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  1. Jeana Beana

    Soooo even with the Season Pass and paying a whopping $120 for the game, plus all the helix credits for the extra gear.. We STILL have to pay for the Wrath of the Druids DLC? Whatever...I'm sick or being nickeled and dimed to death by this game. EFF it!

  2. PC Gamertag

    I don't want more of the sickening cairns.. Absolute trash of a feature.

  3. Chiron37

    Where is my DLC? I have the season pass yet nothing.

  4. robert houston

    Ubisoft please fix DLC issue on the Xbox currently on ultimate edition cannot download the newest DLC currently they want me to purchase it separately which I do not want to because I currently own the ultimate edition which already includes the season pass thank you this is extremely frustrating!!!!!!!! 1am pay(current time)

  5. Lazarica Paul

    A a a a and a a a a a ,a and a a a a a am a a a am

  6. Lisa cfc

    fake Irish accents are about as annoying as Americans trying to talk with English accents 🙄

  7. Bernadetta von Varley

    1:23 I hope the redhead is a potential love interest :P

    1. Bernadetta von Varley

      oh I guess I was right

  8. Satya Prakash Dash

    The Hello Part is actually Evie same as the 🎮

  9. Knee Grow

    If you ever feel useless just remember that cav tried shoving sledge 3:05

  10. Accelerator

    Does basim's outfit come with the expansion or will it come later on?

    1. Accelerator

      @Zoma The 1st no I haven't started it yet

    2. Zoma The 1st

      @Accelerator Are you playing the expansion at this moment ?

    3. Accelerator

      @Zoma The 1st well I have the expansion but I don't have the outfit?

    4. Zoma The 1st

      It comes with the expansion.

  11. silvia dunch

    Oh look a strong wahman beta simp game 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  12. Starry Nordic

    Is there any way you could take this amazing game and turn it into an even better movie, or tv series, because this game would be one legendary movie/tv series