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  1. InsaneFalling

    "I know the title and thumbnail wont pull loads of people in" *#5 on trending*

  2. Rishi Nixon

    "I know this title and thumbnail probably wont pull a lot of people in." Is top 10 on trending.

  3. Jordan Fenose

    I didn't even know who Lovelock was but when Tom showed that interview I was pleasantly surprised

  4. Viper Byte

    Tom! a couple of seconds or so after 1:40, knowing the way in which I believe much of your audience thinks, needs re-wording. It should read “Inside here, in the bit *you’re not meant to be able* to access, there’s a microwave generator called a “Magnetron”. It moves an electric current.......” But seriously, people, I write this in jest & as an homage to Tom Scott’s awesome videos. But please, for the love of all that’s good, do not go “exploring” there, as Tom himself emphasised.

  5. TransportLover-Brighton&beyond

    Tom do you live there, it looks like a mansion from just looking at it in a video? The echo sounds really big

  6. MojiDoesStuff55

    #17 On trending. You really were right.

    1. Stephen

      it's #5 though

  7. Vicki Snyder

    The jazzy spider dentsply surprise because meteorology jelly prick between a few fierce mother-in-law. obnoxious, symptomatic bottom

  8. Neil Allen Lopez

    I think when you get cryopreserved and its a succes it would feel like you just take a nap with no dreams because your brains stops too

  9. creativecreepyturtle

    im interested...

  10. Josef Gordon

    I'm guessing most of my favorite KGuprs are the fringe outliers 😅

  11. Jaap O

    Fun fact: a microwave is called a “magnetron” in Dutch. Thanks to this video I now know that the magnetron name comes from the magnetron which is a part inside the microwave.

  12. Divyansh Srivastava

    That was interesting.

  13. Fabian Glathe

    Fun Fact: you can build a fully functioning Turing machine within the rules of Magic: The Gathering and given a perfect starting hand you can even set it up legally in a tournament game. There’s even a paper on that, for those that are interested.

  14. Rombout

    1:45, in the Netherlands it is literally called a "magnetron" instead of microwave. nice.

  15. Electric_Bagpipes

    It went viral, I’m expecting a _Really_ interesting microwave!

  16. CRS

    This James Lovelock is a real treasure! My God I'd sit at his feet for months listening to the stories he'd tell! Greetings from NYC.

  17. Jeremy Theimer

    "I really mean frozen solid it was like a block of wood" when it comes to the ethics of this I think freezing a hamster to death is a little worse than heating it with microwaves.

  18. NIKKON

    Captain Hamster.

  19. Grubber Jt


  20. Skelolion


  21. MeneGR

    Does anyone else hate the fact they call it "microwave" even though it's definitely an oven?

  22. Thomas Harper

    This was incredibly insightful and entertaining. James Lovelock is a legend as far as I'm concerned, what a pioneer!

  23. William Peng


  24. greenaum

    "Given a retirement at an animal home", you think that's the same farm my Grandad's dog lives at?

  25. Ronald Scott

    What a fantastic interview with an awesome individual! I was driving while listening to this video. At the 2:07 mark I thought a V1 was incoming and half expected to see you duck underneath the table.

  26. icevlad148

    Not gonna lie, sitting in a bunker for a bazillion years doesn't seems that bad nowadays

  27. Gert-Jan

    What is most """interesting""" is the enormous dissonance to this extreme case of cruelty.

  28. downbntout

    Very sad to say, humans being the despicable things they can be, animal cruelty involving a microwave has been done before.

  29. Time Bong

    Anything to get some scheckles huh j€w boy??

  30. Idontknow

    Jingle bells, batman smells robin laid an egg, the batmobile lost its wheel and the joker got away, HEY!!

  31. Dazed and Confused

    Anything related to James Lovelock is bound to be interesting

  32. mr.NoPro

    yoo thats still a green screen🤔

  33. Colorsfulls

    imagine swimming and you step on a lego

  34. Stanley Rosenbaum

    Dude, scientific videos like this are what the internet was made for! Perfect Tom, just perfect!

  35. Ludovico Gardenghi

    All of a sudden I see that part of Day of the Tentacle under a completely different light. It was science!

  36. Myluh Bawl

    Congrats on the interesting video. I appreciated it!

  37. Jbouckley

    And because pHiSiCs

  38. Greg Scott

    You're right. It was VERY interesting!

  39. Paul Steel

    This is why the internet exists, excellent!

  40. DJ Coda

    Tom Scott: Tells story about microwaves 1.2 million people: InTeReStInG

  41. The man Who makes terrible puns

    It’s mad how it’s been a year since this came out, feels like yesterday

    1. Moo

      It’s just a sussy Baka and it cannot be that bad. *I’m feeling like imposter, I might just be a monster.*

  42. TheLegMan

    I like how you can see his red shirt underneath his hoodie

  43. StarkRG

    Tom: I promise this story about microwaves is interesting. Me: Look, mate, some of the most memorable videos I've seen over the last couple of years were about supposedly mundane topics such as the colour brown, dishwashers, and toasters. Huh, they're all Technology Connections videos...

  44. Xeno

    “I know the title of this video won’t bring a whole load of people in” Top Trending....

  45. tallaussiebloke

    The title doesn't lie!

  46. Blinding Wulf

    Woah lovelock still alive, that’s nice to hear

  47. worstman

    1:49 - in Dutch a microwave is actually called magnetron!

  48. Noah Nesbitt

    So that's why whenever I text in a dream I always seem to keep typing the wrong words.

  49. Hacked


  50. Just another guy without a moustache

    Now let’s do this with humans

  51. Matt Maly


  52. Daniel G. Benes Science Shows

    Your promise for an interesting story was most definitely kept and delivered! Thank you for sharing Lovelock with us.

  53. Harry Thompson

    This is the most 2000’s video I have ever seen in my life

  54. Tim Nygård

    In Finland, like 40% of junctions Have a Stop sign

  55. Pascal Rombout

    Mate, you already had me at microwave.

  56. papercutdoctor

    magnetron is the Dutch word for microwave!

  57. Sadakitto


  58. وليد العزي

    مساء الخير والعافية 🌹🌹🌹🌹

  59. Tucker Zinda

    Great episode!

  60. cosmic frog

    wow classic stuff

  61. Sibayan Jed Bradly

    it's not Megatron? Bummer...

  62. MetalMusicMan

    What a banger of a video. I never expected that interview.

  63. Milo Verreijt

    Dutch people be like: There is a magnetron in my magnetron.

  64. thinthle

    Magnetron is also the Dutch word for microwave

  65. Supermarine Spitfire

    Australia exist?

  66. Jim Roberts

    AWESOME story Tom!! Great interview! Thanks

  67. Rift

    Fun fact: the aliens that made this are just slimes containing brains.

  68. Jdbye

    That was indeed interesting and a good use of 12 minutes.

  69. Owpal

    I have a deep fear of microwaves

  70. Bumpkin π

    "I know this won't pull loads of people in" *Procides to get #5 on trending*

  71. Enrico

    if the only limitation for humans is that they are too big, we can still freeze babys and microwave them back alive right?

  72. Steve Colarik

    "Im more of an inventor than a scientist, i just wrote a book."

  73. andy clement

    Awesome video, thanks again

  74. Cleverbird

    "This video wont get a lot of traffic" 1.2 million views in 24 hours begs to differ.

  75. serhan cinar

    Interesting indeed

  76. freckle

    This was so heartwarming, interesting, and technical all at once. Fantastic video, id love to see more of James Lovelock

  77. Carolynn R.

    Kind of creepy.

  78. Kevin Spolarich

    Wait so cryosleep works with hamsters? Doesn't that mean we could reasonably create a generation ship and seed it with hamsters and grass and fish and algae and fungi and small things like that in order to create a planet of Earth creatures in another solar system? Honestly even if we can't put humans on another star, putting mammals on another star seems almost as good. We'd just have to find the right planet with co2 and liquid water, send some photosynthesizing stuff in a fast ship, and then send some oxygen-breathing stuff in a slower ship so that it gets there just as the oxygen levels are approaching the amount that can sustain life.

  79. russell

    I think the idea is that artists take money to make art, but influencers just get paid to influence.

  80. Gage Stovall

    Me when other people use a title like this: Get outta here you clickbaiter. Me when Tom uses it: Sure, I'll watch.