We are Carl and Alex and we are brothers who love fishing, the outdoors and making videos! From fish keeping to bushcraft and back to angling, we hope our videos entertain, enthuse and if we are lucky, inspire you to get outside.

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  1. steven morris

    You guys need to post more often

  2. Wiktor Nowak

    Hello im from 2021 ✌

  3. 007tom Campbell

    What did it weigh 16-18 pound

  4. Curtis Outdoors

    It’s like a tradition to come back and re-watch this every once in a while 😂

  5. 峎羽

    I never thought I would love Koi fish until one day, my parent brought me to a manor Coffee in the mountain. That was like a garden with a huge pond. And there were so many Koi swimming. And I notice their pattern and color for some reason I don't know why. I thought it was an illusion but later when I went to the lavatory I found that there were many Koi fish illustrated books around. Then I realize the reason that makes me feel special to those Koi fish. I start to understand their beauty since then<3

  6. Angel White

    That was the greatest challenge for spieceis I've whached. Plenty of tight lines 🐟

  7. ussoldier137

    Unsalted whole corn kernels, large hook and strawberry jello for again carp. The strawberry draws them in.

  8. Chris Searle

    Fishing and drum and bass. What's not to love. Excellent video as always cheers lads.

  9. Dustin Hammock

    All I know is that place is absolutely beautiful. Wish I was there.

  10. istoy villaluna

    nice view bro!, happy fishing

  11. Brittany

    Alex has GREAT hobbies, CARL.

  12. dennis hopkins

    done a good job of that lads and it looks really nice

  13. Brittany

    Really beautiful to see a nice almost fully scaleless mirror carp! Makes me think back to Victorian times when those fish would've been common-place due to the selective breeding which caused them. It's genetics probably make it out to be a true 'heirloom' mirror carp.

  14. Jesper Eriksen

    I have a question for you 2. Did korda reach out to you while you still worked for nash?

  15. Carolyn Carter

    omg...I'm so jealous of Alex's foraging skills XD I've always wanted to learn more about and forage for mushrooms.

  16. Carolyn Carter

    It's so soothing seeing so many gorgeous koi <3 And the sweet lil baby fish are adorable XD

  17. Carolyn Carter

    I miss being outdoors T_T Love that you do these videos. It really is a breath of fresh air for those of us who don't get to fish or enjoy outdoor time. Or family time.

  18. Fishing with jimmylee Larcombe

    Hi Alex and Carl do you know when your book will be coming out bye

  19. Rasta Koi

    Awesome. 🎥🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  20. James Taylor

    Awesome video as usual!

  21. James Taylor

    great vids guys

  22. Matt Adams

    Jack frost is also my local shop. Didn't realise you were a crawley boy

  23. Peter B

    If you have the waders on for sight casting, why not take a 5wt fly rod and damsel fly nymph as the secondary to the ultralight freeliner.

  24. George Aldred

    Well done guys! Keep it going :)

  25. James Taylor

    Amazing vids guys I think I`ve watched every video multiple times ahha keep it up!

  26. Ocher89

    That is some super stalking!

  27. chris bond

    Brill is not the word, I am in awe and I have to say envious. I started fishing in 1955,aged 5, and progressively through the years caught better and better fish. Only ever fished in the U,K. England to be exact. I have not fished for quite a few years now, as had illness myself, and nursed my late wife.. Watching you has rekindled my interest, but not sure I am fit enough now the olé Arfur Itis has got hold of me,and having had something in the order of 20 plus ops, (11 on my hands alone) but I am sure going to give it a go.

  28. Danny B

    Is this in inglend

  29. Ly Huynh

    Beautiful fish and nice catch!!

  30. T3 Pokemon Collecting Gaming

    Quick question, what brolly/bivvy do you use as me and my mate still not purchased one and yours look good 😁

  31. Thane Huesy

    Yo are making me froth... I wanna catch fish so bad but there is nothing to catch rn where I live.

  32. Kayak Angler

    Great spot to fish

  33. Anthony Smith

    Brilliant! 👍👍

  34. D S

    Awesome video again, thank you guys : ) Seems like the first bigger one didn´t take it. It´s exactly from 6:33 to 6:34 when he took it the second time and deep, for me it looks like he blew it out again as you see one boilie out it´s mouth a millisec before you see the first ring on the surface. What do you all think?

  35. lewis mears

    Another great video

  36. Luuk den hoed

    Love the video's

  37. Otto Zander

    Would love to know where this is.

  38. AricAric18

    Thought this video looked cool, but sad to see it's just a bunch of carp.

  39. Dave Eagling

    What a cracking looking fish. Loved the slo mo footage of it slurping the bait in, I can’t believe it got away with it. Great bit of stalking and impressive landing net throwing to. Well done guy’s.

  40. Andy Prest

    Stunning colours 👍

  41. Owen Sanders

    Awesome videos guys keep it up 👍

  42. Middle Aged Angler

    Another great blog guys. That lake is absolutely stunning too

  43. Peter Green

    Beautiful fish, question, you were talking about a light lead an ounce? I’m not a carp angler so wondered why 1 ounce. It’s not a criticism I’m just interested to know why


    When you say you "lost" a fish. Does this mean the hook is stuck in there mouth ?


      @Carl and Alex ok understood, thank you for your response ! Love watching your videos

    2. Carl and Alex

      Nope it just means the fish got off the hook. :)

  45. Daniel smith

    In Australia we have Just as big redfin perch. And we catch 30 a session with a sounder quiet often! Most are between 20-43cm though. Anything between 44-55cm is beasts

  46. Josef HABERL

    What a nice carp 🤩 and the quality of the video is great 👍👍👍👍


    Which video has your PB carp? I want to watch it


      @Carl and Alex oh ok 👍 you must travel a lot😂

    2. Carl and Alex

      We say we are in America when we are in America but when we say we’re in England that’s because we’re in England. :)


      Also what country are you in? Sometimes you say America and then England and it’s just confusing

  48. Barry Bell

    You remind me of Chris Yates with your antics in and out of the water. keep up the good work

  49. Imraduin

    Just went onto your channel and it actually made me so sad to see how few videos there are left aftert the DMCA purge 😥

  50. Mark Simpson

    Stay in 1 spot.pritty sure if that pool had others on it they wouldn't be happy.

    1. Carl and Alex

      @Mark Simpson there was no one else on the lake. 😂

    2. bodybuilderatwork

      @Mark Simpson it's a private, unfished lake, also it's called stalking. Not everybody likes to set up a small campsite and sit in the same swim for day after day when the fish are elsewhere

    3. Mark Simpson

      @Carl and Alex the art of casting mate you don't walk round a pool everytime you see a big fish.what if someone is sitting in the spot already you going to sit the side of him an cast in his spot anyway lol.tight lines lol.

    4. Carl and Alex

      @Mark Simpson i see what your saying but in my opinion if you know the fish you want to catch is on the opposite bank, but you just sit where you are then your not really fishing! Haha, either way you can’t catch a fish which isn’t in front of you! :) Tight lines mate!

    5. Mark Simpson

      You want that big one so bad your not actually fishing your just following it around the pool an dropping your hook right infront of its mouth thats not really fishing is it lol.i also like your koi its huge.

  51. Nobody

    Good work

  52. Alex Page

    I know that this sounds sad but I’d have been buzzing to see a Grass snake! I’ve never seen one. Great video guys 😊🙌🏻

  53. erkik Ekman

    I would love to see you guys fish for some trout or salmon

  54. Big Boy

    What snake was that in the video?

    1. Carl and Alex

      Grass snake I think!

  55. Tom Gibson

    Nice to see those Krill Floater Hookers working wonders! 💪🏼

  56. Matthew Collins

    Do u think the colouring is down to minimally fishing at that lake?

  57. Sid_scoots

    You guys are amazing 🤩

  58. josh

    The way you film just gets better and better! Long time viewer of you both and I really can see just how far you've come! Love the content. Keep it up.

  59. Ryan Kings

    i usually fish with alarms on big speci lakes. but i have to admit, this has reminded me to just go have some fun surface fishing every now and then. nothing beats it. shame its so tough to find a lake with some decent fish in what allow stalking / surface fishing. certainly a dieing art.

  60. Jaimie Keirle

    Can you do any time in the first car versus Alixis the fishing can you say this is the first one is quite confusing to me send send a record and send

  61. Kyle Blackburn

    Great video C&A. This video typifies the ups and downs of fishing, and just how a positive attitude can reward you in life. From stalking the big one for a long time, to finally having the bait in it's mouth and missing the hook set, and sitting down in complete dismay. I know the heartbreak of it only too well. However, you lads never gave up and you got back up and tried again, and were rewarded with a wonderful catch. WELL DONE!

  62. Eli Sanders

    That fish is beautiful

  63. Chechnian Wolf

    Around 5.30 was that a snake?

  64. Billijean Sizemore

    The scenery is so beautiful🙂

  65. Martin Wenke

    What kind of an tent do you used ?

  66. lawrencemacd63

    Great video Carl & Alex well done totally stunning fish 🐟🎣🙂

  67. first name last name

    6:43. I've never had so much excitement turn to sadness so quickly

  68. Feral Grandad

    Needed a lift today..... And as usual you guys delivered! What a stunning fish. Oviously, I've seen you both catch much bigger. But that's such unique a fish from such a great water, wow.... Just wow!

  69. Sam's channel

    Well in lads

  70. Captain Greezy

    @5:25 was that a snake?!



  71. Pim

    I don’t even fish by myself but this is just so nice to watch

  72. rrsh

    Guys, beside the fact that your videos are always amazing your track selection is impecable. I am interested in the track from 3 minutes, if you ll give me the name of it i will always be grateful ❤❤

  73. chunkstar1984

    Beautiful fish. Well done fella!

  74. Jordan 1999

    Show the set up of the rig in more detail 💯💯💪

  75. David Van den Bruel

    What a beauty ❤️

  76. Ashley Owen

    Carl and Alex should have their own show on Nat geo wild simple👍🏻

  77. Jon Atherton

    Excellent! Superbly well angled Alex!

  78. James Gregory

    Stunning fish!! 👊

  79. Ghastly Savage

    Mushroom and fishing? Subscribed.


    How strange that I clicked on your video. Today, I cooked myself a huge pot of mushrooms for soup. I picked them all last year and have boxes of them in the freezer. They are mostly closed cup, little (some large) white ones. I purchased a large drinking mug and enjoyed my soup. Recipe: Heat some oil in a saucepan and put in as many as you like of FINELY chopped m/rooms, bit of salt. Cook for a few minutes, top up with water (1 1/2 to 2 pints) and chicken gravy granules. Cook for about 20 minutes. Ladle out into mug and whisk in double cream. Well at 75 years old, that suits me..... P.S. PUFF BALLS ARE GOOD TOO.The ones that are white inside!!!