Simon's Cat is an animated series featuring the mischievous and often hilarious antics of a fat white cat and his owner Simon, stories that any pet owner can relate to!
The channel includes:
Simon's Cat Shorts - Funny animations that observe life as a cat owner.
Our extra content includes:
Simon's Cat Guide To - The world from Simon's Cat's eyes.
Simon's Cat Logic - An informative series that looks at why cats do the crazy things they do, and what we can do to help them live happy and healthy lives.
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  1. Jen The Fairy Punk Mom


  2. Ruth Hrahsel


  3. luminair11

    Love Simon's cat's all in the EYES.....lololol!

  4. WillsM85

    Fun but not cat-like any more..

  5. christine narroway

    I Love Cats 😻 Simon's Cat Antics Always Make Me Smile 😍

  6. Jennifer


  7. Maite Palomar sese

    El pequeño el mejor ángel con altas y el aro ángels cat. 💖😂🐱🐈

  8. Wojtek World

    His little jumps at 7:25 are the most adorable thing I have ever seen

  9. Marta Smykla

    its a scary cucumber

  10. Marta Smykla

    trubbel maker

  11. Marta Smykla

    soo poor cat what did he do to deserve this

  12. Marta Smykla

    oleg VTKing is right leave a like on his comment

  13. Marta Smykla

    love birds

  14. Marta Smykla

    i love simons cat it is so funny and intresting ;)

  15. Grace Gunn

    Lol last 12 xmas me and my cat have had an on going fight with the angel on the tree she usually wins!

  16. K. C

    This made me hoot! 😂

  17. Caylan Wolf

    That's a good friend 😺😽😽

  18. Donna Csuti

    Thanks for making us laugh and stay sane in these times

  19. Márcia Pereira

    Me,at home...😻😻😻😻😻😻😻🇧🇷

  20. Mitch Sell


  21. Nor Syafiq

    2:34 😂🤣😉🤣🤣

  22. Анна


  23. 2ndhorseman

    Well, his Titanic model is more "real" now. 😉

  24. Nanda


  25. mb Alma


  26. TheDark Dragon

    So... your cat was full of catnanigans since the day you found him/her :D

  27. Teddy and Tabby

    Jingle bells jingle bells, Kitten is an angel, Simon's cat loves gifts, And hates you of you steal his food :) jingle bells, jingle bells :D

  28. Ema Moniza Esmail

    Bad cat 😄

  29. mick coomer

    After out cats killed our Christmas Furry we now have a Christmas Rat. If Jesus was born in a stable you can guarantee there were rats there so why not a Christmas Rat,

  30. Valeria de los Angeles Suarez Guerra

    Lo he visto varias veces y nunca aburre, me encanta

  31. Kamila Canniffe


  32. Tracy Sault

    How cute is that!

  33. Maik Mugato

    This is cute beyond recognition. Thanks!

  34. Penny_Oficial Boss piggy


  35. Penny_Oficial Boss piggy

    I laughed a lot haha ​​the other cat became an angel and Anja became a gynecologist

  36. Katharina Karl

    I love this purrrr sound thats so cute

  37. Katie Hamilton

    0:47 is how I distract my cat

  38. Cookie Cat

    too well done the animation !!! 😃😄🤩

  39. Cookie Cat

    14:34 poor cat ...

  40. Cookie Cat

    So cute!🤩

  41. Cookie Cat

    I love the credits 😄

  42. Cookie Cat

    so cute! I love! 🤩😍😘🥰

  43. C

    I love Simons Cat! l would love, love, love it though if Simon's Cat would just totally bitch slap one of his garden friends. 😂 Thoughts?

  44. Andra Radu

    Omg so vary cute

  45. Faiza Bhutto

    I love the way simons cat purr

  46. Faiza Bhutto

    My cat dont like me to pat her or hug her she only let me pat her when she wants

  47. Turkey Gaming

    I hope you have a merry Christmas cat

  48. Вера Ушакова


  49. Schanickel

    aaawww :-*

  50. Lordofdragonss

    That was delightful!

  51. Imani

    1:$0 is that baby Jazz on the far left?

  52. Ive Chang

    Awwwww. I'm melted.

  53. абылай абиловна

    Кот Саймона с днем рождения

  54. seigasuki

    Sooo cuuuute! The final clip with the new plush! 😍

  55. faiqa shehbaz

    Today it is 2nd day 😥my cat is missing...she was an indoor and outdoor cat....she is my everything 💔🥺😭hope she comes back soon...searched her everywhere but still couldn't find her ...

  56. Jessica Ann Weber

    I like this one

  57. Jessica Ann Weber

    I liked the end

  58. raposinha Luana

    Q adorable bye

  59. Ngoc Le

    so cute

  60. Yoouu Youuu

    ⭐️ 🌟 💫 meow!KAAAAaAaaaaAAAAAAaaaAAAAAAAA!!

    1. Yoouu Youuu

      x888888+55x44454+888 89777 (TREE4555-45-33333--4333-444((-(SSCG--465-3433)-+=))))))speed (lots of plus & minus.)

  61. Gumball Watterson


  62. Xuan Huynh

    Awh, cute cat ❤️❤️❤️

  63. TifF’s_Mighty CorNEr

    Awwwww my heart that was so sweet he said your guys are purrfect for each other🥺💗


    So cute

  65. Team of Future gaming companies

    That's cute

  66. ZackPlaysRobloxYT_9

    Awww Simon’s cat really loves the Gnome!

  67. Pavi Chandraguptha

    So precious 🤗

  68. JoAnn Abbott

    That was SO SWEET!!!!!

  69. Stephanie Gardner

    That kitten is hilarious 🤣

  70. Jai Crawford

    We always call our cats lil angels and this video explains why. Love it, it's so cute!!!!

  71. Jennifer Stine

    This was so sweet! Cats are truly amazing.

  72. SAW Art

    Why do I cry on these cute videos and not sad videos?

  73. Winkinger

    The guy voluntarily jumped into a toxic relationship xD

  74. Ivie Walker

    Very cute!

  75. cursed dreamer

    Omg you guys still animate?! :O that's so cool!

  76. Amanda Pirie

    Awww. That's really cute! 😍

  77. シZeex

    The kids I were babysitting were freaken dying of laughter at this 😂😂