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  1. j w

    Good information thanks

  2. Sean Mason

    800th like! I win!! Great job!!!!

  3. The Hammer

    This space is amazing, well done! You deserve all of this B-Lat.

  4. two wheel

    "one that everybody and their brother can buy" then pulls out a $700 combo. I don't think BLat knows many everyday people. I'm excited if I can afford a $200 combo

  5. Abdal Ketaneh

    Holy shit did I just hear this guy say he doesn’t like to fish JIGS !!!! Dude what fucking planet are you from!

  6. Texas Digital Outdoors

    Totally agree bro. I learned this the hard way when I was fishing in the bassmaster national championship on the red river. Great vid.

  7. TheManYouNeedToBe

    This guy's a douche, the fake humility is transparent.

  8. Bobby Crowe

    Love it bro!

  9. Twin Turbo LSX

    I love bass fishing. I just feel like a lot of solid fish die as a result of tournaments. Would be nice if they went to a measure based system that allows the fish to be released immediately after being caught like the kayak guys do. Less impact on the population.

    1. Brian Latimer

      Our fisheries are in the best shape they’ve ever been. No need to worry.

  10. Outdoor Tommy07

    Just in case you guys didn’t know. Keep that hook point up when tying the rig.

  11. ssgtraylloyd

    Looks awsome!!!

  12. Jacob Winn

    I just started watching your videos and I love them! Keep up the work and always keep it real!

  13. Cameron Carle

    Great work man keep it up.

  14. A F

    Listening to his celebratory laugh at the end of the "origin story" clip told you that little guy was bit HARD by the bug. Amazing when you find the things you love so young. LOL at his repeated disobedience of his own instruction to preserve his voice. PASSION to go with talent. Last edit- OK his wife at the weigh in killing me. That's......just awesome :)

  15. Charles Hardcore

    And you was hooked for life ❤

  16. Caleb Smith

    Monster EFFING bass

  17. Stal 14

    Caught one of my best bass ever by stopping mid retrieve and letting my chatter bait just sit on the bottom. Counted to 5 and then gave it a twitch and started to reel and BOOM! One of my fav baits to use.

  18. D Bender

    Man you're a good dood. New subscriber to your channel and love the videos. Keep it up man.

  19. Lucky Lucky

    B.Lat what is the best color swim bait to use in clear water on chatter bait I'm in MN and these lakes are clear especially for me seeing I grew up fishing in Ohio..lake erie isn't clear at all.. best color chatter bait I am just starting to use them this yr.. thank you in advance for the info good buddy.

  20. Robert Stephens

    I love your shop. I really would love to visit your reel shelf and get one of those red rattlebots; I lost mine and can't seen to find one;)

  21. Chris Anderson

    Loving it BLat! Keep it up man. Good luck on your season

  22. Kyle Lowrey

    Awesome to watch, Brevyn out here schooling his dad. So cool..

  23. isaiah cha


  24. isaiah cha

    I just realized BLAT you sound like my uncles lolol

  25. Srsykes

    Living the dream......good on yuh.......good to see, and glad for you.

    1. Brian Latimer

      Executing on my vision is a more accurate description

  26. Jason Hinson

    Well, it’s more entertaining when both people act like jackasses😂🤣 Glad you all didn’t do that but it is entertaining.

  27. Gordon May

    What a memory for you all!

  28. Eric Fortner

    If you don't get chills upon hearing the winning weight announcement after watching the home video at the beginning, you're not human.


    Danggggg bruhhhh!!!! Looks killer!!! Well done!

  30. A-Salt Weapon

    Solid Content. Nailed it!! Great tips and presentation!!! New sub

  31. Jerome Torrez

    Tractor make gas smell make another shed a she shed that way you can tell your wife it’s for her and take over and put you lawnmower in thier I’m telling you the gas smell will ruin your fishing it happened to me and it’ll happen thier even new shit smells like gas unless you have a electric lawnmower. GOODLUCK on the water you got lost bro better pick it up

    1. Brian Latimer

      I don’t have equipment with fuel leaks my man 😂

  32. The GhastlyGamer

    Some people you can just tell are good people, and Mr. Latimer is definitely one of those people.

  33. Jody Bentley

    B-lat i love the wrap on the boat and the truck. But most of all I love the interaction with your boys. It makes my heart feel so good seeing the children so involved in your fishing.. Brevard is such a polite and pleasant little man.. and Brooks is just adorable.. thank you for sharing you family adventures with the world.❤❤

  34. George Villalba

    What size spinning reel is that on your rod?

  35. Jerry Thao

    Damn. You have more rods, reels, and baits than the bait shop close to my house. NO LIE

  36. Aaron Peart

    Way to go b lat keep the lines tight lets go

  37. gumslinger11

    Lol, Ive always felt that way about buzzbaits.

  38. J DeM

    What are your thoughts on soaking new line in really warm water while on the new spool?

    1. GreggD Sciotto

      @Brian Latimer But, it does work very well, especially in cold country. Keep the videos coming, Thx!

    2. Brian Latimer

      I don’t have time for that

  39. Ropes and Racks Outdoors Official

    Have the same rig not getting near the speed you are can u tell me what prop you are running.

  40. Scott Burlingame

    That's awesome I love this God bless

  41. Bill Beard

    Blat whose the manufacturer for your HVAC system?

  42. John Doe

    Thanks for sharing

  43. claybradjr

    Hope you have a great year in the tournament's Much love my brother

  44. Scott Burlingame

    It's always a good day when a cow runs up on yea lol

  45. Gear Jammer

    Looks pretty sweet man, congratulations:)

  46. That's a Pretty Good Fish

    Nice hoodie. I would like one of those.

  47. tyler lewis bass

    Where do I start to fish professionally?

  48. Nestor Nazario

    Are you messing with my storage system? B O A T

  49. Mark Carnevale

    God bless you brother and your family! Just getting back into fishing at 55 years old and you inspire me.

  50. Jeff Hynes

    I'm gonna have to get me a strawberry shake 😉

  51. Phillip Hill

    I want expand by garage back 8 feet to house the yard equipment so the front will house the boat

  52. Phillip Hill

    B-Latts Bait and Tackle Shop

  53. Anthony Frey

    Great story!!

  54. Will Kins

    yikes sponsored by favorite

  55. Peter Willson

    1:15 that's not what she said.

  56. Rodney Hanbaum

    Congrats on your shop, everytime I think I got my shop organized, well......lol When do you think you will have some of YOUR lures out for sale? Thank you for being such a great ambassador for the fishing community...

  57. K RDP

    Yo Brian thanks for these tips im subscribed and turned on notifications i love your content and i really love your vids about fishing in the rain.

  58. John Henry Starns

    Went out,used all your recommendations, had the best day of bass fishing I’ve ever had, and placed 7th in my first ever fishing tournament. You da man B. Lat

  59. Danladi Graham

    Looking VERY NICE!

  60. Anthony Nelson

    Hey Brian I did a screen shot of your rods and reels and told myself “life goals” one day. Lol

  61. Harvey Mushman

    This is what we need. More angling personality!


    Does anyone know if knocking a lower unit off (on plane), damages the upper half of the engine?

  63. Donald

    Brian you should absolutely never fish Dale Hollow because these 3 are staples out there lmaooo

  64. Randy Cooper

    B-Lat...thanks for doing this video. Never seen anyone else cover this topic. I wouldn't have thought about the gas tank being a factor but makes since. I have a 20 ft boat with a 225HO and a 51 gallon tank. Seems like I have the best of both worlds!

  65. Brian Zantop

    BLat!!!! Hoooowww many rods do you own my man?!!! Holy moly!!! A 10 second segment of you just carrying in rods🤣🤣🤣

  66. Chase Rogers

    Awesome set up and even better that you’ve got some help from your son to organize. Which inspires me to go clean up my garage.

  67. Kava Chikore

    Thanks very much Brian was wondering what the bass fishermen do with the fish after weighing etc etc

  68. Kayak Angler

    Wow awesome

  69. Roaming Rockies

    Great vid thanks for the info!

  70. Michael Skibinski

    Dude I wish I had what you have with your boy but mark my words he’s going to be 7 and it starts now!!!!

  71. john johnson

    Excellent tips 👌 👏 👍

  72. JoelWinsAgain

    moist fart pretty much nails it lol

  73. Browncharlie100

    Man that rod collection is impressive.

  74. Don G

    Looks awesome Dude!

  75. Viji Viji

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  76. Desmar Conner

    Anymore rods or reels going up for sale?

  77. GfromGI

    As a black man I'm proud to see another black man in a non-traditional sport having success and inspiring future generations. My man!

    1. Brian Zantop

      I liked this comment but why is it non traditional?? I realize they're aren't many black men in pro fishing but in regular life I know tons!!! I'm not disagreeing with ya buddy it just doesn't seem non traditional to me. But I'ma white dude 🤷🤣🤣

  78. Matthew M

    You are the easiest Pro to listen to. Keep bringin' em! Thanks

  79. Lisa O

    Impressive. I love your shop helper :)