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  1. Alex Franchuk

    It's not a double San Diego Jam knot, it's called a Double Pitzen. A San Diego requires to pass the tag end through the bottom loop first and only then back through the top loop.

  2. Christina Arnold

    I am not really into fishing ran across your video very educational so I am a new sub I am enjoying this my husband and I have a v dive boat be careful out there

  3. James Reynolds

    Idk if maybe I'm losing my mind but I feel like this is the problem with the world right now people are afraid of death. This is how everything that makes life worth living get ruined by shitty solutions.

  4. John Davis

    steo one... SLOW THE F DOWN! You could hurt yourself or you could run over me fishing with my grandson....

  5. Keith Allpress

    Love it. Life goals 100% keep up the good work. 👍

  6. Major Wayne

    I’m jealous man! Very nice 👍

  7. J. Christopher Hickman

    I live in south ms . No big lake or Resivor . Pearl river , Biloxi river , Pascagoula river , April 15 65 to 70 degrees . Somebody show me where to bass fish from a pro perspective

  8. Steven Moreland

    because you ran with Larry Nixon I liked and subscribed..Thanks nice video

  9. Cortez Davis

    Thank you for the information about spinnerbait cuz I am trying to learn how to fish with a spinnerbait I like those booyah spinnerbait

  10. mike FromOH

    Hi Bradley thanks so much for the straight up good info vids! I fish creeks in Ohio for smallmouth bass and spinnerbaits keep me on the water when it turns soupy after rainstorms. I tend to prefer black with chartreuse when its really muddy do you have an opinion?

  11. Texas Tommy

    If he wants the back then he should have gone to the back first. He was going to try to block you until you called him on it.

  12. Texas Tommy

    If I joined the tour I would be so confused because I have never been to a place with a lock. Here in Texas it’s just a dam.

  13. rob jones

    As always, love your videos, Brother! I have a big question for you about SUNGLASSES....What brand would you recommend for clear vs murky water & sunny vs cloudy days? I appreciate all that you do and hope you and your family stay safe!

  14. Ben Lavallee

    What do you think now that you have had the Garmin on the boat a year? Or is it still on the boat? Between a Garmin Force and a Lowrance Ghost. Want to be able to run the fewest graphs as possible also want to run livescope and an extra unit for mega 360. Do you think the echo maps 12 is big enough or go to the Lowrance HDS16 live?

  15. Thomas Gansen


  16. GeorgeBonez

    Ahhh man I hate it when my passenger sits like he’s relaxing in a recliner . I need my passenger to be alert enough to not become a human projectile that could knock me outta the boat if something goes wrong on the fly. I tell my passengers to button-it-up!

  17. 4Drakes_outfitters

    Hey Brad, love the channel! You’re killing it man. I would really like to see a video specific to buying a used bass boat. There’s not many videos from the pros going into detail about what should be looked at, and what common issues are. I’ve done quite a bit of research on forums and talking to other people, but an in depth walk around would be very helpful. A guy like myself, who hasn’t been in bass boats their whole life could really benefit from this when they are in the market. Food for thought! Good luck at the next open - Ricky

  18. GeorgeBonez

    OMG you just made me have a terrifying flashback! I was fishing a 2-Day and slid my truck down the icy ramp at Lake Greenwood. I was in 4WD and throwing 4 rooster tails straight up in the air and STILL SLIDING BACKWARDS!!! God saved me and my truck that night . Lol 😂

  19. WHO Cares

    I am debating on buying some big bites, cant find local or talk to anyone who has used but i believe you are a big user. Any guidance would be great. New to fishing

  20. Junco Rock

    Great video Mr.Hallman, these are awesome

  21. D Watkins

    Bradley!!!!! Stop telling everyone my secret!!! Lol. Can't beat that worm like never. Been the one lure that produced when all else fails.

  22. Al Plain


  23. Mid Iowa Fishing

    Great content for some of us guys that have never been co anglers or fished tournaments from a boat before. I'm looking to start locally next year around where I live.

  24. Eric Dowiatt

    For some reason i find the braided line start to fray right at the knot.. im not sure if the small tag end of fluro is hitting it going thru the guides or what. Have seen this happen?

    1. Bradley Hallman

      What brand and size is the braid?

  25. SpinToWin Stradic

    Great video!

  26. Bobby Colson

    Barkley would be a good post spawn

  27. Bobby Colson

    Old hickory is like fishing a big farm pond....keep up the great work

  28. DeejayevansFishing

    Bradly were did you get that metal cargo box on your roof

  29. DannyBFishing

    If I decide to get back in to BFL's as a boater, I'm gonna remember my time as a co-angler, especially my last one because that one was the last straw for me, and I'm gonna open the morning by asking the guy "Look, you paid an entry fee to compete today against co-anglers, right?" He says "Right." I say "Good, because that means we are both here to catch fish and try to win a tournament. So you do whatever casts that you need to and can do, in order to do that. Just don't cross my line, and we are good."

  30. Surmatic

    Would love for you to do a break down on a lake like Clark's Hill. It's a blue back herring lake and pretty damn big.

  31. Jose Martinez

    Great video, keep them coming! What tournaments are you fishing this year?

  32. 55Dag

    Good breakdown. I'll be fishing Dardanelle soon and that looks like a lot of relevant info.

  33. DannyBFishing

    I live just 3 minutes from about 5 ramps on Old Hickory Lake, but I grew up fishing deep highland reservoirs and struggle on these river lakes, aside from Chickamagua. So, I really appreciate you choosing Old Hickory, of all places, for this video. I will return to it many times.


    My brother in law and I fish the fishers of men Berkley team series and we have a tournament on old hickory in two weeks. I can't believe that of all the lakes you pick its one of my home lakes. Thank you. We are more into the spawn, but we had a bunch of rain and expected for more tomorrow. But it will take two weeks for the chocolate milk to get out.

  35. kirk jones

    Nice work, what I learned was once you find the brush pile you not casting very far to it. I was making long distance cast not knowing if I hit the brush or rocks. Thanks a lot. Its good to learn something new everyday.

  36. Jerry Girdner

    Hey I have no idea why I'm just know seeing this since it's been on here for over a year, I watch most all of your videos and you do a really great job of explaining things so people that don't really fish as much as some of us do. Great job with all your content. Oh by the way, you got anything on Douglas Lake in East Tennessee? My buddy's have a derby there April 11. If not that's fine. Keep up the good work. Stay safe out there on and off the water. Tight lines and Semper Fi!

  37. Tyler Lee

    Love the informative videos thank you

  38. Ted Urbanik

    Never seen anyone do ohio lakes . How about alum creek outside of Columbus ohio

  39. Tim Sewell

    Sir, You do such a good job, of using the K.I.S.S method while explaining things on your channel. I believe this helps an experienced angler concentrate on the specific points you are addressing while not overwhelming someone who is just starting out. Thanks for what you do.

  40. Ira Register

    You are a great teacher man! Thanks.

  41. Steve Smith

    The whole goal of any angler is to take away something they learned and to enjoy the day of fishing and friendship. If you have a boater that feels like he needs to block you or be an ass well you dictate my actions js.

  42. lmb_ toad_catcher

    One of the most informative videos on this subject I've ever seen, well done man. 👍

  43. Tim Foster

    Awesome video Brad I would really like to hear you break down Amistad we fish there quite a often.Keep up the good work

  44. Bryan Atkins

    Awesome video

  45. Mackenzie Blanton

    What is the song playing at the closing of the video?

  46. Whipporwill

    We come to watch fishing videos to get away from all this Corona virus bs. Not to sit here and have to listen to more of it. Just some friendly advice.

    1. Whipporwill

      @Bradley Hallman Im relaxed. As an outdoorsman, i come watch these videos to try and get away from all this covid crap. Because everywhere i look and go, im constantly having to hear about it. You have a great channel. With the most usable and helpful content ive ever seen from any other fishing channel. I can see it getting big. Keep it up👍

    2. Bradley Hallman

      This video was made over a year ago whippoorwill this stuff ain’t all made yesterday! Common relax.

  47. Michael Howell

    I’m in the 5 hr club too Brad. Do more of these for each seasonal pattern, please.

    1. Michael Howell

      Absolutely, I think alot of anglers are like me. We've got all the terminology down, northwest facing pockets, spawning flats, oxbows etc... I just helps to visually see examples of the things we should look for during our limited time on the water. I learn something everytime you do one of these. Thanks.

    2. Bradley Hallman

      Ok........ you don’t mind longer video with more info?

  48. Mark Kerr

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Bradley. These types of videos are extremely helpful. How about a breakdown of Cross Lake in Shreveport, LA? Thanks again, and good luck to you this year.

  49. DMac Fishing

    Home lake ! Enjoyed watching you break it down, with a different perspective . This video to me is priceless.

    1. Bradley Hallman

      Glad you liked it!

  50. Don G

    Great info as usual! Always learn something from your content and your expertise is really appreciated. Speaking of Spring, what Falcon rod do you recommend for a buzzbait? Thanks!

    1. Bradley Hallman


  51. lucas boone

    Cant always go by old pics on Google earth, for instance in '07 old hickory still had tons of hydrilla and milfoil. Now it's barely anywhere. Plus old hickory doesnt have a winter draw down. They will draw it down 2-3' right before a rain, even during the summer time. Old hickory has fluctuated as much as '6 in a weeks time. Especially last year when TVA was generating more often, because of closing down the coal plants

    1. lucas boone

      @Bradley Hallman I try to stay up in the river portion (between hwy 109 bridge, and hwy 231 bridge) hit the creeks in spring/fall, and flip laydown trees on the main river channel in the summer. Those big females will suspend underneath them over 15'+ of water during the summer. There's a lot of places up river to pull 16-20 lb bags consistently year round. Not to mention most of the boat traffic is on the main lake portion.

    2. lucas boone

      @Josey Wales thank you, I'm gonna need it. I can do old hickory all day, any time of year. But joined Cedar City Bass Anglers this year to fish other lakes and expand my skill base. We fish priest, cordell hull, Kentucky lake, old hickory, and then center hill

    3. Josey Wales

      @lucas boone if I’m right they are supposed to raise it and leave it in summer pool April 15. Wish they would leave it after this rain but they will drop it down again. Good luck in your tournament.

    4. lucas boone

      @Josey Wales you ain't kidding cordell hull never even has a chance to warm up. Not to mention the water fluctuations there. That's where our next tournament is in April, just got off Priest today. Talk about getting water logged😂

    5. Josey Wales

      They mess Cordell Hull up instead. Old Hickory had docks and residential areas . So they screw up Cordell . It’s been so low you can’t hardly get anywhere.

  52. lucas boone

    That bridge is hwy 109, and the bait store is flippers bait and tackle. This happens to be my home lake👍

  53. Bob Witt

    Way to go Grayson, I'm 38 and my PB is 6.33 up in Wisconsin. Awesome job guys.

    1. Bradley Hallman

      Appreciate ya Bob!

  54. Matt Orschell

    Thanks for the videos. Learn so much

  55. The Hamm

    Once again very articulate, much appreciated.

  56. Joshua Chick

    Flippers is the tackle shop.

  57. Grant Clark

    Can you do a break down of lake Texoma

  58. Jeremy Lowery

    I wish you had done Barkley or Kentucky lake 😂 seriously love your breakdown videos wonderful content

  59. Thomas Gansen

    Flippers bait and tackle....home town job again

  60. Calvin Weaver

    Thanks very informative video for those of us learning prespawn

  61. Foggy Bottom BBQ

    Thanks some good juice. Thanks Hallman

  62. Cyclone61Jeff

    Love the New camera and mic.

  63. Jordan Shirks

    NOT Percy Priest but thanks:)

  64. Roger Moore

    Great video

  65. Gabe Rooffener

    Awesome! Dude, what is the fiddle tune at the end of your vids?

    1. Bradley Hallman

      “Hail and Sleet” from the Apple App Splice.

  66. HellaBass

    I am attracted to docks as well

  67. Mike Mahaffey

    Excellent video

  68. Bryan Richardson

    Bradley you always do a great job.

    1. Bradley Hallman


  69. Jason Emry Fishing

    I could listen to you for 5 hours as I am learning everyday although I’m not on the water! Great video!!

    1. Bradley Hallman

      Thanks Jason!

  70. MrDeputy83

    Excellent instructional breakdown.

  71. Tony Clark

    Brad wanted to make sure you got the package my son had sent you.

    1. Bradley Hallman

      I just got back home a couple of days ago and have not checked boxes but it probably is. There was quit a few things stacked in my fishing office when I got home! I will check first thing in the morning and get back with ya! I noticed your message on insta as well. Appreciate the reminder and I will look 👀. Thanks

  72. James Paris

    Awesome video Bradley I made it to the aba national championship on old hickory last year that bait shop is called flippers it was a really good experience finished 116 out of 500 never been there before it was pretty tough fishing but I'm an Oklahoma boy like you reminded me a lot like the navigation channel at three forks

    1. Bradley Hallman

      It’s got lots of Okie water for sure!

  73. Kyle Lott

    Hey Bradley one trick I found on the google earth time clock bar is try clicking on the wrench icon at the top left corner of the bar itself. I believe it will let you fine tune the selected map date by the month. I totally enjoy your videos and I fine them extremely helpful in more ways than I can count. Keep them coming!!

    1. Bradley Hallman

      Appreciate the feedback Kyle!

  74. Byron Hendrix Fishing

    Do Lanier post since you said to pick a blue back lake

    1. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      They are pulling up and staging big time. Water all over was 52-56 degrees

    2. Bradley Hallman

      Good choice 👍

  75. Jim Morris

    Do the blue back lake on Hartwell!!

  76. Scott Clark

    Dude I love these videos,really good stuff,only bad thing I've found is everytime u do 1 of these I keep trying to pinch my screen to zoom in or out🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣,good luck to ya buddy hope you catch a donkey this spring👊🤞


    I think dynamite should work but likely not good on the weigh in prospects and frowned upon by law enforcement and the other fisherman. Crude method perhaps but you certainly would have that area all to yourself.

  78. Mike Antes

    Thank you Bradley great insight very helpful.Tight lines bro.

  79. Burgerboss1986

    It’s tough for my here in Massachusetts. Lots of natural ponds. Still appreciate the info for when I do make it to these lakes on my bucket list.

    1. Bradley Hallman

      I bet they are good ponds!

  80. Seth Warbritton

    Haven’t even watched the vid yet, but just wanna say those “BFE’s” are appropriately named. 👌🏾..really nice.

    1. Bradley Hallman

      Appreciated bro