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  1. PC

    Hi Captain thanks .one question what is the impact in terms of force on the main landing wheel on such a sharp turn ? Thanks !!

  2. Ben Lin

    Hey Captain Joe. Not sure if anyone else commented. Steamboat Springs, Colorado have a glideslope of 7.75


    This a fantastic! I have often wondered about about an alternative to "push tugs" and "power backs"! I know Southwest will JUMP on that money and time saving idea, can't wait to see them in action next summer! Another great vid,bro!👍🏿

  4. Jon Masselink

    At 3:53, the Ryanair 737 appears to have the leading edge of his right wing extended and curved down. Do you agree? How did this contribute to the incident?

  5. CUBIE

    10:43 i love the guy hanging underneath just going "aight imma head out"

  6. Angel Alpaca

    Such a great video Joe, thank you very much!!!

  7. Jérôme Spitzer

    hey Captain, thanks for the videos. Can I have a signed key ring? Order (31313)

  8. Edgar Kiechle

    Great. I will get my commercial pilot license watching your youtube tutorials.

  9. Dhruv Sabharwal

    Well you now have the biggest reason of all, you don't get laid off at a time like this.

  10. Dimitri Mansour

    What if the animal has go to the bathroom


    Because you are flying Ryanair

  12. Stefon

    How much people went into that Ryanair aircraft! Geesh!!

  13. baretta369

    gas station short for gasoline....because our cars run on gasoline not petrol

  14. Amy P

    Pogo sticks. LOLOL. Fascinating video!

  15. Ahmad Ehan

    Its real

  16. Nicu Buricu

    Planes fly on compressed air not jet fuel. RESEARCH JET FUEL HOAX

  17. Chihana

    1:22 Let's go guys. Go and push a Belluga. XDDDD

  18. EmyyWolf

    I’m from Ecuador. I love the country . I hate planes. And yes the airplanes have to land in a rotation/ tornado type of way in Quito Ecuador 🇪🇨 But yes some of the most mesmerizing Volcanoes, most intense jungles, most beautiful beaches. And don’t get me started on the Galápagos Islands

  19. Justin Tilao

    Question- what are vertical takeoffs for?

  20. Matías B.

    It seems Joe checked DutchPilotGirl's aft cargo bay.

  21. AsgerJon

    13th avenue?...

  22. William Hummingson

    But Joe, would it also work on the A330, A340, A350, A380, B747, and B777? You only showed us the A320 and B738.

  23. Ronal Devnija 3T


  24. Arlene Racho

    Well That Is Something New In Aviation Well I’m not a Pilot But That is Something New Good Videos Captain Joe

  25. Manuel Agustin Clausse

    I'm curious about where you received these questions about WheelTug.... I have a couple of my own: 1. Will it affect the retraction of the landing gear in any way? 2. Will it affect the extension of the gear in any way?

  26. 1mezion

    I never understood why they never powered those wheels in the first place years ago

  27. Arsvvm!

    capitan can u answer my question please i wil be lvey veyr thankful i live in iran and i want to move to canadaand i have 2 budgies please tell me how can i take them its 15hr flight and first idk they will survive or not and second i should be near them bc they cant sleep or rest

  28. Arsvvm!

    capitan can u answer my question please i wil be lvey veyr thankful i live in iran and i want to move to canadaand i have 2 budgies please tell me how can i take them its 15hr flight and first idk they will survive or not and second i should be near them bc they cant sleep or rest

  29. JeSo

    Such a rude autopilot

  30. ARTS India

    Idea is really cool, How about in case of APU Failure?

  31. Shreyas Kulkarni

    Have you seen the edge of the world? Joe's Answer: There is no edge on a ball. FE's Answers: Well Yes. It's our regular job. Guess who are FE's? 😉🤣

  32. madanha muchineuta

    I had a similar idea about 2 to 3 years ago but man I am African lol. However this system has 1 flaw. You said planes are meant to fly and when they are on the ground they are not making any money. Same to this system. This system was meant to taxi, when its flying its making no money.

  33. Aryan G5

    Whats his flight sim

  34. Ahmed Noman

    Wow 13:36 loved it. Repeated that part like 10 times

  35. Atif Ullah

    What causes the hydraulic system failure?

  36. Atif Ullah

    How much are the chances of engine failure during take off and landing? If engine fails during take off, how can it be handled?

  37. Atif Ullah

    What are the conditions for a safe landing during engine failure?

  38. Will Godwin

    The biggest problem with this system is the loss of a cup holder 😢

  39. Anthony Chung

    A long awaited invention to save costs and time. Perhaps should also be used for taxi as well. Fuel burning on the ground is extremely expensive

  40. Lazar Milenkovic

    ADIRS provide for AoA?

  41. Mohamed Ben Ameur

    Hello Captain Joe, Thank you very much for your videos and efforts. I have a question if you don't mind. lets say your taxiway path is C B A A1, and when you reach B you will see a sign of black C in the middle and yellow B with arrow to the left and yellow B with arrow to the right. How do you know where to go right or left to proceed with B if you are not familiar with the airport? Thanks in advance.

  42. Kalyani Mishra

    I like Boeing 747

  43. MetalDetectingUK

    Can't wait to see the retractable wing mirrors :)

  44. FranGamer20 _yt

    How do you spend your time in cruising altitude?

  45. Samuel Melby

    me watching this working on an airport that got our first electric pushback truck last week...

  46. Boom Patater

    Just found ya, cringy outro.

  47. Maximus Chow

    msfs pilots arent trained for this stuff

  48. Wobbe Fokkema

    what about Schiphol Amsterdam Airport "Taxi-Bot" can you make a video about that?

  49. Alan Morton

    Brilliant! World record distance for pogo stick 26.2 miles (42.16km) but not much room for luggage. Know which way I'd sooner travel!

  50. 808 HI Gaming

    The question is how financially beneficial will it be to airline companies? Especially since the longer, you stay on the ground the more money they spend. I assume some companies are looking at it and probably thinking of adding them to their future plans.

  51. Ale Allievi

    It could have been any company in the hard landing videos, but it was Ryanair 😁

  52. msnpassjan2004

    Classic, opening with the legendary Kennedy Steve !

  53. Sven the man

    During my years working for a big European aircraft manufacturer all my handed in suggestions for improvement have been declined argumenting "too heavy". As I'm working now in the fields of electro mobility I know about the weight of e-motors and can't really believe that this extra weight will be accepted in a larger scale no matter how great this idea is. Hope I'm wrong because I really like those usefull gadgets

  54. Varun Gupta

    The "200kgs" that people are worried about is just 3 average sized passengers with luggage. So yeah...

  55. Brad Wilson

    I don't trust anything related to Borealis Exploration Limited

  56. Joao Nunes

    I think that improvement is awesome. But knowing the Electrics basic, I think this part will be part of the hourly maintenance, because at first it need to have a clutch, because when landing the engine, will suffer the impact from 0 to X knots of the landing speed. On same airports the landing is all time more impactful than others airports. So with this we have problem one : system clutch that holds the impact; Now problem 2: knowing the principle of electricity production, generator - motor, with a failure clutch and front wheel engaged the circuit change reverse, instead of apu power the front wheel, the front wheel produces power that can overpower the circuits to APU causing a electrical fire hazard or electrical damage. I think that it need to be really tested for. Resistance and security, before making it green to go on a production line!

  57. Brutally Honest Dr. [M.D.]

    My friend was a stewardess, and she told me its more common than you'd think for sexual activities to happen in them. I wasn't even surprised

  58. Jim Page

    I understand that there are motors on the Main Landing wheels that are designed to spin up the wheels prior to landing which significantly reduces wear on said tyres at landing. Could these motors be used to move the plane on the ground and thus save some weight of and extra nose wheels motor?

  59. DaRadicalCavy

    You forgot the most important thing: don't be poor. More would be flying if didn't take most people's life savings just to learn

  60. TOP English Lovers

    You know... My dream is to be a pilot.

  61. Dima Balan

    MD80 can drive powerback since 1979:-))

  62. Jag Singh

    Imagine the concorde with tail wind...

  63. non sequitur

    I think, this "invention" seems to be so obvious that one might ask why commercial aeroplanes haven't been using it already for decades?

  64. Jman Aviation

    We Need This! But that means less ground crew jobs...

    1. Jman Aviation

      Also needs more testing so we don’t have our e pushback not working and causing delays which was the opposite of the point.

  65. alebele11

    Airline, Biontec, Corona, Doctor, Epidemic, Ffp2mask, ...

  66. cheese man

    My dad told me stories of pilots captains co-pilots putting the engines in reverse to back out of the gate

  67. F. K.

    Great videos - also very entertaining. What PC simulator do you recommend? Thanks.

  68. ilovetotri23

    Great video Joe! Thanks for taking the time for novices like me!

  69. Bilal Ali

    I own this aircraft in GTA V and I painted mine orange so I call it my flying Dorito 😂😂😂. I love aviation and I own every aircraft in GTA V especially military aircrafts, I love how the planes in GTA V actually resemble there real life counterparts unlike the cars which look fake loool

  70. R Maxwell

    It's an outstanding idea, but will the airlines want to pay the cost to install the motors??😫

  71. Funny farm 555

    Good idea but another thing that will eliminate someone's job somewhere. Which means we now have more extra people on earth without a living wage job. OK, so to fix this system of too many people you will only get income tax deductions for the first two children you have and everyone gets a free tubal ligation or vasectomy.

  72. 738 Simulator

    Jedermann weiss, dass die Ryanair die gefährlichste und schlimmste Fluggesellschaft ist. Sparen auf Grund der Sicherheit. Geht gar nicht! Ich finde es immer toll, wie gut Du englisch sprichst!

  73. Jason Atkins

    I read about this a DECADE ago. Since then.. Crickets. Nice to see it isn't vaporware. I thought I read that Delta had bought into the company as well

  74. George Michael III

    Hey Captain Joe don’t think they’re not working to replace you, trust me they are

  75. Cheung Jack

    This is not a good solution. First, it takes time to modify the airplane. Second, it will block the ventilation of the nose wheel. Third, the taxi speed was so slow. Then, the airplane gets heavier and will add matainance work. Lastly, NAA will not allow airlines to install this without strict certification. I think the best solution will be something like TAXIBOT, which looks like a pushback truck, electrically pushback and taxi the airplane from the gate all the way to the runway then detach the airplane and return to the gate.

  76. Alex

    8:45 , can tell he still has that airbus gut feeling.


    Hey that’s my airport- KMEM!

  78. Vihaan Kedia

    you showed the 737 max really

  79. abhinand p

    please do make more personal improvement videos

  80. StackableGold

    Ok FSX, what's next? please tell me, I must know.