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  1. Look Nosee

    NO LONGER Scared of bears, just eat them -Chris

  2. Loud

    C C CND, the campaign for nuclear disarmament must win or humanity will end its self before it can fix its self

  3. Dilara Kaymakci

    Hi Chris, I don't know if you're aware but japanese bears are actually at a very high risk of extinction due to habitat destruction, hunting and over-poaching. Could you please bring some awareness to this in your next video, as I'm sure no one wants to see these creatures hunted to extinction. Thank you.

  4. Elijah Small

    At least he didn't do a southern accent like everybody else does.

  5. JikEeE 2436

    このグランクラスの乗客は東京駅にある専用ラウンジに出発の90分前から入ることが出来て、そこでは飲食が全て無料でくつろげますよ! This GranClass passenger can enter the exclusive lounge at Tokyo Station 90 minutes before departure, where you can relax with all your food and drink for free!

  6. Elijah Small

    Is he secretly an American 😳

  7. Connor Livingstone

    You're like a missionary spreading the word of fuck

  8. David Taylor

    The only unhealthy thing in that Ramen dish is the vegetable oils and possible the carbs. Butter is fine.

  9. Akai AMVs

    One day, I will be there.

  10. James Ross


  11. J. Fun

    saving money this way on a vacation doesnt sound like a vacation.

  12. Rockawaysiren

    but I'm from Montreal, Quebec-if I don't jaywalk regularily my mind goes to a dark place.....

  13. Xander

    I low-key thought he said Cow Piss instead of Calpis

  14. Star Gazer

    Isn't there radiation there?

  15. Orious

    I can't tell if he was trolling on how big it was because I keep noticing the champion eater next to her eating a bowl ten times the size making Chris's bowl look 10 times smaller.

  16. ヒース Heath

    I watched this on my school chromebook. YOLO

  17. Not Available

    You and Sharla make a good YT team! I particularly enjoyed the bike tour video you did featuring a number of guests, including Sharla!

  18. Star Gazer

    Her daughters probably follow you on KGup and wanted you to meet them.

  19. Jaiden Coltrane

    The only way I’m going to know the difference between male and female is that the male looks like a window on top lol

  20. KingGrio

    No break in into the pharmacy. I'm surprised robbers aren't interested in radioactive aspirin !

  21. lucas garcia

    9:35 the best line of the whole journey

  22. Björn Adell

    Able to tick everything? Even beeing born in August while not?

  23. One shot 60

    damm 2021 already, how time flies

  24. Isaac Re'rref

    Food looks beary delicious.

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  26. Auritilien

    Uses for the balcony: a bouncy castle

  27. Seth Huckaby

    I think Ryotaro's english has gotten better. His sentences sound way more natural now.

  28. Dom Powell

    Natsuki is great, wish I could meet a friend like him.

  29. MartinX

    ChrisPog at 5:11

  30. Chris Wolfe

    I got introduced to Takeshis Castle on Spike TV when they redubbed it amd called it MXC Most Extreme Challenge here in the US. It was hilarious and still watch episodes from time to time. There used to be more episodes on KGup but those got hit with copyright strikes, which suck! Love that show.

  31. And warp

    you guys are the best DEER BEAR BOAR DEER BEAR BOAR

  32. Auritilien

    Tried to looks for a similar thing in Helsinki. The site wouldn't look for rent rates higher than 3 000 euros.

  33. Jacob Kenney

    Wow, this video was put together so nicely!

  34. Scias

    John's proud aroma... you know... his white musk.

  35. Munny *

    As a Belgian I can confirm France is a piece of shit country. Beautiful in some parts but man the people there have such a bad attitude in general. And what's even better is that if french people visit another country they still expect you to talk to them in their language.

  36. goflyakitefilms

    I gotta shoot a movie at the Mirage Museum

  37. I'm Still Here Alex

    *_Imagine smiling at these prices as if everyone's rich. Dog eats dog world._*

  38. Jenny Shull

    Google: Buildings made of salt Have u come across buildings made of non traditional building material(s)? What was the building material(s)?

  39. Shwelpz Justice

    This makes me never feat lions, tigers, and bears anymore...

  40. Holden

    Looks gross actually. That dumpling skin will make your jaw sore.

  41. Kopicup

    if i remember correctly asbestos is not dangerous in it's bound form (walls or items). The problems is in if those things are breaking/flaking apart that's when the fibres start to fly around and when inhaled can cause cancer.

  42. Riley Evans

    Those first two minutes had my dying

  43. Tristan van der Velden

    Gotta appreciate that slick cut to the old-timey footage at 0:28

  44. Eric Orange

    This guy has run out of ideas! trashtaste

  45. Lain Iwakura

    How did I never see this before? I was convinced that I had watched all your videos!

  46. Monster Zero

    Insects or not, you were spoonfed by an idol. My jealousy knows no bounds

  47. Cream Cosplayes

    *me a bisexual who wants a girlfriend* Hmmmmm interesting