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  1. van invitro

    reading is indeed FUNdamental!!!

  2. UV

    Thanks for this inspiration 💜 Creativity shouldn’t stop with becoming a parent, thats when life really opens up and we can gain deeper understanding about ourselves, and mysterious existence itself! This is stuff I’m exploring on my channel with a DIY reality show UV:TV- about being a musician and mother during Covid :) Thanks again!Thanks

  3. _Hndrk05_

    I already watched the Show 6 Times and can't stop rewatching it xD

  4. John Ross Dela Pena

    Since when morbidity became a mood?

  5. Claire Giegerich

    i fucking lost it at 0:33

  6. Mohamed Ansari

    How could you guys leave mother from Haunting of hill house

  7. Paige Washington

    In the words of the infamous Katt... Shouldn't be talking sh it

  8. Hansu

    Diana gives me the chills. I hope the season 4 is as awesome as the teaser and trailer make it look! Omg this is something..!

  9. Mohd Haffiez Mohmad Nazri

    Could someone tell me the backstory of their uncle, cuz I still don't get it as to why he was utterly hesitant to check on them until the very last minute. Is it purely non ghost motive? As in the fact he was obeying his brother's banishment out of guilt this brother and sister in law cum co lover died somewhere in India trying to rebuild the relationship which was tainted by the illicit "in-law and in-bed" situation?

  10. SimpEls

    I don’t think i will ever get over them, they mean so much to me 😭😭🤧

  11. Maria Jessica Aurellia

    I just watched Cadaver a few days ago and I loved the mom character so much..

  12. Hansu

    Wiiiddddyyyyy I can't wait!

  13. kishor kumer

    Captain Holt - the only gay character in a show/film I have ever seen where the character traits take precedence over the character being gay.

  14. alia bhatt

    I was watching 2 season when she is about to marry michale oh no i love him, why did she do that, i wont watch next part if she brokr his heart again

  15. djenn


  16. Black Wolf

    Whatever. This is exactly Feminist/LGBT's wet dream come true. Right here.

  17. Rudy H

    LIVINGGGGGGGGGGGGG For this read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10 Elecktra!

  18. Ulas Onal

    I expected Olivia from The Haunting of Hill House to be on this list

    1. Shannon T

      Same! Missed opportunity

  19. Latee Hatee

    I love to "To eat" at pret a manger

  20. callme Jaydon


  21. Marvie Ed

    First to comment

    1. Bread Gaming

      Hate to do this! My mom said I won’t be a able to hit 2k subs by Halloween and I’m at 1,646 am plz help?

  22. Lilies and Roses

    Damn, his dad abused him, he was possessed by Mind Flayer and probably hated his life by that period and he died painfully. He never had a peaceful life. I just want to give him a big hug...

  23. KiNG SøUviK

    Simple logic:If they made a Happy ending, how can millions of people wait eagerly × 100 for their next season??,,that's business boys😉 Whatever,god call issac to u please,the dumbass

  24. Shania Sampson

    Why am I crying so damn loud rn

  25. Alexis Christman

    'Kirk's' first appearance was as Mick, the DSL installer sent by Emily but spot on for 'Kirk's' first lines!

  26. Fandom_xxxCupcake

    Wednesday trying to smile be like: ↘️⬇️↙️⬅️↖️⬆️↗️➡️↕️↔️↩️↪️⤴️⤵️🔃🔄🔙🔛🔝🔚🔜

  27. ellie xo

    I’m crying again

  28. slendytubbie slayer knight

    I like how they break the fourth wall

  29. Dr. Karen Gray

    I’m named Karen and I love Pose!

  30. Ronald Mills

    -Where is that baby? -Which part?

  31. into h

    Quality is so good! That feels so real. The best asmr video I’ve seen

  32. Andréa Moro

    Go back to party city where you belong!

  33. Lottie B

    That Karen Got CRUSHED YASSS

  34. Aykeo

    I love their personality espacially Laurence's

  35. Adriana Obando

    she is one of my favorite actresses

  36. Aleksandra Spasovska

    Why many best movies are not in Netflix? I dont like at all when i search movies whos names are there but not the movie

  37. Deepa Manju

    I would like to understand how does Flora invite Jamie to the wedding when she does not remember who she is

  38. Rodrigo Molina Herrera

    you miss Joe and Rachel is a double point.

  39. Zaid Belmekki

    You are falling the lava and thing and show your hand up

  40. Count Quackula

    I had a crush on her as a kid.

  41. Vindoza DM

    "Clear your throat lubricate read that b****" got me dying 😂😂😂😂

  42. Leenx6 Sharif

    Ewww That's disgusting.

  43. Aylin Brambila

    "I can't swim" 💀



  45. Mitch Wild

    #1 on Netflix hours after it was first broadcast. Everything about it is excellent. Who would have thought a film about chess would be so engrossing. Anya is perfect in the role of Beth Harmon. Geeky, awkward and hot all at the same time. Beautifully shot with a great soundtrack. I watched it again. Is it good? All I can say, I say yeah yeah.

  46. Evangelos LIAKIS


  47. Salvaged History

    This show is so ridiculous. To be honest how many times can you do dick and sex and masterbation jokes?

  48. YONCE 8701


  49. Lexee Sielewicz

    Not to mention those three ladies are WAY hotter than Karen

  50. Amelie Weatherill

    Can't we have a gay lass love story that doesn't end in death

  51. Zonn Ramiscal

    Hood your breath in 16 secs how hehe

  52. Rachel Whiddon

    Gilmore Girls! A year and a Life! I probably am the only one to say this but I was devastated by how the writers destroyed the characters. The story had so many flaws In it. And moments that felt like they should have been more and not less. The one I want to talk about is the wedding with Lorelai and Luke. This was terrible. And this was pretty much the ending. They say vowels with Rory dressed in basically comfy pyjamas, Lane as a witness, Michel. They should have given us a real wedding. One that we all were waiting for with Luke and Lorelai. To have everyone there that loves them both...but instead we get the dress rehearsal. Rory is in a relationship where she has had a longtime affair with Logan and she has some boyfriend on the side. Lorelai has a midlife crisis and most of that time is spent caught up in Stars Hallow musical. Lane apparently has a father that was brought in as a character that was never in the series...so that was just ridiculous. And the absence of Melissa McCarthy as Sookie was really poor. She should have been at the wedding. And her part should have been part of the wedding scene. To me it felt like the writers stopped believing in the characters and made them all to be mundane. And then to end with Rory pregnant. The Year and a life was all wrong. And I am sorry that I have to say that I was not happy with what was put together.

  53. Willie Nelson

    Wednesday Addams. Definitely not to be fucked with.

  54. angelouis

    That poor cat :(

  55. Bülent Belcher

    My English is so bad. Can anyone translate that to german?

  56. tsik pins

    Karen was Elektracuted 🙌

  57. Fabian Farbeyond

    Love her!

  58. Alex The Sims 4 Player

    3:45 LOL!

  59. sleepy

    Dont do it girl, its not worth it elektra: BISH I DID IT

  60. Finn’s Tearoom

    You do realise that Amanda is the Girl Scout.

  61. S L

    Adams great, his dad too xx

  62. Siobhan O'Connor

    Urgh, I love Pose🤎

  63. Marc Abayan

    3:43 Spongebob

  64. S L

    Love Maeve and Otis

  65. Su Gy

    he can play almost every Girl with his charm 😩😍and thats dangerous……

  66. Shoto Todoroki

    Yass queeeeennnn

  67. GalaxyFennecFox Cookie

    Robin: Guess what, I’m a lesbian. Steve: I thought you were American

  68. Mario Ribeiro Berto Ferreira

    What is the name of this show?

  69. Su Gy

    he‘s sooo fine its dangerous

  70. DJ Trouble#1

    *Ending Was Too Sad* .. 😥😥

  71. Faust Samhain

    You been read biiiiitch