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  1. Jordan scott

    Tremendous broadcasting.

  2. Randy Thomas

    Good luck

  3. Robert Veith

    I still have a hank Parker spinner bait never been opened!!!!!!

  4. Brent Bloom

    Seth for the win

  5. White Noise

    My father was a Semi-Pro Bass fisherman and he tried to get me to do the same. Growing up, I really didn't care about fishing. Now I'm 44yo and can't believe I never even bothered to try and take my Dad's offer....

  6. Adam Estepp

    Z just saud no tournament had the water came up 6ft in a tournament but did the water not come up more than that at pickwick???? But it had not started I understand it was during practice?

  7. Dark lord Gumba

    Welcher is a stud can catch fish anywhere

  8. 911stimulus

    Taku got the gggggiant bass🤘

  9. Ra Lo

    🎣 👊🏼💯🇺🇸

  10. Tanner

    Bro said “you’re gonna need a gnarly set of tools to Buff that out”

  11. crawlin2vgt

    lol i love how the boater just tossed his cig in when he realized the guy had a camera man in the boat as he passed him

  12. Ra Lo

    🎣 👊🏼💯🇺🇸

  13. Ge Yang

    Sabine has the smallest fish event...Come on it's Texas. Throw some Florida strain bass in those rivers...joke events

    1. Chris LaFleur

      They catch good stringers all the time.

  14. Matt Matthews

    WTH would you even try to fish there???

  15. Corey McKibben

    So how do they know what the bass weighs, when all I have witnessed is them catching them and then measuring them to make sure they meet the 12 inch minimum before tossing them in the live well? Is someone on the boat with them weighing their catches?

    1. Tracey Peyton

      They don't "know", it's estimated. Even when the pro weighs a fish on their handheld scale, it's not official. That's why you'll see them use a balance beam on the close ones. There is a funny story of how one of the Japanese anglers would agree with the lb/oz estimation of his marshall. The angler only knew kg, so he was agreeing to weights he didn't understand.

  16. Chris Steere

    If anyone noticed he kept giving loose pressure for that fish to pop simple mistake turned costly. Did not matter that only one hook was in because that’s all you need!

  17. Shmerick L

    Why didn’t he just pull it in the damn boat

  18. Tin can For a cup

    Fuckin hackney is the man.....reminds me of a young Rick clunn......

  19. 30pkattack -

    RIP $500 prop, 😂

  20. Joe Taylor

    We use on average.. 7.6 ft rods... how in the world did they fish these 5 ft sticks 😆

  21. Ken Olver

    Throw the fish up in the air slam him on the deck terrible fish Landings

  22. Laramy Bohn

    Steve Kennedy is awesome.!😂

  23. mack daddy

    I absolutely can't stand to hear "boom Shaka laka, GGGGG Giant bass again. My God he sucks

  24. Ian Anderson

    If only they had fish landing violations like real bass master

  25. Brandon H

    What really pisses me off is when u get your crank to the boat and a giant nips at it!

  26. Ra Lo

    🎣 👊🏼💯🇺🇸

  27. douglas schmidt

    It happens to all of us

  28. Mtullos86

    Meanwhile MLF guys boat flipping 5 pounders

  29. rich habig

    He let that bass do the fishing. When them hogs hit. I crank them in. I don’t give them a chance to get the edge over me

  30. Buddy Long

    Just goes to show even the pros can't catch them all. Bass 1 Pro 0

  31. Brandon Chapman

    Love it

  32. Eric Smith

    At 0:59 #8 ... That's so me!!!!!! Lollllllllll

  33. kituwahband

    I used to work with his wife, they are very good people, God bless J on his win!!! 🏆

  34. MyYouTubeChannel

    And didn't catch shit!

  35. Ojb 1959

    🎣💔⚜️ Composure is key huh Greg

  36. k k


  37. Fishing with Phil

    This is awesome

  38. Weekend Warrior

    I would have jumped head-first into one of those cypress knees.

  39. Kevin Medland

    Why are you fishing bedding bass anyway?

    1. Julian Sanchez

      Because he can

  40. patrick mcandrew

    Respect to you Sir. Handled like a true professional.

  41. Iwan Suprapto

    The best👍👍

  42. Todd Connolly Parsons Tn

    Go Aluminum !!!

  43. Ra Lo

    Good stuff Clark! 👊🏼💯🇺🇸 Thanks for the tips my friend!

  44. gary ogrady

    way to go Jason

  45. Willy D

    Ike would have put on a show in that situation... and I would have loved that to... Hack is cool and calm...

  46. Texas Tommy

    I wouldn’t go into that. Not worth. Even if you win, probably spend it on repairs lol

  47. Jenn Hartman

    Great self control God Bless.

  48. Tim Fontenot

    Dammmmmmm it.

  49. FishForDinner

    Do you have tips for a kid fishing youtuber like me? If you can give me suggestions on my videos I would highly appreciate it I am looking to get better and I like your content a lot!

  50. Stuntman D29

    The Tokyo rig is incredible it’s a must fish technique!

  51. Pamela Klemp

    CONGRATS to MR. Christie! I Always respect a good clean WIN!

  52. Josh G

    Jason Christy is an asshole if you’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting him. Idk how a man who fish’s for a living can be such a dickhead

  53. G W

    Seth you are one bad ass fisherman. I just never knew you had a brotha from another mother and he was a movie star named joe dirt.

  54. Basslivesmatter LLC

    A true pro handled it like a champ when he lose it didn't act all crazy. Hack attack was like I will get another one no worries 👍🏿

  55. Glenn Boone

    Man, you’re my hero so this hurts me to say but you been in Louisiana long enough to call em choupique. Wish you caught that bass cause I’m always pulling for ya!

  56. Bucks by Design


  57. Kenny Haworth

    When do we stop wearing the mask? It’s time to wake up Congratulations to Jason

  58. Rylan Adams

    What a great attitude! That is extremely respectful!

  59. derek mason

    Ive personally always loved bassmasters more than any other cirquit. I like mlf but never clumg to it when it was spised to change the game. Now alot of guys are.coming back to bass. Its good to see. Hackneys back. Christie is back. Got scott martin in there now ive been waiting a long time to see scott fish the elites! And these younger guys to. Its stacked again.

  60. Steven Bernard

    Spinner baits work from Connecticut to Florida. I caught many small mouth in the ct river to large mouth here in Kissimmee chain Florida. My buddy laugh's at me he calls it throwing a set of Car key's. Lol

  61. Gary Lukas

    Definitely the most feared on the Elites !!!!

  62. braden lewis

    Cant beat them okies!!!!!!!!

  63. FishForDinner

    I am a kid looking for support on my channel please give me some suggestions on my videos I understand that my content is not surperior but I need all the help I can get as being a kid

  64. MP Ybals

    SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!

  65. John Baker

    watched him yesterday, 2hrs at 70+ mph to get to where he wanted to fish on the last day... Whew! No stress here, they're just fishing... 😝 CONGRAT'S SIR! YOU DESERVE TO BE WITH THE BIG DOGS! 🎣👍❤🎣

  66. Anthony Douglas

    wish I had seen this before I speared three waves this past weekend. "Jesus take the wheel" isn't really the strategy I want to use anymore. Thanks, SIr

  67. woke Moor

    back when men were blatantly racist

  68. Cody Phillips

    The sledge hammer

  69. Peter W

    What a fish! His reaction would’ve been mine as well. Surprise, biggun!

  70. Tyler Fish

    Tough bite 43 lbs

  71. Sean Gilliam

    Man, he has a nice looking rig.

  72. FilthyFishPorn

    Watching him dissecting areas like a surgeon was very impressive. Great win for a talented angler

  73. Kenneth Ross


  74. 蒼影


  75. vandos11

    always should thank JESUS

  76. sammyvh11

    Catch and release all gamefish.WTG

  77. XxC Hoo

    The Jasper TX water won it for him.

  78. Don Sisco


  79. NCshooter1213

    Congrats. The Sabine is a dink fest for sure but glad Christie got it

    1. Yur Strange

      At least not as bad as that Ohio River Classic. What a bum show that was. Lotta bass in those tidal and river waters but few big ones considering they're the native strain. Especially when you consider Rayburn and TBend are right up the road and have a shot at a giant.

    2. Tyler Fish

      That’s what I was thinking