Self-taught contortionist, hand balancer, aerialist. 2016 America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer Contestant \u0026 FINALIST\n\nBookings/Inquries: [email protected]

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  1. Keating Killelea

    That intro tho... Zak’s a good singer. He should go on the Voice. I’m not even kidding tho

  2. Reina Merino

    Who is watching this in 2021

  3. Genesis Ortiz

    Sofie should spend 24 hours in doms 🏠

  4. Paige Berlo

    sofie did a good job

  5. Mckayla Powers

    I love sofies hair

  6. Keating Killelea


  7. Keating Killelea

    6:24 just the one tooth is

  8. Rama Akoum

    Sofi i think you shold be with dom

  9. khemar Fairclough

    Her spine can bend that far because she is flexible

  10. khemar Fairclough

    So she has a spine

  11. khemar Fairclough

    So her spine is there but her spine can bend that far

  12. Blue wolf gacha studio

    I will love a shout out plllllllllllllleas

  13. Glenda Miciano

    love the hair so much

  14. khemar Fairclough

    Her spine is bendable

  15. Sxnflxwerr Gxcha

    I think it’s SPICY SATURDAY!!! Dis is kinda cringe y did I do dis-

  16. Lily Harrell

    I’m doing contortion for 24 hours

  17. Maia Martinez

    Yes their dating💝💞💌💛💜

  18. Awa Sow

    Dom: what’s poppin Me: don’t mind me just watchin waaaait you get it? I’m watching a KGup video? *sigh* I’ll always have the baddest jokes.

  19. Martin McGary

    That pepper is so fake

  20. yessica valle



    when ben ate that mayonnaise it just started smelling like mayonnaise 😣🤢🤮

  22. andrew persaud


  23. Random Stuff

    My mom used to always ask me if your friend told you to jump off a bridge would you do it, sofie has clearly just answer this question

  24. Sarah Wang

    I wish I was as flexible as Sofie! I watch her on Ellen her channel and America’s Got Talent! I LOVE HER!!!!

  25. Rosemonde Gelin

    Ohhhhh sofie an dom on a date I want see them date

  26. Lila H

    Why did he have to be such a part pooper

  27. #Meleana Reynolds

    I subscribed

  28. Omar nawrani

    kyla: shouldnt u do camera left? dom: wait wait whatt doms mind : NOOOO MY LIFE I S OVERRRR

  29. Audrey Adams

    bro Sofie the shoes are so much better then before I want them so bad

  30. Infinite Cosplay

    Me: yeah this is fair Me half way in: wait this is rigged-

  31. Cynthia

    OMG 😃 is sofie dossi

  32. Sophia Gomez

    Dom your such a third she'll oml ✌🏼🙄

  33. Nessa Allen

    you did this on my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Ron Bechen

    Dom and Sofie makes Dofie

  35. Breana Huang

    i can do the 1st one and 3rd one and 4th these are easy for me but the 2nd one is too dangerous

  36. Katherine Clooney

    I know right

  37. Kayla Jiang

    No one: Literally No one: Jake: iS oNiOn a fRUiT?

  38. Disney Edits

    Dom: pushes Ben over* Also Dom: "I like don't know why I did that" 9:20 Me: We all know why you did that

  39. The single Boy

    Sophie I love your videos and I hope you can send me 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻please

  40. Laurren Helman


  41. Yassin Ceesay

    She has a spine because she said I have a spine then zzzzz then said that what happed to he spine

  42. Allie grace Carter

    Y’all I don’t know if y’all saw it to but when dom looked in the basement a finger popped out comment on this if you did.

  43. The single Boy

    I love you Sophie do you are oh so amazing and you're so flexible and trying to try and gymnast but I couldn't😷🤧🤢 😩😫😖😩😖🤢

  44. The single Boy

    Sophie I tried to look you up I got it this is the only video I could watch

  45. The single Boy

    Sophie I love your videos and I like when somebody always helps you up when you're feeling always down

  46. The single Boy

    Hi so hi Sophia I really wanted to fly with you but I can't

  47. Quincy Jarvis

    The I’m rich line got me so bad

  48. Mary Cleary

    Did they literally just walk into Brents house like It was nothing.😂


    I looooooove sour!!!!!😜🤤

  50. Linda B664


  51. Layan Jaghoub


  52. EthanC 123

    0:08 a hammer head shark was in the water

  53. Brucene Beaudoin


  54. Eden Brown

    What if that was zach going around the camera

  55. Ayesha Kathrada

    Slap zak

  56. Nicole Williams

    # Slaya

  57. maddie

    Anyone in 2021👋

  58. Nicole Williams

    Hahahahahahaha I love how Sofie woke up Zak

  59. Layan Jaghoub

    I had one but it was very very sick so we bring her to a shelter😵😭

  60. Olivia T

    Sofie: “ if I were to change into any animal it would be... air” Me: laughing my head off😂😂😂

  61. violet barry

    Spencer is a great beat-boxer and sofie and Zak are great at playing gutiar

  62. Magicland Find out

    Sophie you are crazy I do not like snakes

  63. Salina Merrihew

    He is so cute

  64. Zobigoulael K


  65. Jocelyne Jean-Baptiste


    1. Jocelyne Jean-Baptiste


  66. Fatima Almusafri

    Tt you look like a girl 😘😍 💋😘

  67. Tena Marija Miletic

    She kinda looks like Lexi R.

  68. Blake Mundy


  69. AvaxAidan Plays


  70. natalie fitzgerald

    sofie won

  71. Dhillon Fulivai

    RIP the Christmas tree

  72. Erika Arroyo

    Sofie: *touches “tampons” * Dom: Don’t touch them! Sofie: *Devastated* So many parts of this video that r my favorite 😂😂

  73. Rand Albziai

    Intro:You done sweeping the floor with your hair?👩‍🦰🧹

  74. Nicole Williams


  75. Elizabeth Baez

    i swear Sofie's coffee mug was moving itself

  76. Sharnie Bewley Oconnell

    I did

  77. Samaira Mundhra

    $10,000 shoes right here

  78. Angelise Flagler-Glass

    i cant stop watching

  79. Jerry Cesar Silva

    you wasted some good shoes😭

  80. Jasmine Moonlight

    t if you think of it Zak went to go out side and based on where the lighting is the shadow from Zak cant even be there it would have to be behind her so this is not fake at all!