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  1. Justicia Digital by Boshy

    is this supposed to be a switch game? or a 3DS one? even a PSP can run this poor souls that claims victory over PS/XBOX fans poor poor souls

  2. Justicia Digital by Boshy

    now this is the true nintendo i know too bad that switch does not resembles that in anyway possible

  3. Oliver Smalley

    Report: I have found another restaurant using Luigi pictures, is this yours?

  4. Vault Traveler

    They all sound the same tbh.

  5. KahlifLEGOGAMES - SuperGamingStudios

    Nintendo's Rewind is better than any KGup Rewind

  6. Rammy

    Cmon Serena I wanna see that DOOM eternal up in here

  7. DrawTaken

    These ads are actually terrible... I feel like Nintendo has changed after Reggie left... I miss Reggie...

  8. Gabriel Miño

    You guys forgot the knife on the back to smash, so surprised !

  9. Maarten Smitsman

    nintendo, please care about us smash bros players, we want tourney's. i hate this platform because you guys are messing things up

  10. Abood_games

    Me now:I will buy a ps5 Me after:Nintendo switch sounds good! Maybe I will buy it?

  11. Diviit Shah

    Hey Nintendo if 1 million people buy the hyrule warriors age of calamity then give the DLC pack 1 and 2 of zelda breath of the wild for free. Please !

  12. SquashedApple49


  13. Sasgo

    Ja-a-ah, it's rewind time.

  14. Monster Cake UwU

    Wait the switch is still that expensive?

  15. Jerry The Magmacube

    Wait a minute, why does samus have a family membership, because, you know

  16. Daniel Franco

    For the people who survived NNN, lol.

  17. U Iron


  18. SuperJustineBros

    Even I already watch Pokemon Journey Episode 48 the Japanese version, but however, I would like to see another Pokemon character after Fire Emblem then that, because I'm feeling love RPG games, plus my pointed is basically Cinderace, that would be a better slot but however please no bashing opinions, that is not nice, plus it's my opinion not yours besides I just want Cinderace in Smash, just because think about both Lucario and Cinderace are stuck each other by an orange gum.

  19. SuperSaiyan3985

    These like to dislike ratios bruh XD

  20. gamers55

    So every company is getting celebrity

  21. kole gaming

    Where is yoshi I need my yosh

  22. Coolest World

    Why have you come back?

    1. PopularParzy 2


  23. Talk About Life!

    So 8n 2013 i street passed this one girl and in her first room was bubblegum k.k. And it was super cute and pink, then downstairs it was this room with a bunch of creepy faces lmao

  24. MadMax

    Anyway K.K condor is the best

  25. Joy Svp


  26. Honour and Prosper Leyton

    Too violent for me

  27. Magic Johnson

    They’re trying so hard not to put an extra K in there

  28. Ty Sylicus

    I'm hyped about this but not the extremely limited quantity and short-time sale window.

  29. Ten Kaze

    In every Saturday evening :D

  30. Catface

    Yay! The ACNH Nintendo Minute videos are back! (Well, one is, but that's good enough for me).

  31. Kingaustin


  32. TheFunFunShow

    0:00 I thought he was gonna rap 😌

  33. DangerCrow

    Hey, not sure why they didn’t release a video trailer for the Taiko Rhythmic Adventure Pack, but everyone should check it out! It’s super fun! They even mentioned rhythm games in this rewind but didn’t mention Taiko! Its criminal!

  34. Sir Arrius

    what is up with nintendo getting the trashiest celebrities out there?

  35. sk8bit

    Got the special edition, absolutely stunning.

  36. RBKB24

    My biggest hope is that.... There won’t be 900 korok seeds to find

  37. Manzani Sl

    1:27 epic soudtrack!!

  38. tina

    They said pandemic so imagine this is 2020 right at the end of December and we’re all going to die because supernatural robots and my invade Earth doesn’t seem much of a difference to 2020 I guess I guess it’s going to happen it doesn’t seem far-fetched at this point

  39. BeefBossWoomy

    “Fire Emblem: Anniversary Edition. Available now aaaand it’s gone!”

  40. Sanchezium Bruh

    Mabey return of our beloved twilight princess.

  41. Yuggh Ggyfg

    Basta con gli abbronzati nelle pubblicità !!!

  42. Daniel Jackola

    couldve sworn that was a jojo character at 0:22

  43. Lawn Chair Pete

    Is there a chance to localize Mother 3?

  44. Jos Killer

    Uuh i know what am gonna say has no rapport with animal crossing but, do nintendo release samus in fortuite ? Because sony release kratos, Microsoft release chief, And nintendo ? ONLY SAMUS CAN SURVIVE IN FORTNITE

  45. Dio Brando

    Don’t Deny it, you couldn’t win a boxing match against the Nintendo narrator

  46. Google Chromulent

    I have memories RNG manipulating my save as a kid to get very good stats on some of my units. Carried me through the whole game... My playthrough didn't need to be over 100 hours. Kids aren't very smart. :^)

  47. Dreadful Glue

    Nintendo please bring back Pokemon Stadium 64. You guys brought back super mario 64. Plz

  48. Ryan lex

    Did she blame the umpire after??

  49. Sonic Channel & Susan ♡

    K.K. Slider's songs are timeless, but Christmas Soundtrack is still missing. 🤔

    1. StarrieMoonlight

      Kappns songs are missing too :(, a Christmas soundtrack would be nice as I'll be jamming to that trust me as, well as older games songs, like how the added the city song from cf

  50. 3Frame

    Who is next Aaron Carter?

  51. Jann

    K.K. Imperial...?

  52. NurGul1903

    K.K. Sonata is my favourite 😍🎹

  53. Bruh Luigi

    I don't know bro I just like occasionally visiting

  54. Cococrash11

    Awesome Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light Launch Trailer.

  55. Carter Collier personal

    And it'll probably cost 80 dollars

  56. 1UP GAMERS

    Lol 0:15

  57. DoesNotInhale

    5 fps

  58. Red Ray

    Ganon: Gets sealed away Also ganon: ALT ACCOUNT ACTIVATED

  59. Dmnd Clarity

    Are they gonna pull a majoras mask and make this game in another world cause that would be sick

  60. Dmnd Clarity

    Just the peacefulness of this game is so amazing the atmosphere is something else focusing on the little things is the best part of the game

  61. Bread 23

    You know it’s funny really, all of the Mario games (not counting spin offs, god rest Alphadream) happened because Yoshi wouldn’t let Bowser ride him for like 5 minutes as a baby.

  62. PurpleNope


  63. Reyn the Insane


  64. Darwish Anaqi

    Yaaa it's rewind time

  65. john smith

    Ok but like what if sheik was in this game 👀👀

    1. Jacob Reynolds

      I mean... Sheik is just Zelda in disguise

  66. Andy V

    I love just dance is my favorite game

  67. Jelyn Reyes

    SO MANY PEOPLE GOT KILLED EVEN KIDS BRUH (Nintendo: Uhh...dont worry we not addin thwomps) People who wnt to be crushed : NOOOOOOOOOOOO

  68. guardian boi

    Who is serena i dont even know that

  69. Alan Avalos

    4:20 that red pikmin on the pile of nuts and bolts is just laughing and clapping as his brothers try to help the mentally unstable

  70. Tomàs Fernández Vergés

    Almost everyone knows that "rocking K.K." is inspired from The hippie music, from Earthbound. I think