1. Giovanni Sanchez

    Yayyyyy Roddy ricch is back

  2. Its Kgaming

    0:42 who is that😋

  3. blue green


  4. Emilio Pausado . Official


  5. ʏᴜɴɢ ᴀʀᴄʜɪᴛ

    Ngl Dugg killed his verse tho

  6. Aramis Dennard

    42 sound like a Florida rapper

  7. Restrd Coil

    How tf I been hearing this for 2 weeks and this already my faverate

  8. Matthew Merchant

    Scorpion f*ck ninjas

  9. Mahdi Chami

    this song is crazy

  10. Ethan Muelrath

    Who thinks this song is so fricken lit 🔥 Teacher “who has something to share?” That one kid “I was doing 200 in the Ferrari and got a ticket!” Teacher “how do your have a Ferrari at 14 years old?” That one kid “I stole the car from my dad and I CRASHED the car into the tree and left it in Mexico!” Teacher “ok?” That one kid “bye!”

  11. Leon Andrews

    “Steve will do it “got me here ‼️‼️‼️ Nelk Boyzz‼️‼️

  12. Aramis Dennard

    42 snappedddd

  13. Rahab and Ratemo


  14. Bacon__ SteezBurger

    It seems like Roddy been on this earth more than a few times. He’s got that wise af, extra old soul vibe heavy af.

  15. Tyler pace

    Bro don't ever disrespect Detroit fucking rodney rich is trash!!! 42 doing his thing. Detroit.v.s.Everybody

  16. Andrew Brown

    the flow switch at roddys verse is soo lit i swear

  17. syncerecredentials

    So we gon ignore how 42 took Kamaiyah whole flow 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  18. Laura R

    Fr This Right Here ?! This Right Here ?! Slaps ♟🧨❤️‍🔥💦

  19. pererikxftwx

    Love that they used scorpions in the intro!! All my 80s rockers out there!

  20. Lil Robert

    I sit by da sea side I throw it up 2k times 💪🏽💯

  21. Lil Robert

    Killer collab💪🏽hur b4 10 milly😤

  22. Ÿüñg Błøød


  23. Davon new iPhone channel Tripp

    What is the song in the background

  24. Yvette S

    Intro and beat hard af

  25. Nathan Sedgwick


  26. Jose Cruz

    This song is soooooo under raited.

  27. kandi reese

    42 duggs part was the best part

  28. Damian FN

    Name a better song in 2021

  29. Wavy The Don

    Yeah burning that confederate flag 🔥🤧

  30. Mr. Ignorance

    Simple emoji 🔥

  31. cxco lxco

    the beat is hard asf 🦋

  32. MrKB

    This was so good you guys did awesome

  33. Smile Her

    This shi ass

  34. Iris Caldera

    It’s crazy how nobody talks about it but I listen to it wit my cousin 24/7

  35. Ernestronika Luis Ernesto Gonzalez Villota

    Here...!!! Choose me and help me, please... Take me with you, o/ 17/05/2021

  36. Mark Mattyb

    42 gives me Too Short vibes.

  37. Assassinz

    Roddy did good but Dugg popped off

  38. Assassinz

    Been bumping this shit

  39. john cena

    this is straight fire

  40. Jk josh

    i thought he said that "why you never hump at night i told ive been sttin" 🤣

  41. Ethan Muelrath

    Who thinks that WE ALL need this song so we don’t call the Sucid hot line numbers?

  42. Brandon Smith

    God this collab is fuckin gas

  43. Tahchi Ryan

    this song so slept on

    1. paul

      Yea 2 million in 2 weeks sure is slept on 😅

  44. loopy nubwol

    roddy rich verse hit hard and that beginning beat ouuu that shit hit so hard this whole song is just fireeee this better blow up because its so good

  45. Asder

    every nigga forcing themself to dance knowing its a midass song: 2:52

  46. Sarah Maxwell

    😭😭 this slept on ngl🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. Preston Powell

    Who vibing to this in 1969?

  48. jarett boldin

    This sucks

  49. William Johnson

    Gang anthrax

  50. Tiara Mills


  51. Cj Hedges

    Should not burn the confederate flag for one it’s not racist it’s the southern colonies it has much meaning as the American flag

  52. Daniel Germanov

    this is soooo fireee

  53. Dewald Willemse

    Fucking lit

  54. Ben Cooney

    Dugg carried

  55. Canal Penetra

    lanço a braba meu mano RR, ta porra

  56. kari shoraga

    Bro 42 u fire

  57. john fou

    This sample is fire!!! Would love to hear more stuff like this in 2021! :)

  58. Yeet God

    Everybody be talkin bout what everyone be talkin about. Stfu and listen to the music god damn bro

  59. Kendall Hearns

    Roddy miss

  60. India Love

    When that beat drop 🤭🔥

  61. JAMI

    We’re all strangers coming closer

  62. JAMI

    2 short niggas...

  63. Octavio Arenas


  64. NooLuck

    ✨ big 4 gang ✨

  65. Dan DuPree

    Waiting for Young Thug to hop on the remix.

  66. Mother's who Empower other Mother's!


  67. Juan

    The Confederate flag burning the background was perfect...

  68. Jędrek Zając

    [Intro: Scorpions with 42 Dugg] You I can't wait for the nights with you I imagine the things we'll do [Verse 1: 42 Dugg & Scorpions] Ain't nothin' plain on me, nigga, four chains on me (I just want to be loved by you) I ain't trippin' 'bout that ho, nigga, she came on me I got a bitch from the West, she'll suck a nigga soft Bitch from the East, she'll fuck a nigga dawgs (No one like-) Still playin' with that raw even though I got a deal Had to get up out the city, I just got a nigga killed Pause, I'm lyin', kinda, still sippin' out the Fanta OxyContin and Opanas, I want four-two for each Niggas upped Lou for free, that's my nigga, come and kick it Mister still'll serve the city, I'm the reason it's some chicken Why the fuck you in the kitchen tryna turn one? Daire quit pullin' on thе blender 'fore you burn somе Baby say she want a real nigga, but she don't get it Why you ain't never up at night? I told you I been sippin' Still go harder for my niggas, wish I could bring you back Turntest in the city, white lows, blue flags Know I keep two flags on bang I just dropped a Urus for the gang Catch me in the city, young nigga, four chains Signed to CMG, still in the dope game I don't swipe propane, really got it out the mud Big 4 Gang, catch me ridin' with the thugs And I got it on my own, ain't nobody helped me Remain humble, sell crack to dope fiends You can't "Lil' bro" me, bitch, I really got a check 42 in this shit, I be really on that Put the city on my back, still remember hard times 2018 was the year my dawg died [Chorus: 42 Dugg & Roddy Ricch] Pull up in frog eyes, yeah nigga, we winning Amiris on low, if not, wheat Timbs Me and 42 pullin' up, twin Bentleys Peanut butter seats, all my windows tinted Know I keep two flags on bang I just dropped a Urus for the gang Tied from the D to LA Always keep it a hunnid K [Verse 2: Roddy Ricch] Number one nigga, but they're never gon' admit it I was doin' two-hundred in the 'Rari and got a ticket Every time they see me, they say they ain't seen me in a minute Probably fuckin' on your bitches, probably runnin' up the digits Forgiato wheels, both lanes Floor mats say a nigga name Interrogation, feds tried to put us on the board, never identified All my niggas always gettin' dough, it's always chicken time I got niggas in the box, gon' call me collect I got model bitches that be tryna call me for sex And you know what they say, "If it ain't directed, then don't respect it" You see 'em out in public, they gon' act like they never said it I see by the C-side, I throw it up two times And your nigga got a gangster card, he bought it off Groupon One of the young niggas that be gettin' love in the city From the hub to the dub in the tub, fuck with me [Chorus: 42 Dugg & Roddy Ricch] Pull up in frog eyes, yeah nigga, we winning Amiris on low, if not, wheat Timbs Me and 42 pullin' up, twin Bentleys Peanut butter seats, all my windows tinted Know I keep two flags on bang I just dropped a Urus for the gang Tied from the D to LA Always keep it a hunnid K

  69. Gatete Alfred

    Best To Be First Man

  70. Soulz

    Yoooo wtf this shit is FKNNN LITTTTTT 💯💯

  71. Dragon - MusicHk

    In 10 years this will be a classic

  72. Dragon - MusicHk

    Roddy just keeps getting better

  73. Pelon Garza

    I don’t fuck with roddys part it would be way better if 42 sang it all

  74. Joseph Human

    I was slappin the song before I saw the video. #joseph_the_human

  75. Dicey

    This beat and flow go hard

  76. India Love

    Duggie such a vibe ♥️🔥

  77. Anti Banks

    I’m proud too be from detroit thanks 42 x ricch

  78. ɪɴꜱᴀɴᴇ ʏᴛ


  79. ImBreexe