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  1. Noah Thomas

    Please do anyone by justin bieber

  2. proudsabrina

    react to Sabrina Carpenter - Skin please!!

  3. proudsabrina

    react to Sabrina Carpenter - Skin please!!

  4. proudsabrina

    react to Sabrina Carpenter - Skin please!!

  5. Altea Delight

    hey ! not sure if you still take suggestions but if you do you should react to Wilbur Soot’s album Your City Gave Me Asthma ! it’s amazing and it’s not professionally produced which i think helps portray the emotions and messages into the album very well !

  6. Madalina Ichim Gabriela

    V and Jimin's voices are so unique, like u can tell when it's them in the songs

  7. Kylie F

    I know he wrote it about his ex friend or whatever but he still chose to release it right after drivers license which is pretty sus ngl

  8. Natalia Morrison

    Watch “Skin” by Sabrina Carpenter

  9. Lara Curotto

    Make one vídeo of an álbum of the killers

  10. Leslie Montalvo

    Yes! You you should definitely do all of our alternative Kings and Queens!

  11. / / /\ / /_

    any chance of a reaction to grimes - miss anthropocene? 🥺

  12. Insiya Mustafa

    Okay so Harry's fave song is put a little love on me and Liams is This town ... I mean 😶😏

  13. Meenakshi Bishariya

    I absolutely love this song

  14. Isa Santos

    Now react "Skin" by Sabrina Carpenter!!!!!! YOU HAVE TO!

  15. Fiona Ringgani

    mans just predicted the whole song

  16. Arianna Christensen

    You need to react to skin by sabrina carpenter it's the other point of view of drivers license and lie lie lie

    1. Isa Santos


    2. Isa Santos


    3. Isa Santos


  17. Cecilia Van Ness

    I don’t know why but I think she needs a colab with Ed Sheeran.

  18. Alice L

    15:09 The way I literally SCREAMED when he said the Bruno Mars thing. Thought I was crazy when I just kept thinking about how ✨Bruno Mars✨ this song feels. My head was screaming when I was your man after every second of the song. Looove it.

  19. Sam george Antony

    i never saw the real song because i like olivia more so i saw this but the song was good but nah i wont see it 😏🙈🙈🙈

  20. Elise Collins

    React to Skin by Sabrina

  21. Insiya Mustafa

    Can I just say .. Ur reaction to put a little love on me ..made me cry ... Tysm

  22. Jerusha Jaison

    react to skin by sabrina carpenter

  23. Tima zee

    Yes he sang in Urdu....the language used in Pakistan

  24. fany

    you like chanyeol's rap? you should hear mark lee from nct (that's a reaaally hip hop influenced group from the same company)

  25. fany

    shinee?? SHINEE????? YES REACT TO CRIMINAL AND THE ALBUM NEVER GONNA DANCE AGAIN, please youre gonna love it

  26. JohnElvis Clark

    And Gucci give him great clothes to wear plus he is really emotional

  27. JohnElvis Clark

    thats a expensive Gucci shirt he is wearing and about 2500 dollars of rings he is so talented to i have heard this song about 100 times I cry everytime

  28. Jerika Hipolito

    Please do skin by Sabrina carpenter now since you did Livs & Josh’s🤯

  29. Madeline M

    react to skin by sabrina carpenter

  30. Insiya Mustafa

    Tbh I wanted this soo much .. I was just gonna comment it n I found thankyouuuuu

  31. sander Locsin

    Please react to KZ Tandingan singing '' Say Something'' on Singer 2018 held in China. Thank you.

  32. Hannah


  33. Ashlyn Buchanan

    React to Sabrina carpenter skin

  34. D.M.C Girls

    Outside, Tightrope, and Sweat❤️❤️❤️ >>>

  35. Nika S.

    i love how you can so easily predict the song as it goes, you have talent !

  36. Brandon Jones

    do sabrinas new song. Skin

  37. adeline z


  38. kanishk mehto

    In tightrope song the language is urdu/hindi language it is tribute to great indian singer Mohammed Rafi

  39. Nadeem Kaboo

    Best reaction video ever🔥🔥👍👍

  40. Jerry Johnson

    Bro react to marshmello demi lovato song "ok not to be ok"☺

  41. Iuxuriious


  42. Amorzolo Hollero


  43. Calista Kinney

    They wrote and produced the entire album themselves!

  44. nina pinter

    hi i'm gonna need you to do a reaction of skin by sabrina carpenter thank you. it's a response to drivers license.

  45. Thea Holm

    react to skin by sabrina carpenter

  46. md.rejwanahmed efam

    This is what happens when 2 legends come together

  47. Paridhi Ranka

    The language is Urdu and Hindi in Tightrope

  48. Nina Nguyen

    ok but now you need to listen to skin by: Sabrina Carpenter!

  49. Vins Sings

    The bridge is a cartoon tune

  50. Vernon Seventeen


  51. Vernon Seventeen

    please react to skins by sabrina carpenter

  52. M Pol

    Pease react to Madonna. She’s the one and only and her best music is bar and beyond anything the current girls are putting out

  53. zaying Hui

    You know it’s a good ass song when your on a 20 video streak of reactions lmao

  54. Marcos Alvarez

    Blake bro i really love u but please listen yo Jesy's live vocals and u will see that she doesn't use autotune. Her voice is that great❤️

  55. ABMarianne

    I’m obsessed with this song and I want so bad an album

  56. 지용이랑쏘닝

    kgup.info/get/lqmNgauvlJqUopk/video 👉🏻I made Jenny's personal KGup. 😄😄😄💚❣️💚 kgup.info/get/aHCHc5iSf2lnam4/video 👉🏻 Lisa's latest dance practice.🤟🏻 kgup.info/get/c6KVaqWpnGmPZZk/video 👉🏻JENNIE🟠 When Will My Life Begin 🟠

  57. Rynah

    Pls do sabrina carpenter

  58. Me m

    Fun fact Louis wrote most of one directions songs

  59. jocelyn mendham

    hay can you react to Sabrina carpenter’s new song “skin” i think it’s a response to driver’s license and maybe lie lie lie thanks

  60. Media Mirror

    actually in tightrope song of zayn there is al old famous HINDI indian song

  61. Lexi Haynes

    One of my fav reactions 🤍

  62. Mason Mas

    fake reaction

    1. HuNG

      me when i am reacting to yummy

  63. Vaibhavi's singing

    Lime lights there are good times and the bad times.

  64. Reijohn RamosSagun

    No sawayama? Bye

  65. Jeon Jungkook

    I love the comments section. Thank you for loving our angel Jimin

  66. S

    Okay you have really cool smile

  67. Cyrel Magallanes

    Hi Blake! Can you please react to The Rose they are incredible K-Band, please check them out ;)

  68. Andre Muñoz


  69. Shelby Ortega

    time to do sabrinas song “skin” now 😃

  70. lina yahya

    Zayn is speaking urdu in tightrope

  71. Andre Muñoz

    Please react more of Selena Gomez music

  72. Sarah Azalea

    I'm so glad you enjoyed this song! I watched his whole live show and it was absolutely amazing! Louis is so talented and an incredible songwriter <3

  73. Adeline Charish Wahyunin 0914014

    Don't forget where you belong makes me cry for multiple reasons. One of them being it reminds me of Zouis's friendship :")

  74. hinata ganados

    Hi! Please react to a Ppop group called SB19 with their KGup fanfest 2020 performance. Thank you so much and here's the link: kgup.info/get/hn16c6vDn5mtnmo/video

  75. Keegan Barth

    You should react to AJR. You could do their song BANG! or one of their whole albums. Their production is insane and I’m pretty sure they produce all of their music

  76. Adeline Charish Wahyunin 0914014

    Noone : Me when he was explaining You and I : waits patiently for Zayn's highote

  77. Sharma

    The language in tightrope is hindi(urdu)

  78. Adeline Charish Wahyunin 0914014

    I love how he wrote the "I love KFC" in the title haha

  79. Sharma

    Tightrope is fab..

  80. Sarah Azalea

    I love your top three! Harry, BTS, and Niall are very deserving of the love! <3