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  1. yam

    i'm really really really happy for him and this switched my shitty day, i hope all people who have cancer get cured and find their peace

  2. Thales Ferreira

    Yo I'm so happy! Congratulations on pwning cancer my dude!!!

  3. sadshxdow

    davinky, my vinky😉

  4. Evelyn

    These boys are wonderful 🌠

  5. Luella Penvennen

    I already love being a resident of Kurtistown, but when Kurtis AND Jacob come to hang out life is just really very good ❤️

  6. Mitzi

    When he doesn’t say “except for that one time” 😔

  7. katilynn Faz

    Kurtistown more like Jacobjunction. Kurtis goodbye.

  8. Trinity Mikel

    I love you

  9. Bruno Bucciarati’s Wife

    Da vinky my vinky!

  10. Ryan Huff

    Imagine not immediately skipping this cringe merch shit lmao

  11. Bob The Egg

    Shave the mustache Kurtis. Just do it.

  12. Kimberly Althammer

    please never stop this series

  13. Abbie Holyday

    Fuckkkk I love it when it's both of you!

  14. Delyth Telford

    Can you imagine being hungover and waking up to those dumb fucks arguing 🙄

  15. Willo Dutton

    Why is his voice so freaking low seems like puberty him twice (I'm half-joking)

  16. YADALI

    I lost it at 6:03

  17. Super Boyces

    Da vinky my vinky 😏

  18. Probby


  19. marie-gabrièle eid

    i just went thru the comment section thank god im not the only one who read it as boyxboy

  20. era katariina

    This is the perfect example of how you laugh with your best friend.

  21. Lucas Hoffses

    At 19:05, you see (what appears to be) a gay couple doing this But the description says “Today i’m telling *her* that I don’t want to wait until marriage (even though the title says “boyfriend”) Whatever. I’m not the target audience. I shouldn’t be questioning it.

  22. Adrian Truesdale

    Oh shit hes cured THATS AWESOME DUDE

  23. Latasha Ford

    I identify as a girl and because of my iron deficiency and anemia my eyes only speak Tim Burton

  24. Tabitha Cakes

    Steph: :/ How dare you judge me for my looks when asked Also Steph: Ugh why aren't you muscular enough or have that athletic body compared to the others?

  25. Julia Bannon

    can you do e-girls?

  26. damn it jay’s here

    we demand more jacob

  27. Anna Shelton

    Bro, u good?

  28. Lau G

    He didn’t acknowledge that he didn’t give us an extra greeting that one time, cancel him.

  29. marie-gabrièle eid

    i have a friend called nate they're a theatre kid but it's ok they're not the annoying theatre kid type and they're really nice

  30. Charles McCullough

    Knowing Kurtis is also part of the kiss army makes my heart skip a beat ❤ uwu conner chan

  31. camille c. g.

    da vinyl my vinky

  32. Animation Crustacean

    da vinky my vinky

  33. Jael hodges

    my sister watches them, I just think it's funny how she watches them and I watch the people that make fun of them😭

  34. oh well

    i'm so glad to see jacob recover from his brain cancer, i'm so proud of him <3

  35. recharge zone

    "All females across all species greatest ability is reproduction" Ben have you ever heard of seahorses lol

  36. Hannah Watson

    da vinky my vinky

  37. Nevaeh Wangari

    da vinky my vinky 🙈💅🏾✨

  38. mars patel

    bro tracey was so fine and he’s the only one who stood out in terms of what kind of partner she wanted, i’m so pissed

  39. L L

    instagram comedy is so dry

  40. Regina George

    Congrats Jacob 👏 happy no cancer:)

  41. Lilly Coughlan

    2 duduse

  42. Reffi

    I loooved your energy and the jokes. Still, I don't get it how you, as a very open and liberal person, can support black friday?

  43. Fetchin Slides

    Me watching the light on Kurtis: 👁 👄 👁

  44. Annamarie

    Has anyone tried the falling over method in an argument with a parent?

  45. SoulGazer Shayn

    I'm 95% sure they're not even dating. My gaydar is beeping so loud, your momma's ears are ringing. The whole thing is probably just for show.

  46. Savannah L

    So happy for you Jacob!

  47. eylül

    Finnaly found who jacob look alike! İf you watched supernatural there was the lucifer isn't he look like him?

  48. Layo Ojo

    My favorite collab videos are when Kurtis is with Jacob. Other people overpower him and he can’t be his laidback self. But Jacob and him just gel so well! I LOVE it!

  49. DarkShadic 9632

    “I love gay people. I’d be best friends with a gay person. Do I support it? *n o”*

  50. Ella Kaale

    Ever since Jacob referred to himself as “Anthony carrigan-lookin ass” I can’t unsee it

  51. yunho protection agency

    jacob on this channel is one of my favorite fucking things, you have amazing chemistry and it makes me so happy! congrats on beating the cance cance jacob!

  52. Megan Paczas


  53. micha

    middle smirk: 👁 👁 U

  54. camille c. g.

    now that’s a pregnant cousin

  55. Kendal LeQuieu

    that kiss between anderson and lindsay was one of the most awkward movie kisses i’ve had to watch

  56. UpdatedGamer

    Bachelor? I hardly know her!

  57. Emerson High

    It showed the text purple on the vacuum convention did you go to it?

  58. camille c. g.

    giggins gang forever

  59. TeaRoll

    See's Kurtis video: 👀 See's Jacob in thumbnail: *👁👁*

  60. Haley Meyer

    Kurtis and Jacob make me so happy

  61. Karrigan Weldin

    You can't tell me that Jacobs last name isn't pronounced like the Sharpe marker. You simply can't tell me any different.

  62. Nova Vivianne

    I don't think I've laughed this hard today 😂😂

  63. Krista Williams

    Kurtis this has been your funniest video in so long like this was hilarious I love you guys

  64. Mrs. Yingles

    Kurtis looks like a guy in the 70’s.

  65. Maye hoffman

    Fight at the Pentagon whoever wins gets into area 51 to find all the youtube couples

  66. Tsukishimas Simpp

    U didn’t clap after FOLKS :((

  67. anna needs help

    20:33 THE SHADE

  68. Toni Enss

    Fuck off Kurtis but anyways.. bachelor? I hardly know her.

  69. Nassari Hyman

    I work for Forever 21 and we have a 711 collab 😂


    Women are crazy but this guy is fighting his friends because his gf wants a sandwich 😍

  71. Jessica Hart

    Kurtis: gRaDE eIGht GRad Me, sippin tea in my native UK: 🤔🇬🇧

  72. meghana s

    da vinky my vinky

  73. acciobambi

    kurtis’ mullet is the sole thing getting me thru 2020

  74. Vera

    ohhhh the gaslighting really hurt, "you're making me scream and yell at you" AHHH yikes 15:55

  75. Giraffe

    "da vinky my vinky"

  76. Aurora Christianson

    12:00 I got an ad for a Chevrolet right after this

  77. Lilia Grajeda

    "would you be my friend if my name was josh?" joshua weissman has entered the chat

  78. SoulGazer Shayn

    TW: physical violence I remember clearly my ex-girlfriend having her hands wrapped around my neck, telling me that I was pathetic and that no one else could possibly frustrate her more than me, that she wanted to kill me. Another day it was her slicing her wrists in front of me to emotionally manipulate me and turning the knife at me when I stepped to close to her to try and take it away from her. The first time I saw her, she was the sweetest, most adorable and delicate person I had ever met. It was like living with Jekyll and Hyde. My apartment wall still has a hole in it from when she got frustrated at herself and rammed her head into it. She was tightening her grip on my neck and while I was terrorised, I kicked her off of me with my feet and she had the audacity to get mad at me for ''getting violent with her''. I told her to leave that week. Domestic violence is a very serious issue. Thank you for taking it seriously.

  79. Almedina

    This is the most wonder bread ass show