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  1. Linda mcphee

    "This video is brought to you by Homelite, the only product that could take care of all your home and lawncare needs."

  2. David H Kopelic

    T fk em all you do you . The dumb just don't know . Everyone remembers your worngs , some how can't ever remember your rights in life

  3. Josh Rhoades5

    Lmao nasa is a huge lie. Earth is flat You should be a flat man

  4. ah64D beast

    Production gold

  5. Mike Monaco

    Raise your hand if you had any say in the color of the skin you were born into? We’re all God’s creation and intelligently made in his image and Love ❤️ Dr. King beautifully quoted scripture time and again cementing that it is our personal character that really Matters - Melanin Tone & Content is just a pigment that befalls us based on chance. We’re all of the imperfect Human Race but ransomed by the torture & death sacrifice of Jesus and as such, must live in harmony. The sins & errors of our world’s white antecedents are many generations removed from our white brothers of today. America’s unique resolve in equality for all came at a very heavy cost of life into our present day melting pot of the richest concentration of successful Americans of all colors unparalleled anywhere in the world. God Bless America and thank you Tom for the courage in calling all forms of racism out!

  6. Adub

    I bet this fridays song will be a beat that is made by Tom. At the end of the last verse he’ll announce it 😤 just showing how you all clout chase

  7. psychaholic 66

    I still regret jail and probation twice

    1. psychaholic 66

      Nothing like being locked up while your trying to get bail, then your fan says nah

  8. Christopher Marrs

    This is the stuff of legend.

  9. psychaholic 66

    Mad child speaks truth. From honestly

    1. psychaholic 66

      When you fuck up and learn, it's a day to remember

    2. psychaholic 66

      I was the bad dude years ago. Regret it, and spent time behind bars.

  10. Brokenslipper

    "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness."

  11. R

    Kick some ass Tom 🤘😊🤘

  12. thriftyguy mcgee

    Goosebumps brother Goosebumps .. fuck yea Friday

  13. unkowonldn unkowonidn

    symbolism will be there downfall