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  1. Irmak Karaca

    She is look like Princess Diana 👸🏼

  2. Coco Buns

    13:28 like a project due next tuesday... or reading 3 chapters... and researching some words... and doing my math homework...

  3. Mark Luna

    All she said is a lie

  4. khaled Maghrabi

    For the one who is interested, It called in ISLAMIC SYSTEM as ZAKAT. Means Same idea"The Rich people giving a percentage of their money to poor people. "

  5. Legendary 27

    I'm not a teacher... Does this still apply to adults like me?

  6. Chutney Ferret

    I love how he humbly assumes the guy he's talking to doesn't know the intended function of his gps navigation lol

  7. Pebbles 22198XX

    I need to read this paper. What's the name of the study?

  8. R vLn

    I hate this world.

  9. Faith

    I read his book its so good! Really interesting!

  10. Isi Medina

    Can somebody explain to me how this white man can shame an entire culture for standing up for racism? I do get some of the comments went too far (r*pe), and in other cases, death threats. But how can you stand there and defend her, and saying "poor her" when she made a racist comment? This man does not understand what its like to hop on twitter and feel discriminated. People spilling hate speech disguised as jokes or stereotypes. And this happens with racism. With misogyny. With the LGBTQ+ community. With people with disabilities. With immigrants. He doesn't understand what its like to read a comment like that and feel your heart fall to the floor. I don't care that it was a joke, it was hurtful, hateful, and racist. It's not his job to publicly forgive her and shame us for what happened. It's not his place to speak on behalf of the community she hurt. Cancel culture creates accountability.

  11. hattorihanzo

    Now here is a video I didn't know I needed in my life

  12. Rami Baa

    I'll definitely watch the video tomorrow

  13. Griff Griffith

    Encore! Encore!

  14. Griff Griffith

    Excellent! Thank you so much for your research, Suzanne.

  15. Alpha to Omega Beyond the Matrix Julie Phelps

    The alternative is to grow your legs back .

  16. thrillsbreh

    One of the most smartest speaches

  17. Saurabh Verma

    I am not able to understand what he is saying. 🙄

  18. Ivanilson Jesus

    I'm wilson very like this easy speak I'd very like study and student of school of English Business well speak Thank You very mch You're welcome soon.

  19. Steyven Huyge

    Bill gates the real life simpsons

  20. Little House in the Woods

    And yet it’s always costed thousands of dollars to adopt a child from China 🤦🏻‍♀️

  21. Abbas Ahmed

    So tell me the world is a kingdom of species dominating each other in the food chain if apes could talk you would file another 1000 cases if it was relavent to human evolution.

  22. Mamun Noor

    Lets be honest this was REALLY vague

  23. J E

    Hahaha... I can't believe this scammer has the audacity to still talk climate. How's that 2014 ice-free Arctic Ocean prediction coming along. GTFO.

  24. Mirza Hodzic

    Great message. Thank you.

  25. Abbas Ahmed

    I belive in the creator who paired every thing but I don't understand why you had public schools torturing us untill we dehydrate, its not true that their wasnt enough water because we have so much rain in the UK or is this just a punishment of someone's lousy thought of word play on one's race to signify an unexplained point?

  26. Shenxy Loong

    hello :)

  27. Reinhard Van Der Merwe

    I actually have the same medical degree as you Bill. I also didn't go to med-school!!

    1. eeeaten

      you were awarded honorary doctorates like bill was? congratulations!

  28. emilpysen is on crack

    I got hyped when you said that procrastinating can make someone more creative, but then I realized that I am not procrastinating if I don't intend on doing something either.

  29. Pop pop


  30. Grin Much

    1:18 now you know where mr. bean learnt to dance

  31. Dux Wontobey

    On a somewhat related note, I know of at least 2 cases where people have been proven innocent after being executed. I personally think that's enough to oppose the death penalty, as no justice system is perfect.

  32. César Boria

    I could detect the lie if I could've talked a bit longer to the kid. By having them dessapearing 1 second after my question's been asked, I can't really tell...

  33. Vito Scaletta

    Her Dummheit ist double the great of her Beautifulheit

  34. simon says

    Hey Dr Death, go apply for the position at Unit 731. You’d be perfect for the job!

  35. Dr. Julie Connor

    As a youth mental health and peer leadership consultant, I agree mental health skills begin with open, honest conversations. It is unrealistic to assume just because we "talk" about mental health and promote help-seeking behaviors that students and adults feel comfortable using the words to ask for help. We must practice mental health conversations with youth with specific words and skills to guide a friend we care about to a trusted adult who can offer mental health support. It takes a village. This will not be accomplished with a worksheet, video, or book - it requires a commitment to normalize conversations about mental health. When we talk about tough topics like mental illness, we strip the stigma that shames children and teens into silence.

  36. Kimberly Stead

    Anyone know how to get ahold of the speaker Heather Barnett? I may have a very interesting study for her. I have a body mold/fungus yet no doctor's can figure out what strand. I believe it is related to slime mold.

  37. Nova Vanguard

    Wish I had teachers like this

  38. Kyle Akyol

    Great TED Talk. I think this is very much in line with Herzberg's Theory. Carrots and sticks lead to manipulation, not motivation. There is only one way to increase motivation, by using internal motivators.

  39. User 39

    Imagine a man saying: "Gents, I'm Superman-strong now". While ignoring the women, lol. He'd have been a misogynist.

  40. Cza Beats

    Charlatan 23 minute talk and not much was said besides regular bs nice words and buzzwords . Science wasn’t even brought up that often this man has a PHD in neuroscience yet hardly brought it up

  41. Jensen Harvey

    nethrbyetbt gt grjuny

  42. Bret Zajac

    the saddest thing about Dawkins is his fan boys are more ignorant than he is on Christianity. a 1st semester comparative religion student can see Dawkins knows nothing about Christianity and/or Jesus. You fan boys crack me up how you swallow every word this idiot says.

  43. Joseph V. Weiss


  44. Bete Blanche

    I add this comment because was 5554 and I wanted to my be 5555.

  45. Swatantra20 Mishra

    He is the main culprit in spreading coronavirus.

    1. eeeaten

      no, that is conspiracy nonsense

  46. Himanshu Mandla

    it is really disrespectful not to give credits or not providing the bibliography.

    1. Himanshu Mandla

      @eeeaten Do your research before criticizing. 😂😂

    2. eeeaten


  47. eran grg

    Western is falling, Asia is rising....

  48. Joe Garrett-Robinson


  49. Pedro Leandro

    Just Spectacular!!! The education is the only way to get there! Not just to be a successful person, but first of all to be a happy person and somebody that makes a better would in the life experience.

  50. Blain

    Who will play Elon when they finally make a movie about him?

  51. Jake Raught

    “the AI actually discriminated against women and women’s colleges” based

  52. E B

    Why is the story making me think of the joker

  53. Cza Beats

    Not a big fan of this charlatan as nassim Taleb would label hom

  54. Ran Mori

    I'm proud of her as libyan ❤. Libyan women are the most mature and intelligent.

  55. 언엊

    I miss you..

  56. Sharon Hobbs

    Lets try obeying the Bible, morals and application go a long ways to correcting problems.

  57. Bikash Kalighosh

    Vaccine and population reduction ,what is relation between them ? What is internal meaning of this which mentioned here by dangerous man bill gates ? I have already taken 1 St vaccine now really worried about it .

  58. Waldo Armijo


  59. Mila BuLL

    Thank you! True words and real meaning!

  60. Michael Parris

    Fathers are really good at this.

  61. Self-Education Methodology

    👋 Self-Education Methodology

  62. amelia manderbacka

    ”Being afraid all the time without knowing what you are afraid of”

  63. Marta Holmes

    The Patriarchal, Materialistic, Capitalistic Machine.

  64. David Wilkie


  65. Christopher Daly

    This is phenomonology. Husserl, Merleau-Ponty and others. Funny neither the speaker nor the comments show any awareness of the intellectual history which informs this discourse.

  66. Big Dee

    Children need fathers .... black fathers do no raise their children... period

    1. Michael Parris

      Some do. You're not helping with statements that insult them.

  67. AtoZbodyfitness

    it's so important never to compare yourself to anyone else. you can use them idolize them in a way to help further push you to become better yourself but we are all individually different. you also never know what the person you are comparing yourself to is going through. They might seem like they have the life you want but in reality, they can be miserable or not as happy. Furthermore, you haven't experienced the life they currently live, you only see a photo or few second videos that are generally marketed that way to make it look great. But it could also be that maybe they are enjoying their life and they are happy. And if that's the case you still don't know if what they do for a living is for you and the amount of work they did to get to that point. Everyone always wants the bright light and stars but nobody wants to sacrifice their eyes to get there. You would be very surprised to know another person's situation is extremely different than how you play it out in your mind of how they are actually living. Just focus on yourself, find a passion or that gift that you enjoy, and when you do just keep working at it. if it makes you happy that's all that matters. Keep working at it over the years and eventually, you can cultivate it in all areas of your life such as health, money, relationships, and happiness will follow.

  68. j rajendran jayaraman

    If she writes a book, it wil be a bestseller.

  69. Muhammad Nur Abdillah

    The Power of "Kepepet" here in Indonesia

  70. Phillip Bron

    My first heart breaks at the age of 25... It hurts so much I could barely sleep or eat for 7/8 months

  71. Troy Stewart


  72. Troy Stewart


  73. G MahesH

    You should change to no religion

  74. soren kees

    I love the message he brings to the surface. Those "trade" skills he talks about are being forgotten and it a shame. Cant think of a better person to be the advocate for the folks behind the scenes. I'm sharing this with everyone I can, I'd suggest y'all do the same.

  75. Jeremy Sanchirico

    What is the actual predicting percentage of bias to life success?

  76. A Walker



    Looks and money shouldn't be everything, yet they are. Because no matter how much money you have, or how many people stop you on the street to talk or look at you. None of it will bring you true happiness.

  78. nancy arnold

    I once bought a very thin book titled "Procrastination" - wouldn't take much time to read, right? About 9 years later while I was packing to move I ran across it. Unread. Gave it to Salvation Army. Gotta love irony.

  79. Brent Hansen

    Good talk. Should have ended around the 5 minute mark.