It's the one and only Beaker's Lab! Come on in, join the gang, and be sure to leave two for Lulu.

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  1. FlamingBoyz

    It’s all cool but u have to be th14 to do all the cool stuff

  2. Montadoor Shammeer

    I can already tell what todays video will be because of the 100 dollar pack

  3. Its Papa

    Pay day for beak 😂 just got every single pack with his code

  4. KierriekiesPlayz

    Only OG’s remember Lulu’s cage!

  5. Miguel

    hammer jammer is gone does anybody know when the cost reduction comes

  6. Ordey

    Lmao u still call her the new hero😂😂

  7. Endrit TGG

    Q10 MORE MINS GUYS🤏🏾🤏🤏👇👂👇🤏🏾🖕👇

  8. Bina Thapa

    WOOOOOO btw i have th13

    1. Bina Thapa


  9. Isaac Neidlinger

    Awwwww, Mellie was doing binkies

  10. voscoz ‘


  11. Davyn Reidy

    Whenever i watch ur channel i get a crisp chill feeling i love it

  12. Joseph DePace

    Beak is the light to my day

  13. Kixsous

    Beaker town hall 14 is out

  14. Fred Nintendo switch game

    I want to add you on Clash of Clans

  15. Aryaman Lagad

    Man please go to the battle pass and go to the first tear and claim your free decoration that you can put. 💔

  16. john

    Day 1 of saying break is the beak 👌

  17. Brayden Montano

    Hey love the videos but I have have an idea for these type of informational videos you should do the time segments on the time bar so we can navigate what we are trying to see about the new th 14!!!

  18. Jacobs Ellerhorst

    congrats on getting maxed

  19. Julienned n2hhvj Near

    Becker master

  20. Mike Parent

    The new update issss crazzzzyyyyy !!!!!!!

  21. Jaydin Wilson

    You look so different in the future I didn't even realize

  22. Igaveliahiv

    Im only town hall 12 lvl 3 😔😔


    gg bro

  24. Quinn Groebl

    I am so excited 😆

  25. Gwyneth Catalvas

    I don’t like the clan castle update🙁🙁

  26. Xavi Videos

    where the bunny

  27. Xavi Videos

    where the bunny

  28. Nokichido

    And when is the update? ?why you still here?

  29. One of the last surviving ram ranch cowboys

    The unicorn can also heal up healers

  30. Xavi Videos

    Where is the bunny

  31. Mason Ward

    I beat the challenge on the first try

  32. CMU

  33. Harvey Zerk

    The update came out 10 minutes ago for us Aussies :)

  34. Rohan’s world of Everything

    Beaker please bring back the og beakers lab music the days til max music it would have been perfect for this video missed it man

  35. Ciephungoyi Chuzho

    Like Ur show attck

  36. Toxic Plays

    Yea my fav color GREEN💚

  37. AstroJuice

    Beaker I need a videooooo please

  38. Harry mcatameo

    Uhm what not clash of clans

  39. nettominati

    Healers are replace now by unicorns #nettominati

  40. Raymond Sosas

    Beakers clan i try to join but its full and I need town hall level 9 and my town hall level is 8 but I use his code beak


    Keep up the good work beak i love your video

  42. Johnmv Delacuesta

    Say hi to th14 lol

  43. Prajyot Patil

    I am here in 2021

  44. Greg Whale


  45. MikaEL Dragojlović

    This video could have been made 2 minutes long....

    1. Ziy GG

      Shut up

  46. Roostermuis

    the good thing about coc is that when they announce a new update it comes very fast

  47. avoidingfans

    Th 14 is out

  48. Ghosty

    Update is out today, can't wait to see beak seeing the shop later today 🤣

  49. SpooK

    yo that intro with the supercell logo was sick


    Wait how did u upgrade the builder hut i can't upgrade them:(

  51. Expo qvz

    Waittt is this clash

  52. Gaming Ting

    Yo yo yo

  53. The Wizard

    the owl is my favourite

  54. Glenn Dumoulin

    Supercell be like ow damn Beak is almost maxed we need an update guys

  55. Harry mcatameo


    1. •꧁X-Gems•ッ

      ye same! th14 is coming

  56. nigel escobar

    How he get th14

  57. nigel escobar

    What is that app thats cheat coc

    1. I Am A Weirdo

      Clash of clans gives early access to the updates, and it’s called developer build and th14 is out now

  58. Nicolas Cukrovany

    Beaker I just want to tell you I watch your videos everyday can you tell lulu and melee that I said hi

  59. Rocker3542 gaming

    Talking to the dev girlfriend standing on back round, What the absolute fuk(it’s not really the f cause the pronunciation

  60. fLy S

    14 hours ago

  61. Glitched Controller

    How come 3 max battle builder huts can take out my entire army

  62. Nick van den Heuvel

    When the hammers didnt have cooldown...... And now:😶

  63. الشيخ smsm


  64. Ezra Landers

    This is how I want to live, playing mobile games with my two pets in a huge studio

  65. Kyle Aquino

    Beaker: I'm not gonna use a 6 builder at a time 2020 & 2021: -Upgrades cannon, archer tower, traps using 6 builders-

  66. MarlzBar

    You could do a Live streM fir when the maintenence break finishes

  67. Leo Sochor-grethe

    why does beak maxing a base make it so i feel so emotional

  68. Kristóf Zügn

    Beak, is there a way to get in your clan? Because im looking for a clan and you were the reason i started clash a long time ago ❤️

    1. Kristóf Zügn

      @•꧁X-Gems•ッ how do u know that i need higher cups? Im a th 11

    2. •꧁X-Gems•ッ

      I think its on invite and higher cups needed

  69. meica Racraquin

    Beaker is that null's clash