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  1. Charles A

    Really enjoyed the "RAW" format

  2. Austin Milan

    Hey Kyle, just ordered a pro tour for my skeeter, was wondering how you like yours?

  3. BPack943

    Went back and watched the video again would love to see a new one with some Slow motion during the casts. Great stuff. Great Job at your last Tournament I see you holdin that Blue Trophy soon. Tight lines BTW. Where Can I order an Ace jig? [email protected]

    1. Kyle Welcher

      Untamed tackle website

  4. Bubba Perry

    Just be you! Jumping up and screaming don’t make you break dancing on your boat. Good way to get a hook in your back. Me personally don’t like all that junk. If I want to see someone act stupid I’ll watch politicians. Thanks for act like a grown up.

  5. Barely Floats

    I plan on taking my boat to rodmin for the first time in a couple weeks, any advice???

  6. Louisiana G

    They better respect the hustle you bringing. I wholeheartedly hope you catch a sabine river 6 pounder tomorrow and jump up spots and win this thing man

  7. MrRanger518

    Good luck tomorrow go bust you another big bag!!

  8. Larry Judd

    Great job on Saturday! Positioned yourself... this is how you fish! Git-sum!

  9. pp Matched_

    I just saw ypu drive by in your truck i knew i had to sub

  10. Ryan Williams

    Bro you just wrecked em in the past few hrs on Sabine - NICE - 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  11. JOSH dmax

    Hell of of dude.. keep it up Kyle u going places..thanks for info..

  12. K4x4 Map

    you know you are the heat when you can end your own video with self analysis! shades came off I'm like hold up roll it back is that him?! yeah man thanks for the video! fundamentals excellent word choice! ping pong, tennis, racquetball and slap dat ask me another question your wrists seems to be a key factor no?

  13. Jeffery Maddox Fishing

    Kyle, So glad for you that you made top 15 today at Sabine. Keep grinding buddy hoping for the best.

  14. Bass Fishing all year with Keith

    You crushed it Kyle! Great job!

  15. Louisiana G


  16. Tyler Broadway

    Love the recap! Love the vids





  19. Zack Lee

    cant wait to see what you do at Sabine I have fished there twice and struggled to say the least

  20. Musky Hunter

    Bass power couple

  21. johnny weaver

    You the man kyle, that was good thinking on the depth of the crankbait for where fish was before the water rose up also thanks for the break down of the baits you used, myself I don't have much confidence with swimbaits or swimjigs I know they work cause I've caught fish with them, I'd guess it's cause I don't use them much👍

  22. Larry Judd

    Do u. Tomorrow man

  23. Marc Rehg

    Keep truckin buddy......The big W is coming......I have the faith........

  24. Musky Bites

    John Crews, sponsor this man!!!

  25. Ben

    Help her out! She’s gotta make that content!

  26. Jerry Valentour

    I get excited for you, the best at you.

  27. Jake Horton

    Good vid man. Did you say crews owns missile ikn he works with them. Man keep stacking them bags im going to make a gamble and run the river this sunday.


    Good luck bro! Ya might have to slow tha pace down on tha Sabine but I think you gonna do well!!

  29. Shawn Wheeler

    Thanks Kyle for telling me about Striker Bass Club Promo! My club got accepted and we are so pumped! You are the MAN! Good luck and keep moving up that LEADER BOARD!

    1. Kyle Welcher

      That’s awesome !

  30. David Meadows

    Good Luck 🐳🐳

  31. Family & Fins

    What happen to you and K9? I still use that line I love it.

  32. Kenny Haworth

    Don’t change Bass fishing needs you to be you

  33. Rich Shackelford

    Great recap Kyle, Hunter you are a great Director

  34. Bobby Swain

    Awesome stuff man.........catch em good on the Sabine

  35. Richard Blake

    What a day Kyle! You are on the road.

  36. James Mims

    Good luck Kyle. Sabine will give up 4s on a regular basis. Lots of bites most days. It’s full of fish out of Toledo Bend.

  37. Greg Hiday

    Good Luck tomorrow and the next days. Catch 14 a day and you will be up there.

  38. James Mims

    Dude you in my back yard this weekend. Hopefully get time to make weigh in Saturday. Make the cut pls would love to meet you

  39. Ed Smith


  40. William Wheaton

    Hey good luck at the Sabine! But don’t hate on Ike he was my hero growing up! Disappointed he’s not fishing this year!! Good luck brother! I really think this derby sets up for the way you like to fish! You are on track to get you a W!!

  41. Kayak Angler

    Good luck on the S

  42. Rick Hensley

    Good Luck on the Sabine!!

  43. Jason Long

    Gl tomorrow

  44. Cheez miller

    Hope you win it at sabine. Good luck

  45. Thomas Hardwick

    Nice video and great last tournament. Good luck on the this next one. Keep pushing and doing u and get those AOY points as well getting that first win.

  46. David Schultz

    I look forward to seeing you hoist one of those blue trophy’s one day. I love your videos and your one of my favorite guys to watch on tour.

  47. Kenneth Roth

    That's how tac won the classic in 2004 by flipping crankbaits around laydowns in rising water

  48. Darryl Coats

    I love the recap. You can be excited lighting a cigar with one hand and holding a cold one in the other after You win the Classic this year. Hunter Good job on the interview and behind the camera. #justdontsuck

  49. TRICOTS5279 TRICOTS5279

    Gotta love your work ethic ...hard workin, fish catchin machine !!! We are wishing you the best at Sabine and hope lots of bigguns cooperate from start to finish !!! Hunter continues to do a great job with videos and makes Team Welcher great to follow !!! Would like to see you include a little discussion about how you are using your electronics and the role they play. We will be watching Basstrakk and Bassmaster Live while we cheer your catches !!!

  50. Tyler Platts

    My dude!! Good luck

  51. Cody Knight

    How was Ray Roberts the other day. I saw you at Jordan. Couldn't say 👋 . Did you catch?

  52. Mark Eustice

    Good luck Kyle!

  53. Scott Clark

    Good luck on Sabine,great recap of a great finish,went out and did what you had to do,keep grinding its coming

  54. Lance Mabry

    Catch em up at the Sabine bud. Any other color besides green pumpkin swim jig until after spawn when white kicks off good? And put some bend n that bill man lol

  55. Jim Hardy

    Good job at Pickwick & good luck at Sabine

  56. Hampton Shull

    Good luck tommorow hope you win, any suggestions for what to do on clarkshill GA/SC for the next couple weeks?

    1. Dustin Snipes

      Hit rocky points with top water. Herring spawn is about to happen

  57. Hunting and Fishing TV

    Love the video keep it up bud

  58. V1YmP3R

    Saw you in my hometown of Orange, hope you catch some hogs. Good luck brother

  59. Alabama Outdoors

    gotta love harding home lake and its funny we dont have many giants in there we call 2 pounders good ones🤣🤣

  60. wolfsbloodny

    Daaaammmnnn! 24 pound bag!!

  61. Tim Davis

    Nice job. Keep up the good work.

  62. Denning12591

    Nice Bag!

  63. Jake Horton

    Yes sir make it work guy. Good work man

  64. Nolan Minor

    One of those days! They really should know better than to eat your swim jig

  65. Ian Bond

    Nice work. I've heard a lot of guys say that mixing your epoxy on foil gets you some extra working time.

  66. Tim McC

    Riding the Welcher train for fantasy fishing! Good luck down there.

  67. oldtimer259

    Love ur vids, fishing and not a lot wasted talking. Goond

  68. Mary Brown

    dunno where you have that rear camera mounted but it picks up a crap ton of noise

  69. Adam Freeman

    Now that is how you sack em! Great day three there...definitely a good confidence builder for the Sabine!

  70. Austin Portales

    Good finish man!

  71. brutal brutus

    2nd biggest bag on day3...💪🏻

  72. Scott Trent

    Congratulations on a great job. God Bless you all

  73. the wild onions


  74. John Magana

    Get it boyyyyy ye ye!!!

  75. Steven Bernard

    I wish you made it to the final round. I really enjoy watching your videos. That spinner bait still works catches them pretty much everywhere, easy to throw and covers alot of water.

  76. Get the Net

    Just great living through you watching these videos! Awesome day congratulations.

  77. M Jones

    I gotta feeling you're going to be able the do you on the Sabine river, fast and shallow. Get it done



  79. Mike Patterson

    It was fun to watch you sticking them. Great come back !

  80. C DeanFish

    Smoked them jokers!! I won that bfl you fished on the co!! Every fish I caught was a good one!!