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  1. Colorado Red Electrical

    Nice. I liked that!!

  2. William H.

    Savannah, half-jai done a great reaction.. Maybe when have the time give them shout... Keeping making hits !!

  3. Rob Martin

    found you in a reaction video...floored. absolutely floored... haven't done a dive on your vids, Im too moved... thrown... involved... in this vid. gonna check the rest out in a minute. FIIIRRREEEE!!!!!! 3,2, 1... subbed

  4. Bonnie Voegtle

    I think she sounds like Sara Ross's "Shotgun"

  5. DJ B


  6. Austin Lewis

    Damn. This is awesome.

  7. Amy Snyder

    For a tiny girl driving a Big Ass truck with a 12inch lift you know it’s always on repeat

  8. Austin Steinhilber

    Her vocals are out of this world, she gonna be a legend! #savages

  9. Monster Cody

    Savannah is a animal !!!!!! She is cold af !!🥶

  10. Monster Cody

    Adam is a Beast hes one of my favorites that's for sure and god dang Sav cant get any hotter 🔥 she got barz too !

  11. C Coop

    Adam is so much better than everyone except church in this genre. Everybody else raps in a such a simple fashion. Its so terrible. Yall quit saying demon Jones is good. Dude is terrible.

  12. Joseph Bruce

    I love your music

  13. Misty DeSonier

    Sav your my girl, your pushing me through a hard time 😘 the respect #Savages #1fan

  14. Kevin De Piazza

    This is good stuff....Good beat! Hit home with a lot of people

  15. Mike Mc

    Drinking since 11?! Ffs.

  16. Derek Hockenson

    From the first song i knew you were gonna be my new favorite female vocalist and every song just keeps reminding me why you are, keep on killin it girl you got this❤️❤️ P.S. FUCK THE HATERS🖕❤️

  17. Ryan Nick

    Katie Noel created over 200 accounts just to dislike this vid... Hmm

  18. Brittney Huston

    Thank you for this song!

  19. Nobody here

    That right brabo

  20. AB53

    Best Duck Dynasty episode ever

  21. LMFAOxxi

    Such beautiful pain. Actions need consequences. If anyone can prove they were raped or abused, please, PLEASE go to someone you trust or obviously call 911! Side note, please carry a weapon for defense.

  22. Tyler Deniston

    Tidye truck tri

  23. Tyler Deniston

    What's up.

  24. Primetimecoffee

    This song touched something deep girl. Great song!! Keep them comin!

  25. Hawkeye Howard

    All I can say is wow. Loved this. I was bullied also in school and married and divorced before I was 19 . Now I dont go back to my home town to class reunions because those same people never left but I left now I am 6 foot 4 280lbs I feel if I go back I lose my cool. I just cant forget all the pain they did to me and my family. hard to let go some things.

  26. J.J. BLAKE

    Amazing work Savannah!! Beautiful rhymes. Flow so smoothly. Great song!!!!

  27. brandon milton

    I know many people wont see this but i have bipolar and social anxiety from my past i remember everything just dont say anything about it but i understand how you feel

  28. Larry Douglas

    Pure flames. Heart felt 💔

  29. Danny England

    This is definitely a banger. Nothing but love Savannah.

  30. Colton Finnigan


  31. News By Ryan Sexton

    Brabo Gator is trash

  32. Music Familia Productions

    This right here.. some deep stuff. My wife had been through so much before I met her. She told me I saved her.. when in reality she saved me.. no no we saved each other 🔥🤘 thanks for this song Savannah

  33. taco cat

    I'm a huge fan of all these guys but I feel Sarah Ross or Carli Roger's would of killed it. Maybe I am too old school for this

  34. DescentOf 1776

    She bad period

  35. Dexter Saunders

    Trashed that chick 😂😂💪!!!!!

  36. Willy -D

    Why ain't this on iTunes ?????

  37. Mike B.

    Sounds like London Bridge by Fergie.

  38. Danil Pool

    I’m curious to know who brabo is refuting to? Hope it’s not hosier again

  39. james engle

    This is so beautifully written and sung and it's just all around amazing 10/10 your wonderful and deserve all the wonders and beauty that comes to you. @SAVANNAH DEXTER

  40. Kyle Patterson

    Keep killing it!!!

  41. Lena Luv


  42. Mark Huff

    I love it

  43. Joe Stroud

    Don’t worry sav you will find you a good man that will treat you like the queen you are. He is out there I promise. And if they keep bullshitin just hit my line I’ll take you on a date. And I got my own everything so I don’t want nothing from you. Lol

  44. Keith Jenkins

  45. el gigglez

    Those country thots are fine

  46. Michael Hamilton

    Please give your life to God!! I love you. Hell ain't the place to go

  47. Michael Hamilton

    Will you please read the book of john in the king james bible

  48. Ejbingus Motovlogs

    Badass song

  49. Jon Ossell

    Will roll into some dive bar on the east side at about 10am central check out the price is right and have a decent buzz going by 11 just like the smoke show sings. Then bar hop the rest of the day keeping an eye out for the lovely's and the law. Cause I am a day drinker, that's what I do. Peace and love from Coronariot land. The rest of Minnesota says hey also

  50. Danister Echo Charlie

    What a real singer/female emcee is suppose to be.

  51. Tyler Gentry

    When is this going to be on Spotify? I keep checking and it’s not there yet😅

  52. Shannon Hargis

    Damn this needs millions of views it’ll get there though head held high buttercup

  53. Jonas Kreuder

    Strong song. Love it. Greetings from over the big pond, germany. This was fire. Almost cryed!

  54. James Carr

    this is stu...stui..stupid.......


    This song is beautiful❤❤😊

  56. Anthony Matthews

    Bad ass song

  57. Bradley Lange

    Your music is 100 times better than Katie Noel but Ryan upchurch is my shit lol

  58. wileycoyote78

    Gator don’t play damn

  59. Trump2020 F*ck Biden

    😇💯👍Thank you! I needed this!! #Thank you! From Fmer Cheatem Co. Tn much Luv! Listening fromIndy!!! After election? Who knows may need go home!!!

  60. Chloe Kidwell

    Damm she going hard but what sad it all true 😬😂😂

  61. Chloe Kidwell

    Me damm sure

  62. william S

    Just subscribed

  63. Loretta Swank

    This song is so true. This video is exactly what I went through before I was in school and having a child at the same time.

  64. DeathWormGaming


  65. Ꮲơíѕօṅ ɪᴠʏ SҜULLҒUCҜΣR

    We All Have a Rough Life, but it's up to us to Push Through and Be Stronger.... Ur amazing keep being u

  66. Sierra Hogan

    Ur just jealous Katie is the better person out of u and her

  67. Michael Glander

    Such a great song

  68. Jeff

    Savannah my wife and I both love you. A true artist and such a powerful song. We have yet to hear anything from you we haven't loved. We will always be rooting for you! Go get em girl!! (Btw we are in our 50's so your music has a wide reach 💗👍😊)

  69. brent hayward

    Love it..there is a huge future for her in music.

  70. Matt Sims

    This is my new favorite by you! Touched me in my soul Bc of what I’m currently going through!! Thank you I love your music!

  71. Kevin Durham

    I was raised on Haggard .Vern Gosdin Billy Joe Shaver now I have a system in my Chevy people saying damn can't wait to go back to Pine Knot Kentucky or the next feather fight I'll be Rockin y'all

  72. Brandy Jorden


  73. Rob G

    What does she really sound like !!

  74. Harlen Edward

    That is the top of the line mud cricket right there!

  75. Harlen Edward

    Savannah Dexter is such a better person in total than Katie Noel ever was!

  76. Sandy Love Light

    This is lit 🔥 I’d love to see you do a song with Snow Tha Product 🙏🏼🔥🔥🔥🎶🎶🎶

  77. Sandy Love Light


  78. Michael Eckenrod

    Savannah Dexter love all your music !!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  79. starwoodz productions

    Is this on iTunes?

  80. amber mcintosh

    This made me cry but i thank god that you can be real with us... Love you Savannah