victor Valiente

    man these guys have the cringiest thumbnails ever

  55. Lindsay Bierman

    Owen Wilson in this looks like John Slattery from Mad Men (in his costume and makeup) I swear!

  56. amit sharma

    Henry Cavill is Superman Dude

  57. 182 Saga

    Thank you for a relatively fair review of the news. Nitpick: it's Ms. Marvel (pronounced "mizz"), not Miss.

  58. Richard Daniels

    Cinemas have just reopened in UK and I’ve just watched this on IMAX. Agree 100% with your review. Awesome monster fights on the big screen.

  59. Samekh Productions


  60. Chooch murai

    Not gonna lie i thought that was scarecrow in the thumbnail

  61. Dylan

    This does not look good

  62. History Stuff

    Don't like it when half of the screen is taken up by the hosts.

  63. Michael Barnum

    Name is Dan his name is John drifter

  64. Michael Barnum

    Who is John drifter

  65. Geovani Carvajal

    When are we gonna get love death and robots reaction

  66. Midas Ayden

    Hi great vid and I loved that clip

  67. Deni Nezic

    Hoping this is a good! He seems like a really awesome dude🤘🏻 I think he’ll kill it🙏🏻

  68. BigJT246

    Just ruined the snake eyes character. Gonna be trash.

  69. Maximilian Hammerschmidt

    If Tobey shows up, he should pull out the Bully Maguire on Tom Holland

  70. Maximilian Hammerschmidt

    This movie could turn out to be the coolest thing ever... It could also turn out to be an incredibly overstuffed mess... I'm carefully optimistic

  71. Veteran Ninja

    The only good thing about the 2 shitty gi joe movies was snake eyes. Duke sucked ripcord sucked they all sucked so please don't fuck this up.

  72. Lex of Power

    I still want John David Washington to be GL, but I would love to see that footage be released on KGup. We could have gotten John Frickin Stewart in the SnyderCut and it didn’t happen and as a GL fan, that disappoints me to no end.

  73. Tony Stark

    I love this trailer and reaction so much even tho the movie disappointed me