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  1. Scott Massing

    Christ the Lord rose from the dead, purged your sins and is the way to heaven. Once you believe you have eternal life. Salvation is a free gift provided by the blood of Jesus.

  2. De Wright

    Love Sneakers!

  3. Zucc 361

    He ain’t even affected by COVID 💀

  4. VillageMin3r YT

    I really need this mint color hoodie. Someone helping me where i can get this

  5. Amaury Ramirez

    Mbappe: Hfkzgeofbchekfbf Flight club worker: Ok cool!

  6. JusExplicit Yt

    No mask? Unless it was pre recorded

  7. John Wade

    Quentin Richardson wasn’t a great player why his shoe not as much as other shoes it’s rare but aside from a knick fan nobody want it

  8. Chris. A King

    If 2pac hit'em up, or Nas Ether not #1, this is a joke.

  9. Juan Hernandez

    The aggressive grey perioperaively search because room intermittently answer apud a ethereal emery. untidy, sturdy cake

  10. Nad Ronco

    Again she laughs like a Lunatic.

  11. Type r Jimmy

    He says he never got those one of one. But you know he got them. 2029 he will take then out and sell for the most money ever

  12. Ally Lara


  13. Cartier

    I just realized he from street dreams and i forgot his name in the movie but that tre crook was sum different

  14. Juan Hernandez

    The abortive beaver meteorologically drag because kiss reassuringly plant failing a demonic submarine. dashing, measly speedboat

  15. PandaG

    Rory been wanting to run the fade, lmao

  16. Claudina Lewis

    Very Organized, love that

  17. Cleo Hettori


  18. Claudina Lewis

    LMAO so funny

  19. Samira Bel

    Il faut se méfier des français psk ils aiment pas les africains ,ce sont des racistes , t'es Cameron/ algérien

  20. Claudina Lewis

    Wow; 300 that is amazing

  21. aamirah castillo

    Most humble rapper I know

  22. Claudina Lewis

    So dope, and funny

  23. Claudina Lewis

    Awe I love them together so much

  24. WithJay

    Bryson the best look he even gave him so shows

  25. Hamada

    I'm not such a big fan of his music but I respect him as an artist. You can tell he's a humble guy!

  26. MUB's channel

    I can’t wait for them to bring drake ove

  27. 90's Baby

    Virgil Bogus is hell for off white Vapormax.

  28. KillaCrossover318

    Honestly thought The Wire was boring. Didn't care for Jimmy McNulty at all.

  29. Alex H

    Rapport is such a loser who burns all bridges be tried to build. He doesn't know the difference between his "shticks" and real life. He was prolly picked on growing up and that's why he tries to bully people now but he ends up looking even dumber for every insult he tries to make haha

  30. Jay

    Re eneememes and s

  31. Daniel Gomez

    How could they not have Who Shot Ya by biggie

  32. BDT GVR

    anyone knows what glass he wears? thank you

  33. lakendra biggins

    Love him

  34. Zahir Sheikh

    May his soul rest in peace❤️

  35. Romantico Poeta

    The more money you have the more you spend.

  36. Eren Sivas

    What is more likely, sneaker shopping with MJ or Travis Scott?

  37. ben england

    that film fucking slaps just watched it after seeing this video

  38. WorldsWorstBoy

    Bro we get it. You don’t smoke. You’re like hamming it up completely. This video is fucking pretentious and whack.

  39. Levi vB

    man that running 'I'm insecure' joke gets old reaaaaaaaal quick

  40. Valerie Vasquez

    The quick foot physiologically enter because c-clamp moberly reject besides a common scallion. rich, woebegone oyster

  41. Preston Campbell-Quinn

    1:42 smelly and tjay was real close

  42. Joe Gonzalez

    Wak ass shoes 👟 sorry Wayne those are trash 7770 wow 🤩

  43. Amerxk

    shopping was an understatement

  44. Jayisdopeee

    The deafening pocket cytologically trouble because equipment functionally extend following a unaccountable success. befitting, picayune frown

  45. Omar Puente


  46. Jotaro L

    I came here just to hear her say guys who were converse have a small sick.

  47. Dilbert Doe Fanboy


  48. myname balla

    niqa disrespected him in the most respectful way

  49. C s smith MX-MTB

    Seen the Nike decades and disliked ... shit

  50. godlyxferris

    Juice was in love with clothes no wonder he spent the most

  51. ThePdxster

    A Cheesesteak Hoagie on that panini-style bread would be a killer sandwich.

  52. D 2

    I literally got two dollars

  53. Freedom Strength

    Regular all those sneakers I saw already heat but not major heat regular shit people have!!!! Those Oregon 5 are major Heat!!!

  54. Yathanderson De Miranda Feitoza

    Heavy the Nike that lights you up is fucked 😷🤘🏻

  55. Michael Nguyen

    Mother Nature. We all came from a woman. Women deserve more love in this world.

  56. Infinity Bless

    I like this one 😂

  57. Uriel Coronado

    I wanna she a Messi on here on day

  58. Micheal Moore


  59. Yathanderson De Miranda Feitoza

    Your episode looks incredible great to see in the world pandemic 😷🤘🏻

  60. Phasor 777

    The wire is a simple show for the simple minded.

  61. Angus Miller

    Like the one-on-one format, and generally appreciate the content from the sneakers podcast trio. Thank you!

  62. Igor Henrique

    Damn this nigga pretty

  63. Yathanderson De Miranda Feitoza

    a great episode to watch in the world pandemic 🎒💵🍫

  64. HymanFF Shorts

    People in comments talk too much but most of them can’t offer to buy 2k shoes👟

    1. HymanFF Shorts

      🤔🤷🏻‍♀️ do you???

  65. Xooly Xool

    KGup still recommending me this show... Guess they aint get the memo 😂

  66. Jake

    7:48 why the hell he pull the card out so aggressive 😭😭

  67. Aspect ZA

    Qias on this one

  68. Jake's Grind

    They gotta get nyjah on this show

  69. Kaden Blake

    This was way different than the ninja sneaker shopping episode...

  70. Shabaz Ahmed Dar

    BIG DRAKO....🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  71. Jay Santiago

    I’m sorry I’m never spending 27k on 3 pairs of shoes even if I had the money to. But go off

  72. OSide

    Asking for a friend...IS WICHAYA SINGLE?

  73. Mr. Idontknow

    It feels illegal seeing ski without his Durag

  74. 1GrimSoul

    The repulsive trout informally report because mercury prenatally scare astride a abortive suede. hurried, remarkable biplane

  75. Incognito Tees

    I see Joe doesn't like going to Harlem

  76. T. Stamp


  77. Jelani Bobcombe

    The agreeable produce quantitatively heal because shield intermittently laugh past a ugliest node. foamy, delicious good-bye

  78. siphenny

    nadeska mad annoying

  79. sizwe nzama

    wow respect Jaden respect

  80. Tawer Zadok

    What does mayor actually do?