Michelle Khare is a content creator, host, and actress with over 170 million views across her social media channels. A former professional cyclist, Michelle lives life to the extreme by taking on intense physical and mental challenges. Each week on her channel, Michelle documents her raw, unfiltered journey into a new community. Over the course of her videos, you'll see her train with NASA astronauts, compete in a Miss USA beauty pageant, and even join a clowning troupe. Michelle sets out to prove that with enough hard work, perseverance, and failure, anything is possible.
Michelle is the host of HBO Max’s adventure competition show Karma, set to air in June 2020.
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  1. Sophie Dawkins

    i'm never doing ballet because i'm not confident in my body i have a good amount of flexibility and very good strength but its the confidence that is the main factor

  2. steve0432

    Love your true happiness Michelle! Wishing you both a wonderful life together. Congratulations!!!

  3. Sophie Dawkins

    bich no talking bad about yourself your amazing you're no disappointment

  4. aya chrakoua

    hi i have a CHALENGE trie to be a baybe siter XD

  5. hinata shoyo

    Good job you did your best!!!😊😊😊😊😍😍😍😍

  6. jenna balls

    11:03 thats my dad!

  7. Owen Thiele

    She will be able to say fbi open up lucky!

  8. Maverick Natasha


  9. Duc Nhu

    I love u girl

  10. Tiffani Huffman

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  11. Charlotte Ann Clapham

    “2020 will be our best year yet” Coronavirus Kobe and Gigi Fires Riots Aliens Elections Deaths “Yeah our best year yet 😃”

  12. Brick Assault Productions

    I tried the Grimm Reaper Academy I hope that's the next one

  13. lmk lmk

    Which sword was your favorite from this compilation? Comment any swords not listed below! Watch it now: histv.co/2Vd3Wk3

  14. lmk lmk

    Which sword was your favorite from this compilation? Comment any swords not listed below! Watch it now: histv.co/2Vd3Wk3

  15. Tiffani Huffman

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  16. James Cassarini

    I wonder if republican or Democrat is her party?

  17. kenna ladawn

    Yes, beauty pageants are expensive but once you get the main costs of dresses, swimsuits, and shoes, you use that in every pageant. Every pageant is not going to cost you as much as the first one because you already have the necessities.

  18. Sapna Paul

    You were so inspiring 🙌 Love you Michelle ❤️❤️❤️

  19. græc

    now try chinese classical dance

  20. riley johnston

    Do become a graphic artist or sculptor


    When a model trains better than you oof

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  24. Karen Mertle

    you know? i always thought marriage is stupid. the wedding, the expectations...but this made me straight up cry. i hope you two have a happy marriage!!!<3

  25. jordan is gey

    Plot twist: she is already part of the FBI but this is a cover up to cover up her cover even more

  26. Stephanie Hebert

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  27. ola

    They didn't know what 2020 is like XDDDD

  28. Izzy Deweese

    Omg I love near There I heard 👁👄👁

  29. Vanha lehtikuvaaja

    Something more about a real finnish sauna. kgup.info/get/qn6gnqmra2mDrHc/video

  30. reconnecting

    OMG like Michelle you are just beautiful you should model like. don't say you're not pretty girl yo would be lying your ass of than

  31. •Emma•

    KGuprs today: don't laugh challenge Michelle: marine boot camp for 3 days challenge

  32. cyyus gamer

    When he said No No No square i tought about mully/the bois

  33. Raymond Woods

    An esports athlete? I've played video games my entire time, there's no such thing as a video game athlete. But I love that she tried this out though. Really cool.

  34. Daune Jarvis

    No no don't touch me there this is my no no square

  35. tweethu sweety

    Dadi ma’s’ voice is like asmr

  36. Ayesha

    What’s the song ? At 24:04

  37. abc cba

    She actually looks hotter than the Victoria model...

  38. Carter rides Out

    Me with the pepper spray nah fam I have a tribute to make I am doing it on my YT

  39. Evelyn Thomas

    Her talking about the kitchen and its so important and its how you feel when she organized Me just throwing stuff as hard as I can when I organize

  40. Isabella Laurens

    I'm in the mood for some Bondi Rescue now.

  41. Isabella Gordillo

    When you learn more with her videos then at school 👁👄👁🤚🏼

  42. Jolene Soh

    I think it would.be cool that u trained to be a gymnastic....

  43. Aqualamuza Blue

    FBI Dude :"You may have a future in the FBI" FBI Dude: "oh no we got some cone damage"

  44. TheOrbitals

    She got sponsored by The Marines And The Marines is one of the representative organizations of the USA So Michelle Khare technically got sponsored by an entire country.

  45. Izabella Tóth

    Hi Michelle! It was amazing video. I have an idea for the next video, training like a paramedic.🙂

  46. Kate Zeimet

    Is anyone watching this in 2020

  47. TTT

    Watching this from 2020 I’m just gonna say, it wasn’t the best year yet

  48. Ash Potter

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  49. omar AMS

    عمر يجرب نسخة الأجانب


    That’s how she paid her student loans 😂

  51. Ali Taylor

    I would jumó without the rope. I mean not me. Not me wanting to commit but having anxiety so joking the marines not me

  52. Dawn W

    have you done Keith from The Try Guys yet? Cuz I know I'd love to see that...

  53. someone who exists


  54. RealCrackHead Only

    I feel like firefights are one of the scariest type of job to have especially if you are from California or if you have an allergy to smoke (my best friend does) or have asthma which sucks

  55. Radical Gamers

    Baywatch watching 👁️👄👁️

  56. ZJAYY

    I promise to god I would've laughed

  57. Julia Horn

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  58. RealCrackHead Only

    It’s fare it was too hot for the other run which makes sense

  59. Mollie Stier

    But have you really experienced what it's like to do musical theater if you haven't ripped mid tape off your skin and had a reaction or sticky residue?

  60. Olga Nunez

    So in 5th grade I feel asleep watching a 3 and 30 min movie and so I was sleeping for 1 hour and I woke up and this random dude in my class was holding my arm mind you I’m a dude don’t mind my name but basically I woke up yanked my arm away and fell asleep

  61. Vilas Pendse

    Michelle, why do you always, on queue, "say something cute"? Watching your performance is akin to watching a tween embody their attention needing efforts in public. Additionally, your voice is absolutely atrocious and annoying. As an Indian male however, I am watching with cautious interest to see how this relationship of yours (some may call it marriage) plays out.

  62. Radical Gamers

    Ngl fbi is like a horror movies

  63. Ruth Ross

    Lol I just finished a point class with dead point shoes on slippery hard wood floor this makes me feel good about myself😂😂 👏👏 Michele

  64. Ruth Ross

    Garret’s turn out is rlly good tho ngl

  65. Carol Lenah Seitshiro


  66. Yuna Park

    You should try training to become a pole dancer!

  67. _dinahnnh

    she brings kidzania into real life. seriously

  68. Insley

    This is so motivating 😌 Thank you

  69. BigBrained Individual

    I have Misophonia man and chewing makes me highly triggered and very enraged....

  70. Zaraar Ali Chowdhury

    Bruv how many boot camps has this girl gone through

  71. Zyriell Ventura

    As a gamer myself, I respect you.

  72. UnicornFrenchBulldogs UnicornFrenchBulldogs

    Good for you Girl!!!

  73. Harshita Dutta

    You look like a player.

  74. Official Mother Earth

    Mother Earth approves

  75. Alexzandro Gonzalez

    Your such a cry baby

  76. Isabella Teran

    Try cheerleading it looks easy but it’s not