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  1. Rose Rosea

    I know Ezra will probably be the Jedi that sense grogu , but I really want it to be Cal Kestis 😩

  2. Tim’s Gaming


  3. Nate Smith

    The mace windu speculation is Mike Zeroh level bullshit lol. He actually just posted the same theory.

  4. Snowman Boi

    But wait, where is Darth Jar Jar? Wasn’t he supposed to be included in the end of everything good?

  5. Will Shotwell

    I want to punt it

  6. Devin McNeil

    This was actually quite interesting to hear

  7. Asupernaruto1

    I just thought of something, what if Ahsoka become a Je'daii?

  8. dandre2K

    hope you guys and mean great content creators such as yourself get a role with LucasFilms

  9. Chii1988

    When Asoka left the Jedi order, she always insisted she was not a Jedi anymore, and made it a point. In that episode being called a Jedi doesn’t bother her anymore

  10. NinjaPhoenix57

    I know one thing about the dark saber is that it controls the owner unless powerful enough

  11. LordMaul4925

    I remember someone mentioned the bar ash vow to the creators and the mandalorian and all they replied with was “soon”

  12. Rene Hazlett

    Hiya, is someone able to tell me the name of the people/species of the people that were the guards? (The one that had the breathing gear on?

  13. dandre2K

    thank you , confirms what i thought i of finn when i originally saw his character and being a let down majorly. coming from a black man

  14. Nicholas Lucia

    If we get to see young Luke again I will literally cry

  15. Young Ramen

    This really helped me expand my knowledge on Star Wars. Thank you.

  16. Robbie Wales

    I probably would have favoured a red lightsaber

  17. 667 Brenno

    Thank u filoni and favreau!!! U guys r awesome!!!

  18. Félix Côté

    S2 E5: The Jedi More like : *The Citizen* This comment was made by the Mace Windu gang