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  1. goddess jane

    If you are watching this video and this comment...... then just Subscribe my Channel and then go to Hell and call Mr.Beast save me......he will uber you back .......god damn it!

  2. goddess jane

    If you are watching this video and this comment...... then just Subscribe my Channel and then go to Hell and call Mr.Beast save me......he will uber you back .......god damn it!

  3. Tanny911

    Can someone count how much "AND NOW" Mr beast says in this video?

  4. goat gang

    🙏🏾such a good soul mr beast

  5. Lol Bruh

    who tf has the physical capability to dislike this video

  6. CAR & ZAR

    This is the dream I hope to achieve. helping the hungry & the homeless to have a platform big enough to give back. you’re such a pure soul.

  7. benjamin jerico jimenez

    What your roblox account

  8. IcedIslandTM

    Amazing! Now donate 1,000,000 to Cancer Research and we will be impressed 😂

  9. Abdulrahmsn Albanna

    👏 😮 👏 😮 👏 😮 👏 wow

  10. 「• Allie •」

    thank you for helping so many people, "Bill"

  11. Lance Gower

    I've been subscribed when there was no videos I was just a blank screen and for some reason it loaded like an hour for it to log out I don't know why

  12. Gamer Gavin

    Well my question is why are people disliking this???

  13. JustAnotherDisneyFamily

    My actual favorite content creator on KGup. Sorry Jenna Marbles but you stopped making videos so now Mr. BEAST is my favorite!

  14. JustAnotherDisneyFamily

    Yes let's do it!!

  15. Monkey Gaming

    We need mr.beast international Who want it hit like

  16. Adventure With AhM

    Clickbait ytbers saying that jimmy is bad: HMmmM

  17. Official KFC Biscuit


  18. Official KFC Biscuit


  19. Yash Singh

    Sir we will change the world

  20. Darla Eisan

    U should do a cat adopted video / help video

  21. count

    The people who disliked this video had there phone upside down

  22. Smag Phase

    I wonder why some people disliked this.

  23. Baiq Icha

    Oh no, my Ad is 5 minutes long

  24. Glitch72

    You are amazing. Thanks for making the world a better place,

  25. Crypto Computing

    How do we donate to your charity? Have you registered in Canada yet? Also if we have an online store how do we add your charity to our checkout?

  26. Jenna


  27. 26kdarkk


  28. Zoelle Gordon

    ♥️❣️❤️💓💕💖💗💞💘 Awesome stuff

  29. John Angry Spirit

    I'm over 18! I need over 20k $ I need a iphone 11 prepaid Verizon I wish to marry & live with a handsome 6ft tall famous white men

  30. Oof

    Where is mrbeast Im only seeing Bill

  31. Max Bisswurm

    Why would you dislike this vid

  32. Braham Vlogs

    Waoo ✊

  33. *dęād_lövė*

    To the 1.6K PEOPLE WHO DISLIKED THIS VIDEO.what has gotten in to YOU

  34. Flipz Animates

    He was bill the entire time!

  35. Someone on the internet

    Our expectations for you where high but holy fuck

  36. Matt Rowe

    Mr Beast, THANK YOU! My family has been helped by food pantries when I lost my job. I cannot express how much of a blessing it is. I hope you are able to continue this great work.

  37. Dark Plxzma

    I’m gonna kill the people who disliked this video

  38. _____Ms Frying_Pan______

    Mr beast: i am now bill Me who just watched a gravity falls episode : jajwjejd

  39. Someone on the internet

    Our expectations for you where high but holy fuck

  40. Andro Escobar


  41. Damian Hellfritzsch


  42. Caylum LAU

    People who unlike: Why are you gay

  43. Cris Hughes

    I'm in

  44. Al Burbank

    You have 2 videos and have 2.91mil sub how!

    1. Trevor Phillips

      Well, he has his main channel with 50 milion, so yeah

  45. Demearl Thomas

    Mr beat right now: today I'm giving food to a city in need 10 years Mr beast : I'm giving out the cure for every sickness in the world.

  46. Tracey Alfredsen

    Stop being nice to people mrbeast your gonna kill them with your kindness 😡 *btw this is not a hate comment*

  47. ale x

    What heartless criminals would dislike this video

  48. Isabella Tran

    Omg I can’t believe you got 3M already! And happy 3M

  49. Lauren Gavin

    Whoever disliked this video has no heart

  50. Nexon

    Where is Garen i miss him :(

  51. Sam610

    I’m not at 4,000 watch hours yet on KGup, but I want to donate my first KGup check to your charity after watching your interview with Colin and Samir. It won’t be much, but I’d like to help.

  52. Mohammad Latiff

    i will aways respect Mrbeast because he loves to give...thank you Mrbeast

  53. PhilTheCockatoo

    3:57 his eyes are so red, he musta smoked da ganja lol. but great on helping people man! Keep up the great work!

  54. Alex

    Why do some of the people who go there to get food have such "expensive" cars? a bit sus to me tbh. But I appreciate that u help everyone, keep it up bro <3

  55. Harls071 2

    I helped people

  56. UnU_Savannah

    God bless you and your crew it's so great to see someone helping the community ☺️

  57. Lambey Playz

    is the reason you didnt upload on this channel intel now is because you wanted to save up money for stuff in this video and the other one

  58. MrFancyPants 3

    Commenting for algorithm

  59. Gecko Gaming

    I accidentally didn’t skip the ads

  60. Fanta Forces

    I sup to you me east

    1. Fanta Forces

      I mean mrbeast

  61. Nutty ML

    Thank you Mr beast my grandma went to the food drive and got your package I was crying thank you

  62. Gravity

    Can someone tell me why people are disliking this

  63. RagerRaz0r


  64. Claire

    You should add more ads so we can help as much as possible.

    1. Morpheus Matrix

      ^this deserves top comment

  65. RagerRaz0r

    😁 keep up the good work!

  66. Edith Lozoya

    learn how to drive the truck. You welcome for the reminder! 👌❤✔

  67. Glitch vibration smiles

    where the bread for the pp and jeeeeewe.?????

  68. Gabi OC life forever!!

    Mr Beast: Ok act surprised for a thumbnail please The women on the thumbnail: Ok After the thumbnail was finished: Mr Beast: Ok here's a 1,000 have a good day The women on the thumbnail: Thank you :)

  69. e 1234

    Yay I helped

  70. HiTheLegend

    500k likes ayy

  71. James Wolf Popovich

    Drive A Truck (you wanted me to remind you)

  72. Mrs Patateoesss

    I’m no longer mr, beast I’m now mr. bill

  73. something something

    How do people watch this and not subscribe

  74. Callie Scott

    why coconut water LOL why not just water

  75. Cohen Valentukonis

    Wow... just discovered this channel.

  76. Cynthia Arenas

    Wow! 2mill subs in 2 weeks

  77. Nathan Grebner

    Whoever dislikes this video is a bad person and is spoiled

  78. Mehdi

    Just keep up 😉

  79. diaryofseresha

    It's true, the law of universe: the more you give to poor and help those in need, God blesses you with more. Mr.Beast is the epitome living example of that

  80. saucy hotdog

    Can someone suggest a need for dislikes ?