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  1. Gary Chapman

    Watching this in Oct 20 after the 12’s have been issued, it’s amazing his fat thy iPhones have come since the 6.

  2. Carl Willows

    This seemed more of an advertisement than a review.

  3. ALinsdau

    Thank you!

  4. Adrian Trinidad

    My favorite product would be the “little boi”because of the size , I’m definitely trying to win that iPhone 12 in product red 🔥

  5. John Coonen

    Actually, it's not 40 bucks any more. It's $99.

  6. Brent Smithline

    I am a normal I do not care if my iPhone has rounded, or flat sides. Do not care size of the bezels as I watch the screen. Do not know why you pundits are watching the bezels. Do not care about the dreaded NOTCH. Now that being said I would be OK with a forehead going all the way across the top if you pundits would just shut up about the NOTCH. I would like to see Product Red option with all models more money for the cause. Also I just put leather Product Red case on my iPhone so I like the color options that have black on the face of the iPhone. I can just leave it stock GUI if I want to, and you pundits have other options to make it look the way you want, and will still complain about it. As a normal it is not about GQ style it is about my iPhone just working, and the KISS IOS/Unix operation. I started up with the iPhone Upgrade Program when it first started. Why did I use the iPhone Upgrade Program? Always had Applecare if repair needed. So far never had to have a battery replaced, or any other service. Would also have the latest, and greatest iPhone Apple had to offer. This will be the first year I am not going to upgrade from my iPhone 11 Pro. Nice upgrades however things that I just do not use every day. The reason I even moved last year is that I moved from an iPhone with LED to OLED so I could see it better while outside. Well being a "Person at Risk" these COVID-19 days I just do not leave the house except to #MaskUp to purchase food, and go to doctors appointments. In fact my next doctor's appointment is going to be virtual as it will be during the height of FLU, and what is expected to be the height of COVID-19 pandemic in the USA. I do not use wireless charging except for my Apple Watch. I am a normal who can just plug my iPhone at night, and guess what it is fully charged in the morning when I get up. I also use the Apple 5W USB charger as I do not need it to fast charge. I do also have both 12W USB (iPad), and a 20W USB C charger if needed. To date have never found the need. If I was to purchase a new iPhone that only came with the USB C charging cable I could always purchase a USB C Female to USB Male Adapter (2 Pack) on Amazon for $ 9.99 ( on 20201023 ) to use my older Apple 5W USB charger. Now that being said what would I like to see on the next iPhone for charging, and ports. I think the MagSafe charging looks good, and if I was going to use it of course purchase something like the Apple MagSafe Charger however use the Apple 5W USB charger with USB C Female to USB Male Adapter as again happy to have it charge slow overnight. Then would like to see a USB4 port with all options of the USB4 standard enabled. Still compatible with USB C accessories. USB4 port with all the options enabled of the standard could open up so many things not just for professionals. 5G does not make a difference as for this normal my iPhone Pro 11's LTE does everything I need it to do on T-Mobile service. In fact the LTE sever improved when T-Mobile upgraded the cell towers in the area to support 5G. Another thing is since I use my iPhone with a WiFI, fiber optic Internet connection as a "Person at Risk" not leaving home do not use cell towers for data. What I would like to see is the new standards based WiFI 6E in all new Apple products. Now as the saying goes the straw that broke the camel's back. Ports for Apple products. In the past Apple has moved to new technology before others in the computer industry. I want, and will not purchase another Apple product until they move to USB4 / Thunderbolt 4 full standards supported on these ports. It is simple one port to rule them all. Thing is once everything is moved to these standards, cables, and accessories pricing will be very competitive to one another. That and any older "Type C" cables, and accessories will work just fine. For the Apple iPhone I never want it to lose the connection port, and I want it to be at least USB4 full standards supported. Thing is this would open up all type of connection possibilities not just for professionals. Imagine the possibilities. Think Different

  7. BenIsNotHere

    i want to win


    I have been using SoundSource for a year ==works great and allows the keyboard to work on all audio devices

  9. NetherFlux

    I didn’t know you owned iems!

  10. Tai Phan

    The sound at 0:03 releases my anxiety.

  11. Sourov Biswas

    COOL 😎

  12. Pickle Man

    hey the link doesn't work now its dead can u send a new link?

  13. diego lópez

    I didn't get how the giveaway works XD

  14. Pen-demic Ink.

    I am watching it on a 12 blue model. I went with the standard 12. The phones were so similar I don’t see the standard pro worth it. I love the design and personally like what I call the C Superman blue over the pro.

  15. NNGX 678

    I’m on the XR and I can watch this video in 4K right now? I’m confused

  16. Dad v Internet

    These accessories are a game changer for sure. 5w charge is almost an insult at this point.

  17. P M

    Always look forward to these vids.

  18. Nevaan's Wonderland

    I would like to win an iPhone 12 pro in white because I can’t afford it and I have 6s plus

  19. Michelle P

    Lol. They create more phone and say they care for the environment

  20. NGore-de

    Haga that is so relative i got a 4000 mA phone and i have to charge it twice in a Day. Ther is no phone that lastall Day if you use it as a tool

  21. Cool Random Vids #10

    Some of this is bullshit

  22. Alex Acuna

    I have the iphone 12 and watching this

  23. Mary Arnold

    You could toss this one around as a frisbee. It would make for a much better gaming laptop than the real one.

  24. Star Alience

    Ur using other peoples content to fill in for your bad journalism

  25. dinesh kamal chetti

    Woow dream 😴💭 iPhone📱 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚🧡🧡🧡🧡💜💜💜💜🖤💙💙🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🔥🔥💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  26. H M

    Jonathan, You Uploaded Dolby Vision HDR MV of Wolfe Shot by i-Phone 12 Pro on KGup. But KGup Doesn't Support Dolby Vision but HDR10 to Date. If You Simply Upload Dolby Vision HDR Video on KGup, Image Blow out and Oversaturated. HOW DID YA MANAGE TO AVOID THIS HICCUPS WITHOUT LOSING VIDEO QUALITY ❓ WHAT'S YA TRICKS, WORKAROUND ❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓ PLEASE SHARE WITH US ❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗

  27. Khevin Soogund

    Anker whole day and every day.

  28. Oryx Nate

    12 pro graphite 256

  29. C J

    Got the 12 blue, waited over a week for it to arrive, it’s such an improvement over Xr

  30. Josh LeRose

    Loooove MagSafe so much! Only second to videos from you in the world standard aspect ratio

  31. Abhinav Kara

    What happened to this ???


    Somewhere in the last 3 years he let that flame die

  33. Ashraf Shahriar Khan

    People are now totally into this earbuds...

  34. dieggarciaf

    It’s almost 2021 and the IPhone 6S still having updates and the Samsung Galaxy s6 is nowhere to be found

  35. Josh LeRose

    Love that fancy usb-c to lightning braided cable <3 And the small fast boi too.... Also, I'm a huge fan of all the new phones, especially the new blue colors 😍

  36. Gerald Torres

    Anyone else leave here more confused on what to buy now!? 😅 Cause bruh what tf did I just watch

  37. Padme 17

    About half that shit is just gimmicky 1st world crap from china and taiwan and soon to be ewaste e-waste. Cheap plastic junk that will end up in the oceans, well done.

  38. Choupe 29

    Imagine buying a phone to watch a review on said phone :/

    1. Choupe 29

      Wait, does anyone know if the earth wallpaper for iPhone is animated? (It shows day/night, shows where you are?) Thanks!

  39. Akbar hakim

    Btw, a desk lamp in Indonesia is only around 8-10 dollars

  40. Akbar hakim

    KGup Recommendation : this is the moment

  41. Arin Lazurca

    I have both. Guys stop being poor.

  42. karlitozs

    Please do one video 2 weeks later 🤩

  43. joker666

    I like it's square shape because it can stand up, but I've seen thinner phones with a fingerprint sensor and less notch. it's always for next time with apple...

  44. joker666

    Fingerprints>face id. the fact that you guys can't figure that out points out your massive incompetence. btw no is asking for the front facing camera to disappear into little tiny hole punch :)

  45. Seas Williams


  46. Extreme Racist

    How can I buy thay fake Macbook pro? Let me know the link

  47. Ganesh Subramanya

    wow got this recommended in 2020👍

  48. Thom Rhodes

    What an awesome video. Bloody awesome.

  49. Qualin Hunter

    Why do I want the first one ☝️

  50. Goober and Buddy

    the Pro continues to be a "clout" device imo

  51. Christan Zafra

    Very nice Amazing Dream Phone🙏🙏🙏

  52. Aashvit Goyal

    Iphone 12 pro max

  53. Some One

    My hard drive Mac OS X was damaged so I bought a new hard drive but it doesn’t have any os on it. So I got a usb with apple leopard software on it. I try and install but it doesn’t like it

  54. Ae Ron

    wish i can have one

  55. Dan Edwards Music

    Thank you! I managed to restore the downloads folder but was weirded out by the different display

  56. Carlos Le Mare

    I want to put my phone in the wall and it still and charge at the sane time. So my accesory would be the wall 😎

  57. Kevin Martinez

    Was waiting for his video specifically! Love these in depth vids.

  58. Arham Gupta

    I like the PowerPort III 60Watt Charger

  59. Mr. Duble-U

    The 12 Pro is my personal choice. can’t afford it tho. rly want to upgrade from my 8

  60. Googol Data

    Jon just did a 5:38 min ad and I watched it :|

  61. Khari Mateen

    fire !!!!!!!!

  62. Malvino Christian

    **Laughing in my Samsung Oddysey G9**

  63. nishant gautam

    Just bought the space grey air 3. Perfect as hell 🔥👌😍😍😍🎉🎉

  64. Neev Mathur

    it didnt work for me! help!

  65. Sugar Honey

    iphone 12 pro camera looks so amazing that i'm so using it for my vlogs from now on... but still trying to decide between the 12 pro or 12 pro max

  66. Thomas Bechard

    Nice video. I have the 18 watt, but need the 20 for the MagSafe. Hmm. Anker is the way to go.

  67. not dream


  68. AutoGamesNation

    Nano absolutely love it

  69. crzmicky

    The first 8 seconds bothered me so much, it’s set up as like the perfect camera shot for the perfect lineup but he messes up and has to shift the phone for MagSafe to properly connect. JUST TAKE MORE SHOTS

  70. Chris Humphries

    Went with the 12 pro pacific blue and I’m loving it

  71. Lucy June


  72. Vikram Narendar


  73. Virginia VanSickle

    I want the iPhone 12 Pro Max in blue

  74. JAKE T

    Why the face mask outside by yourself?? @ 2:56

    1. JAKE T

      @PanchoSeis66 lol that makes sense 😂

    2. PanchoSeis66

      @JAKE T you have to wear a mask even if you are not close to people

    3. JAKE T

      @PanchoSeis66 no not at all

    4. PanchoSeis66

      you are kidding right?