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  1. mahdi olfat

    wow whats beautiful guide thanks allot

  2. Wild Flower

    You are HILARIOUS! I was cracking up. Love the outfits but I’m not there yet if you know what I mean. My husband bought me a few pairs of leggings from Gynshark...my favorite is the flex ones but I ended up getting two pair of flex the same color and in order to get another color (no exchanges) I have to get a refund...bummer. I’d love to get a few pairs from lulumon...but the price is crazy and the reviews aren’t as good as I’d expect from expensive products they sell...so I’ll wait and try some other brands. Thank you for the wonderful video and your 4-legged baby is just adorable 💜

  3. Adriana Beltran

    Oh em geeee girl! Almost 2M!!! So excited for you

  4. Vishwani Persaud

    I love how supportive Stefan is of you and I’m soo HAPPY you guys are getting married🤗 you both make great pup parents❤️

  5. Helena Vo

    You're literally going to be the best mom, EVER. Will you adopt me until then? 😂😂❤️❤️

  6. Katherine Anna

    I adore you. I am so happy that I found your channel. You are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for being you. Btw I love your doggos.

  7. Vitæ &oon

    You’ll always remind me of Paris Jackson, you’re both crazy beautiful 😍😍

  8. Sara Schmidt

    Is the bra reversible? Could the key hole be in the front?

    1. Sara Schmidt

      I know I missed and it’s ALL sold out already but I was just wondering..

  9. catherine rachel joy esteves ferrer

    This is the most wholesome freakin video I’ve ever seen in my life 🥺🥰 HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUPPERONIS, what a lovely pawty you had 🥳

  10. Leslie Howard

    I’m ready for season 3 in the spring

  11. vegangeeek

    I saw some people comment on how they got their stuff in their carts and waited in a queue before the launch time? Is this a normal gym shark thing? I wish it was more talked about so GS newbies like me knew it was a thing 🙃 that way I could’ve actually gotten what I wanted 😅 totally know it’s not Whitney’s fault but I wish this was a permanent collection! I hope it becomes one 🥰

    1. vegangeeek

      @alexwyche5595 thank you for explaining! I wish i knew about this, I knew exactly what I wanted and I might’ve been able to get it if I knew how this worked 😂 oh well I know now for next time I guess

    2. alexwyche5595

      Because it’s such a high volume of people on the site people put things in their cart and then once they check out they are in line after the people that clicked check out before them if they take to long and shop around other people add it to the cart but get to the check out faster they get if even if you put it in your cart first as they were in the check out line before you so it goes to them. I was on at exactly 3:00 and was in check out line 3:01 and had the Amazon high rise shorts taken out of my cart they sold out in less than a minute. People already know or just want one thing get it and check out in less than 10 seconds and then go back for the stuff they know will be there.

  12. Black Angel

    Hey everyone can someone plz help me I can’t afford a trainer , I’ve been working out at the gym for almost two months and I lift only 2 kg for each hand , should I be lifting more ?

  13. Reese Manter

    I know the stocking isn’t in your control Whitney, and you indeed created a fabulous collection that’s why everything sold out in MINUTES! But myself and many others are very disappointed, I watched numerous influencers promise that this launch would have plenty of stock compared to last launch and that simply wasn’t the case. Even more heart breaking when people save there paychecks JUST for this collection weeks in advance only to find out they can’t purchase anything they has set there Mind to. You have paying customers lining up for you and this collection, please please either come out with your own or do a restock of this beautiful line. It’s a win win for both the customer and company.

  14. Alyssa H

    Whitney, I tried being resourceful and figuring out what this living room rug might be, but I couldn't find it! Are you willing to share where it's from?

  15. Hannah Pauley

    The legging stitching and thick sports bra straps 😩

  16. Brie

    I wish I was kidding rn but there are listings on ebay for $400-$500 for a pair of leggings from this collection. This makes me sick to my stomach but that’s what happens when a company doesn’t stock enough items for the entire collection not to sell out in minutes and then refuses to re-stock. Like who does that

  17. Lauren Elizabeth Godfrey

    13:30 when Stephen makes the INAPPROPRIATE joke 😂😂 I love them and how they radiate and glow together 🥺

  18. Monica Persico

    We all love you so much Whitney!!!!

  19. K B

    I love your whispering!!! keep doing you gurl...

  20. leticia romero

    Is that an iPad your using? On a stand? If not can you say what it is? I need that in my kitchen lol I love cooking and following recipes

  21. Lori Myers

    Well turns out the second launch with Gymshark was suuuuper disappointing for me. I didn’t take place in last years but I heard the same things happened...sold out within minutes.. how is this possible? I logged in exactly 1 minute til...started shopping quickly (since I already knew the 8 items I wanted!)....only to go to the que at 1:03MT (thinking I had made it!) and when I was put through the que..only 2 of my items were available! Literally 6 were already sold out!!! And mind you this was within 5 minutes of launch. Something needs to be done differently. I know it’s not Whit’s fault. But if she ever has a Gymshark launch again, I already know myself as well as several other people I know..we will not participate next time! Not fair to be sold out within minutes! Something doesn’t add up... my bill didn’t either. Oh well. I’m sure Whit is stoked, but she prob doesn’t know how many people felt cheated either!!! Any thoughts on what the heck n Bob happened?!?! Much Love to Whit🥰 please for the love of your fans...launch with a diff company next time who can withhold such high volumes of business! Thanks 😊 🙏💓🙏

    1. alexwyche5595

      People have boyfriends or just friends in general on different devices order just one thing and check out in literally 10 seconds. Other just know they only want one or two things and are able to check out in 15 seconds. I was on the site @ 3:00 est and was in the line to check out @3:01 and lost two items in my cart things sold out in literal seconds. Gymshark really needs to do better with stocking they did this exact thing last launch

  22. Taylor Beck

    I lost my mom to suicide in 2015.. I so deeply appreciate the message you send. Kindness and positivity, thank you for being open. Grieving is an ongoing process that I do believe gets easier with time <3 prayers to you and your beautiful fam Whitney

  23. Samantha Gouldman

    I can’t find the light you use for your fiddles. Do you have a link? I went back through your favorites videos and didn’t see it 😞

  24. Helena Vo

    You’re my freaking number one inspiration in this whole entire freaking world 🥺🥺🥺 I just love youuuuu! ♥️♥️♥️

  25. Helena Vo

    When she whispered “there’s absolutely no way in heckin bob.... “ I’m dead 😂 love u Whitney ❤️❤️❤️

  26. Helena Vo

    Celebrate our favorite couple tonight by watching The Voice at 8/7c! 🧡💍

  27. leticia romero

    Whitney, can you please send me a PR package I never received it 😛😛😛 seriously though if you have any items please do a giveaway. I was there on time and mostly everything got stolen from my cart. I was devastated 😫😫 I was in queue to checkout for over a minute and only got 4 items 😔 better than nothing I guess.

  28. Emma Grace

    Whitney needs to branch outside of gymshark. Girl, you don’t need them. I’m sure she could start her own brand and be successful. People continue to be disappointed by gymshark’s approach during these “limited edition” sales. It’s as if they learned nothing, or simply don’t care, from the last launch.

  29. Stephanie Chambers

    Hi! I've been dealing with grief for the last 3 years :( I read a book and it said to not put your grief in stages BECAUSE it comes in waves. You don't need to grieve in a certain pattern. So if you get angry in a years time that's ok too! Just wanted to share that little nugget because it made me feel better about my slow journey.

  30. Sarah Straup

    I'm so sad! I was looking forward to this drop for 3 weeks and I got on right at 2 pm CT and within seconds everything was sold out and I didn't get anything:(((((

  31. Karen: Can I speak to the manager

    If whitney were a dog breed, she would be a golden retriever❤️❤️

  32. Lauren Sanders

    Wow this was so wholesome 🥺

  33. Ashley Smalley

    Girls. We all are in this to support our girl Whitney. ❤️I hate that we get this people who sell it for triple the cost. We all know they are not true Whitney fans. A true Whitney fan would resale for cost plus shipping. This collection was more than just leggings and apparel. This collection for us Whitney fans was supporting out girl Whitneys growth. Our inspiration did it again and we love her for it. ❤️ spread the positivity that our girl is y’all ❤️

  34. pearlescent

    I'm so confused omfg. I know it's bad to obsess over body measurements, but I do NOT look like some of these influencer women and I have very similar measurements (34-26.5-39). In other words, I have this woman's body but a bit more of an hourglass. Why do i feel like I don't have a beautiful body, while anyone would see Whitney's and say it's beautiful? Mannnn

  35. S Mak

    What is the point of creating these beautiful pieces when your customers are not able to buy them? From what I gather, the pieces were sold out within minutes. You yourself in the video have indicated that the pieces are likely to be sold out. While they appear to be products of quality with nice details, it is certainly NOT justified to limit the inventory just to hype up the line. You and Gymshark should be well. aware. of the potential demand based on the previous success, not to mention all the freebies that were sent to influencers for marketing purposes (as seen by multiple “review” videos on KGup). KNOWING that the demand will be huge, along with all the marketing efforts spent, you and Gymshark ought to have considered producing sufficient inventory. Otherwise, by limiting the stock and making your line sold out within minutes, represents simply a marketing ploy to jack up the hype. You are not doing justice by your fans, and are simply wasting everyone’s time.

  36. Maria Selena

    Im sad that I can’t be able to purchase anything from her collection. Not because everything sells out fast, but because with everything going on with COVID. Work isn’t great and $ has been a struggle for months:/ I’m happy for the people that are getting items 😊. I’m super happy/excited for everyone supporting Whitney’s collection & I’m excited to watch people’s hauls on KGup about it. Hopefully she comes out with another collab next year. 🤞🏼♥️ so much love to you Whitney!

  37. Mike R.

    Love your ENERGY! Thanks for the info!

  38. Nancy Garcia

    We will never mind your dog <3

  39. Gianna Castellano

    I just want to say how much I appreciate that you look into the camera and not at yourself in the viewfinder...idk why but such a pet peeve of mine when people do that🙈🙈 so thank you😂

  40. Alyssa Wood

    Look up marys test kitchen gluten free fried chik'n made with tofu 🤤

  41. Francisco arroyo

    Que delicia 😘

  42. Neffy B

    I had everything in my cart and checked out with my order...then when no confirmation email came, i realized that there was a glitch and nothing went through....by the time i went back EVERYTHING was sold out. That sucked all the joy out of my birthday yesterday. I will NEVER be attempting to purchase from gymshark again, this is two years in a row of disappointment, you would think they'd do a pre-order.

    1. Lilly Blickensderfer

      Neffy B I'm so sorry! I waited in line to check out, then waited in line for my order to process. It brought me to a page that said "thank you for your order"... I think my order went through, but I never got a confirmation email. Now I'm thinking it too was a glitch.

  43. TBH_ave

    Indy's lashes thoooo 🔥

  44. Helena Vo

    Celebrate our favorite couple tonight by watching The Voice at 8/7c! 🧡💍

  45. Helena Vo

    Y’all I’m so sorry... I completely forgot to add my sour patch kids grapes reaction 🍇😂😩 okay I personally just felt like they were simply frozen grapes and didn’t really get the sour patch vibes but WORTH A SHOT!!!!! I mean... I finished them all so they were good 🤤

  46. Helena Vo

    Is it just me or does Stephen seem like a very proud dad when he was encouraging Navy to sing for the cam 😂🤍

  47. Caridad Rios

    I really wanted the amazon leggings OR a jogger(any color). If anyone got either in a size Large and is willing to switch for a size large black ribbed whitney legging I would be so happy I was also able to snag a moss green sports bra and the black long tee

  48. Sin

    Happy birthday Navy !💙

  49. Pavalicious Rawr

    So sad, my alarm didn't go off at 5am so I missed out on getting anything in Amazon Green or the joggers when I woke up at 7am. Ended up buying the sportsbra and shorts in Black since they were sold out in Amazon Green. I got the jacket and holdall at least.

  50. Angela Ligason

    sold out :0(

  51. Heidi Serna

    *Just bought rice cakes yesterday* Whitney: "RICE CAKES... WHO? NO. DISGUSTING. TRASH." Me: oh..

  52. Steph TheBest

    MIss Indie's lashes on 9:40 OMG! <3

  53. ColourMay

    So sad 2nd time i wasnt able to get anything from the collection ..... Im really SADDDDD. Can it be permanent please

  54. Andrea Wywiorka

    Hi!! Anyone know what dog food is in her freeezer!??

  55. Krystel Lipani

    I love seeing this type of content! Dogs bring so much joy and truly enrich our lives! 🥰

  56. Laurie Sickles

    Fun to find your page, good tips!

  57. Tama Lee

    Had high-rise shorts in my cart two minutes before the actual launch and they ended up being sold out before My time in line came up and within the hour people were posting items from the collection on Mercari and poshmark 3-4x the retail price. Items they bought only for the sake of reselling. $40 shorts from this collection being listed for $130-150. It’s disgusting how people that enjoy her videos/collections can be so greedy.

  58. Veronica Garay

    Will there be another restock? I was only able to one thing 😭 I wanted more. It sold out within 5 mins.

  59. Brie

    PLEASE RESTOCK.. I had 6 items in my cart and all 6 were sold out 2 MINUTES AFTER LAUNCH 😭 please tell Gymshark to restock, they said they “stocked more this time” but doesn’t seem like it was even close to enough

  60. jennifer batton

    Gymshark: "We WilL HavE ENouGh StOcK" everything sold out in MINUTESS 🙄...again. Please come out with your own athletic line so your fans can actually buy your stuff...

    1. Katrina Blain

      jennifer batton AMEN!

  61. Abbie Otto

    This collection looks great however this is the second time they sold out what was in my cart before I could cash out

  62. Lopez Family

    Can you tell me what the name of fiddle food is and tell me what humidifier you use

  63. Rochelle Wilder

    Missed out again on the stuff I really wanted! I only got 1 item and I had 6 things in my cart that were taken away while I was waiting in a queue! Whitney speak with gymshark! This is so unfair to the people that are on right at launch and things are getting taken out of carts. They should restock one more time, they can do a presale. So annoying that this brand does this all the time...they either don’t know what they are doing or they are doing this on purpose.

    1. Brie

      Agreed ! I was so disappointed, also had 6 things in my cart. I went to checkout 2 minutes after the launch and everything was sold out. So disappointed they need to fix this

  64. cjessica2009

    I need the unbleached collection. I was trying to checkout and the website said something went wrong, and when it finally got to checkout everything was out of stock within minutes.

  65. Meghan Asbell

    I really wish I had gotten the items I had in the cart two minutes. It doesn’t seem like gymshark really prepped that much

  66. Sarah Price

    So funny. It was my dogs birthday in September, a week after all he got was "oh shit it was your birthday last week, happy birthday Hunter" he really didn't care either way. 😆

  67. AshleeErin

    Noooo I was in line to check out and they wheeled me back for surgery. Then they sold out. 😅😭😭 🤞🙏 hoping for a restock 💜 congrats on another successful launch

  68. Tori Pascucci

    You are both going to be AMAZING parents!!!!

  69. Isabella Castillo

    fine ill go.

  70. Shelby Beasley

    Well I missed out again, my size in everything sold out in minutes. Hopefully everyone enjoys what they bought, this collection looks so beautiful and well planned ❤️

  71. Sugar Gay

    I really hope gymshark does a restock this launch was as disappointing as the last. I had my items in my cart within the minute of it launching and they were sold out by the time google auto entered my card info. I want to be excited about these collections and feel beautiful in them but it’s just so anxiety inducing and really sad when you leave with nothing. It really puts a bad taste in my mouth about gymshark as a brand when they do launches like this it feels really money hungry.

    1. I Sch

      Thank you for this comment, youve worded exactly how i feel!

  72. Ashlie Parks

    I was really wanting the chocolate bra, but didn’t get the chance. And the chocolate tank, as well as the leggings and joggers. And was really looking forward to the black oversized jacket but was all taken out of my cart after 2 mins of the launch. Got my hopes up. Took the day off after working two and half weeks straight to get these items. Had about $600 worth of her items. And less then a third I got. Disappointed. I hope that they restock. And have more stock for the restock. So many people wanting these items and for them to be limited. Gymshark as stated that they had more stock this time. But didn’t seem as so.

  73. Stephanie Johnson

    Congratulations to you Miss Whitney!!! I went to buy basically anything in XL and was already sold out and it’s only been released an hour! I feel sad panda for me but legit super happy/proud of you. Without you knowing you helped me quit a bad job (when you were struggling at yours). You helped me stop weighing myself and to judge my gains differently and eat balanced but not beat myself up if I give into gummies. You were a positive voice when things were hard and I didn’t want to tell people I was struggling with figuring out who I was. Now to meet my own love at the gym lol. On a serious note; Thank you.

    1. Kristi Sasson

      These are the kind of comments she deserves Stephanie! We can be disappointed in the process, but in the end, this does not come down on Whit herself.

    2. jennifer batton

      It was sold out in minutes. I went on 4 minutes after the launch and L XL was sold out

  74. Jessica Diaz

    I loved the launch but what happened to the Cyber red in the high rise?? I didnt see them on the site at all

  75. Amber Dudgeon

    So heartbroken everything was taken out of my cart the minute it launched. I saved up money for this collection and it was all I was looking forward to. It hurts to see so many influencers gifted the collection, and we want to spend our own money on the pieces and we can’t even do that. So envious of anyone that got a piece of the collection in their size. Truly so devastated. 😞

    1. Danika Munroe

      @Brie dude I went one two minutes before launch time cuz gymshark likes to post things early, had just the amazon set in my cart and it was sold out by launch time. They didn’t stock shit for this launch

    2. dstarsong

      THIS!! :((

    3. Brie

      Same!! I went to check out after putting 6 items in my cart 2 minutes after the launch, everything was already sold out.. after TWO minutes. Gymshark said they stocked more, but why couldn’t I get anything 2 minutes after launch? Just so disappointed I hope they restock

    4. beema1988

      Yes and it pissed me off because a lot of the influencers that were gifted stuff said they were going to buy stuff too. I’m like hold on GREEDY we haven’t even gotten anything.

  76. Alice Cee

    So I missed out on literally everything, I put them in my cart and then 2 seconds later they were sold out. Does anyone know if they will restock anything or that’s it ? :( :( So upset

    1. Lyndsea Willis

      It’s limited edition they will not be restocking.

    2. Brie

      Same I felt like I was punched in the gut I was so upset. I thought “ok it’s 2 minutes after launch, Gymshark said they stocked more this time so I should be fine” .. had 6 items in my cart and every single thing was sold out in 2 minutes.

    3. Laney Carpenter

      girl I feel this, I was crying for like 45 minutes after 12 because I didn't get anything :(

  77. Wahzoozoo

    The colors chosen for this collection were so gorgeous I’m so excited with what I purchased! But like other commenters said, I didn’t get to buy all the things I wanted and hopefully by adding this comment to the pile GymShark will see they absolutely need to do a restock on this!!! Please GymShark consider keeping this as a permanent line!!

  78. CNG

    i got everything i wanted and some extra goodies! this was a beautiful collection and a beautiful launch whitney!

    1. Adriana Efron

      How long did you have to wait in checkout?

  79. mscourtneyhagen

    Anothe repeat of last year 😭😭 so disappointed that I didn’t get anything I wanted AGAIN 😭

  80. Laney Carpenter

    really do not understand the point of promoting this launch for weeks on end if its going to sell out within 5 minutes of it going live. Super disheartening that this is the second year that I have gotten little to none of the things that I wanted from the collection. I have been a loyal supporter for years of both Whitney and gymshark. I am unsure if they aren't aware of her influence or what but its just bad business. Really hoping for a restock sooner than a year from now.