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  1. Jazzy moon

    I think it is a stroke if it is tword the brain but dont quote me

  2. Cathrine Sushil

    Education with fun. It’s nice

  3. Diego II


  4. Lover Alpha

    Me:what is happening??? Covid: a little hand? T cell: sureeeeeeee T cell : *hits covid-19* Me: laughing hysterical*

  5. • • nannesoar •

    *Woodpeckers wrap their tounges around their brains to keep them steady*

  6. Pheniox

    This is better than all that science I took all these years, better than my biology class

  7. Zank1098

    What does that blockage represent though someone pls respond

  8. Justin Rowslerr

    Why do his videos feel like movies?????

  9. Just Bray

    Bro get tf off me

  10. Darth Revan

    A blood clot that prevents blood from going into the brain is a stroke, isn’t it? Not a heart attack?

  11. Mohammad Atheeq Ahammad

    Isn't this stroke?

  12. purmjeet gill

    omg it's hard stop lucus

  13. Kenzie Hope

    I think my brain left the pain keys in the departments 😂

  14. Styles283

    The song is stuck in my head now 🤦🏾‍♂️

  15. Loke Holter

    I have seen this before but I haven’t actually seen it

  16. UwU Sub?

    Never experienced that Well not now

  17. Twiffy Games

    this dude is the personification of Cells at Work

  18. Styles283

    That one brain cell flop 💀

  19. Marc Anciel

    Nobody: The coffee: **calmly** "start the body."🙂

  20. Corinthian Vance

    My man had a stroke lol love these videos

  21. Russell Vangorder

    Lucas posts a lot even my grandma watch’s his videos and the weird thing is that she keeps calling me Lucas my name is Alan not Lucas

  22. bolt2395

    Honk donk having a stronk

  23. ayla ramzan

    My dad can have coffee at night and go bed perfectly lol

  24. KatieBodine25

    StArT ThE BOdY

  25. Christopher Nero


  26. the killer sandvich

    I love these

  27. Toes

    @calebmeats2010:JESUS IS KING .  ⠀  🌷🌸🌷🌸     🌸🌷🌸🌷🌸    Λ🌷🌸🌷🌸🌷    ( ˘ ᵕ ˘🌷🌸🌷    ヽ つ\\ /     UU / 🎀 \

  28. Alia S

    Please make one where you have an allergy

  29. ToxicStorm

    You could describe the sparkling like feeling in your leg when it falls asleep as the tv static as he said or the fiz that comes up from sprite

  30. ToxicStorm

    I remember when I was 6 years old I told my cousin I got this wierd feeling in my leg I didn't know at the time and my cousin told me that the toilet was haunted and if you take too long pooping the toilet ghost will make your legs stop moving for a little while Eventually when I was 10 he told me he only sayed it because I took too long in the restroom

  31. Xx_Glitchedmisty

    .How many subs can I get off this comment.

  32. Israel Morales

    That would be a stroke if it cant go to the brain

  33. W Kim

    You are incredibly creative.

  34. The Three Amigos

    ? what wall? it’s cause the egg is ready to meet with the sperm cell, but when it doesn’t it does and the blood comes oht

  35. Yuri De Leon

    I love how it has a pic of it irl

  36. Dylan 727

    actually it’s not really oxygen more of a blood clot forming stoping blood going to your muscles but good skit still💯 edit:not muscles goes to your heart i’m thinking of muscles but a heart is a muscle ig

  37. J0214H Fl0r3s

    What the hell is wrong with your backglass

  38. Leak

    Gave mans a stroke

  39. Карина Демьянова

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  40. Harvey Dean

    He's not playing these games

  41. gacha person

    3:08 white blood cells be like: you chose the wrong house fool

  42. Lorenzo Falorni

    Answer: aneurysm

  43. soiung toiue

    "how the hell did he hear that?" "because you're talking out loud"

  44. Pritam Kayal

    You just described a cerebral stroke, a blockage in vessels towards the brain cells leading to death... heart attack would have shown that the blood cells are not reaching the brain due to lethargic blood flow or something like that (as damaged heart muscles can't pump hard).

  45. ceiling you

    When cells at work have a live action

  46. Laith The best

    I love the fact the Nyquil is a regular man and coffee is a ninja who wants to wake u up

  47. SuperMarioAdventures

    They are fast

  48. Food Food


  49. Banjo Of The Blitz

    Isn’t that a stroke, not a heart attack?

  50. The Quiet Kid

    Inside Deku's body:

  51. Elisa Marie Suico


  52. Jesse Ramirez

    lol 😂😂😂😂

  53. Tyler Wagner

    Cholesterol (the wall in the middle of the hallway) only comes from animal products. So... you know...take care of your heart and stop paying for animals to be killed.

  54. Killaggy

    I’m dead I knew something like this was coming😂

  55. scarygold

    Budget cells at work

  56. Ghulam Raza


  57. Jazmin Shepherd

    The fact that he move a couch for this video

  58. Agent0Fluffy

    This is literally my stomach most of the day. I’m like for fuck’s sake stomach, shut the fuck up sometimes lol! XD

  59. Comfort

    Me on my period watching this like:😩

  60. Johnny Nguyen

    Can u do a video that vegtables destroying germs

  61. Sun Choo


  62. Forrest Sytsma

    "Does that mean we're out of a job?"

  63. A B

    If it's that easy to break your legs then you need to go see a doctor because you have some extremely brittle bones

  64. Nukas Kun

    I learned more biology from this guy than from my biology teacher

  65. Tomás McGowan

    Damn that’s a lotta boxes


    I freaking wheez laughed at this video * wheez laughter continues * F*** 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  67. gayathri ravikiran

    If inside out was more educational:

  68. gayathri ravikiran

    I see so you are saying the blood cells get confused on where to go when u are horn

  69. Sand Hanitizer

    START THE BODY I look into the mirror every morning and chant this...

  70. Island_HAMO 685

    When the scooter hit your ankle. I felt the pain😭😱 Did you actually hit your ankle. Like did it hurt?

  71. Meme Sauce

    Can you do what happens when you sweat

  72. MaikoWasTaken

    Start the body

  73. J

    *casually has cup of coffee sitting right next to a similar-looking cup of water*

  74. KaiserTrigger

    So when do we see the version with the T Cells that never needed the vaccine? You know... The people who survived 2020.

  75. Jesse Ramirez


  76. Cerealrope Hi

    I can imagine someone walking into his office or wherever he works and seeing him just screaming in a tree costume

  77. 𝔾𝕒𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕩𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟

    This made me paranoid, but it was a good video, hopefully I don’t get a heat attack 🙏🏾😇

  78. Armin Theron

    Jesus loves you so much ❤️ I was addicted to porn, I was on drugs, alcohol, I hated people, he set me free and he can set you free aswell ❤️ all you have to do is repent and trust in him and he will change your life!❤️

  79. John carl Espiritu

    The face lol

  80. Panther_5180 gamer

    Hey what happens when you get a shot from the doctor