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  1. Moise Picard

    I am just hearing this... I think... I do not know.


    Yoooo ma I've been rocking you since day one I put on all my people onto your s*** you just put out banger after banger after banger much love please never ever stop you're one of the realists in the game and that's what we need because there's all these bozos running around here in the streets thank you for keeping it 100 thank you

  3. Boyboy Man3

    This shit goes hard

  4. Ken Kendrick

    effortlessly she make hiphop music look so simple she never disappoints her fans always comes out with bangers

  5. Christian Thompson

    Aint bad

  6. David Omar Beahboye

    Who her opps are..?

  7. Trikkxz

    This song is soo tuff

  8. Sean Cohrane


  9. Quentin Wilson



    Love the beginning

  11. Mirah Boo

    " Red Lyfe shit, but my blooda he crip When he drip, you can see how that blue bleed" 😈

  12. So Real Thomas

    I hopped on just to thumb down.. And was still crap

  13. KayyRPS

    Young MA is Tryna be a boy so bad by rapping but she’s a great rapper. Sike



  15. Kelvin Oliver

    I love this song this is my girl

  16. Pierre Gadson

    Still snapping though ouuuuu

  17. Caron adison

    Me: counting the letters in successful

  18. YaBoiM.O.E

    crazy loving the concept you have a fan in me #MOEtivational

  19. MR. Bar Spitter


  20. MR. Bar Spitter


  21. chill mix city

    listening in from Jamaica ....young MA slaps , NO CAP

  22. BlackStarz

    The beat female rapper alive !! Shout out from montreal canada 🔥🔥🔥

  23. Cheyenne Burris

    Only competition I’ll probably have is a twin sista 🥂

  24. Gawd Nishaun for life

    Fully Gaza 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🔥🔥

  25. Medina

    va 100 young

  26. Armarrd Jackson

    @armarrd 1007Slime KingSlime 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. Tony Mackmane

    Dude be spittin!!

  28. Beef Jefferson


  29. Honey jackson

    She hit that shit

  30. Lucas Gama

    I need a Lil Durk X Young M.A tape

  31. SoulSnatcher

    It looks like Kevin Gates mini me.

  32. Amanda Molloy

    MA , real talented facts 💯💯❤

  33. Nycholi Jennings


  34. Doris Torres

    They ain't grow up on some sharing caring shit

  35. SnacksWYD

    POV: When I break something Siblings: OUUUUUUU

  36. Tanya Shipp

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Last verse kilt it💪

  37. M Smith

    Big Kween Successful 🤑🤑🤑

  38. JATM

    every time MA kill it

  39. Watchman On the Wall

    This is demonic music. REPENT and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation.

  40. Connor Mctigue

    Ma don’t do it to em 😵

  41. Faith Marie

    Love young ma, she looks like young kevin gates with the dreads tho. 😂

  42. the Xxlown's XxsurprisexX

    She dissed kodak black lmaoooo

  43. Gelena Comez

    This dude kinda tuff

  44. the Xxlown's XxsurprisexX

    Young ma is under rated sh should have at least 10million suscribe

  45. Marcus Olugosi

    I LOVE this young lady! Yo!

  46. Monique Love

    One of my life goals 😍 is to 🍃🔥burn one with you twin stay 💪 color purple all my life I had to fight

  47. david deredita

    I wish i could like twice🔥🔥

  48. Freestyle music Plug


  49. Es Momo


  50. Izecson Joshua Curry Bazile

    Litenning from Haïti

  51. Alex Beltran


  52. DTB JAY


  53. brianna hall

    Shxts hard asf🔥🖤

  54. jae boxer

    ok ok been a minute since i heard you man lol

  55. Ethan Essex

    give up? ill never

  56. Robert Barber


  57. Yussuf Maiga


  58. Jane Marry

    that strong method is bad if i told you sorry heal the energy by aiming bottom of a big selenite at the areas

    1. Jane Marry

      small pune <3

  59. Wade Wilson

    All des flavors and he chose tah be Salty. Hmmmm......

  60. Wade Wilson

    Dah look on her face. Omg I know her! Lls


    Much love to Bruce Whayne for this video 🙏🏽 Get well soon, Primo

  62. Tyshawn Emerson

    Box in like box in in the studio lock in 🤯🤯🔥🔥 never heard no shit like dat 😂

  63. Cedric Woodland

    Last line kilt it nobap 👌🏾

  64. DatBoy Wade


  65. timmytallskinny

    Love young MA. I like the MJ “Yeahhhh” too

  66. Jwan Darwish

    And just another song went so underrated!! It should’ve gotten wayyy more viewers! But only ppl who understand rap and hip hop would listen and watch.

  67. Mix The Take

    Wow great song! I love the Jim Morrison in the background too

  68. Chris Gonzalez

    No competition and in her raps no repetition.


    👋HI! YOUNG M.A.

  70. Chris Gonzalez

    Straight G shit, can’t lie on this.


    always flawless

  72. CaptainHew

    You really the hardest.. UNDERRATED!!!!

  73. Kalungu Ngombalu

    I imagine young M.A do a collabo with cardi #billboard No.1🙏🙏🙏

  74. Champ Apollo

    Bruh she under rated

  75. Andrea Vassell

    who still a here in 2021

  76. Dragos Crai

    This gonna be a classic. Respect!



  78. Lofters Andre