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  1. Medium Jimmy

    Depending on the kind of tree you have in terms of it’s toxicity, you can totally just donate it to a local farm or rescue with livestock that will eat it.

  2. Imsearching FormyDOG


  3. HEW W

    This was a video I didn’t know I needed, however I don’t think the toppings were properly quantified. When calculating the toppings it could have been done more fairly. The topping percentage based on total weight of the pizza is unfair to the competitors who are serving a heartier pie, however the skimpier sized pies have a larger topping percentage. I think isolating the toppings from the pie would have been more fair to the cost, but I can respect what you’re doing here for the sake of ratios. Happy eating my friend 🍕

  4. 1J12 HO TSZ HEI 1J12

    Why not just make a sweet dessert but laced with milk

  5. Medium Jimmy

    If you are one of those people like matpat mentioned in the beginning, ordering a lot more take out this year, please consider ordering food from local businesses instead of a large chain! Local business can easily go under in times like this and your order matters a lot more to them than it does to a big company. You might even find your local pizza place makes amazing pizza at a great price. Happy eating 💜

  6. D.E.B. B

    I'm on team natural gas. I hate lugging propane tanks around.

  7. Wilson’s Wilson


  8. apatheticrоcksтar ЖЖЖ

    he coulda said jumbo lies

  9. Ella M

    I don't drink alcohol, but this was still super interesting lol

  10. Elliot Gaming_yt

    He is theodd1sout

  11. Vultir

    yeah but whats the point? the restaurants arent consistent so every time you try a "celebrity cyber restaurant" dish, its different. you might as well just order from the regular restaurant or a local business. typically when you want to try a dish from somewhere you expect it to be consistent at all locations, ex mcdonalds fries. i just dont get it other than the economical stand point. (plus arent most of them rated poorly? id imagine the kitchen would put more effort into their own dishes than their side hussle)

  12. U R Phake And Gey

    I bet a couple of Japanese kids think Colonel Sanders IS Santa.

  13. Wade Hardwick

    Okay guys time to put the bong down! Lol This is exactly why drugs are illegal

  14. Selimsari

    Fun fact: Mr beast is not caring about burger, he cares about giving people money (i respect that) but there are people who wants burger and most of the time the burger got so many problems, like stucking on paper, having a hair in patty, i mean yeah their customers get big amount of money for that but how about burger? this is a burger restoraunt company. Some of the problem is the workers are getting lazy and lazier everyday, because mrbeast gives them thousands of dollars if i was there, i was just go there for money because burgers are spoiled sticky and ETC.

    1. Selimsari

      Now lets wait fans to rage at me

  15. Qt Hunting

    Is DQ fast food or fan food

  16. Kyvir

    an icicle is hotter than ur channel, and ur channel isnt even hot

  17. Mr.FancyCat

    Pizza Hut is overpriced and the dough isn't very good. I have a very good Little Caesars nearby. Price and dough are on point. Dinner for 3-4 is less than 6$ incl tax.

  18. gantz4u

    Get 8 toppings and watch the cheese magically reduce to 0. Theyre not accidentally any of this. Theyre UCKING YOU.

  19. Blu Mouse

    So... Cinnamon never came?

  20. Medium Jimmy

    Excuse me where is Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria on this list matpat? Smh

  21. The Furry In VR

    Matpat:uses fancy words also matpat AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  22. Alberto Sandate

    el paso chuck -E- Cheeses the cuts are fine

  23. Tully man

    Thats why you only order double extra cheese.

  24. Nateplayz

    Oh god, here we go again

  25. superspider64

    MatPat: "The Online Disinhibition Effect" Me: Ah yes, the Greater Internet F-wad Theory

  26. David Cruz

    This is how mrbeast puts burglar places in places so fast it’s called FBI

  27. Felipe Ormachea

    Jjajajaj lol no entiendo ingles

  28. UlcerMaximus

    Loved most of the video. Not a fan of the use of the term Dark Ages, which can be rightfully considered a pejorative and obsolete. Definitely not a fan of the implication that the time period was unproductive, which is not only Eurocentric but also not accurate even for Western Europe.

  29. J Johannes

    Ex Small town Pizza joint worker. In regards to the cheese, in the eyes of the owner, cheese IS the topping. So a pepperoni pizza gets less cheese because its a different topping, being exchanged with pepperoni, sausage, etc.

  30. Netscape Navigated

    2:26 I live in one of those states and haven’t even heard of the stuff

  31. Vivek Reddy

    He is the reason for inflation in US

  32. Cash White

    Dad is waiting for you

  33. eac dez

    As a Brazilian I find this way of cooking to be way too weird. Like, why of all meats do you guys grill burgers and hot dogs? Have some linguiça, some chicken heart and some meat cuts in there instead

  34. Squirturtle


  35. MorgantheFae

    As someone who loves spice, I have always found that cool brownies work the most effectively for quickly getting rid of that spice pain in my mouth and now this video makes it make sense. The coolness of the brownie, the texture that has the ability to coat the tongue, and the overwhelming sweetness. And I'm usually having a soda while I'm eating which provides that acidity and sweetness as well. I hate when people tell me to eat bread. I'm about to send this video to so many people.

  36. misuyy fong

    the next level.

  37. Damienn Kirby Frago

    The McDonald's in my country their ice cream machine is almost never broken.

  38. 5m a Video

    I have a pepperoni probably it’s my use of needs it’s my favorite food pepperoni

  39. Hero Wolf

    This is the reason I HATE trolls...

  40. Clayton .W

    I though of something, all these statistics about how hard it would be to win any way could easily be flip around through one simple strategy: sharing your game pieces with others. Coordinate with your family, friends, or even people online willing to bring all their pieces together and split the reward if they get it, and it would be even better if it was done by mail in as it would be for free and get more stamps in less time. So next time McDonald’s has its monopoly game, try to get as many people as possible to ban together to try to win (who knows maybe there is a Reddit or discord group for that already)

  41. hard throbbing burrito

    little caesars is nasty

  42. Combine A-789

    The only theory here is why MrBeast doing all these amazing things. HE WILL BE PRESIDENT IN THE FUTURE!

    1. misuyy fong

      the health dep be coming hide!

  43. Combine A-789

    Music Theory is around here somewhere

  44. Maglev Whale

    Headcannon: Cinnamon started sabotaging Froot Loops with cinnamon flavoring and Toucan Sam didn't approve of it. He disguised some of his froot loops as a "brand new cereal called Apple Jacks" and convinced Cinnamon to use that instead. Toucan Sam then got the apple in on it (which was very easy to do) and the rest is history.

  45. PrissPressYT

    i’m hungry

  46. Jason Wen

    How I make it less spicier: eat more spicier stuff Just for me

  47. Jason Wen

    Me: isn’t McDonald’s a pizza place????.

  48. Jackie89000

    McDonalds employee here. For our sodas, there's one important thing to keep in mind. Some locations have automatic soda machines where the amount of ice is the exact same every time and it set by the computer, whereas smaller locations have a manual drink machine where an employee has to scoop the ice manually into the cup, which can result in differences in ice amounts depending on the person scooping ice. But to be fully honest, soda costs so little for McDonalds to make and sell that they are not worried about the amount of ice in an effort to short you on your soda amount. It costs 8¢ to make a large soda (as my general manager told me using costs from corporate), this includes the syrup, carbonated water, ice, cup lid and straw, and we sell that 8¢ drink for 1$. McDonalds is already making hella bank off of that.

  49. Calvin Hendrickson

    MatPat: THIS IS NO JOKE HERE PEOPLE Me: So true it makes me wanna cry

  50. Debayan Pathak

    Please Mr beast, bring Mr beast burgers to India.

  51. Tony Mioni

    Two worst pizza chains ever: Pizza Hut and Papa John's. So nasty. Also, ill never understand more than 2 toppings. More than that is a great way to get rubbery undercooked crust, and no emphasis on the tastes imbued within

  52. breeze okoye

    Subtitles please

  53. Jon Wester

    Colonel: Hey guys, want some chicke- GUYS! GUYS GU- (splash)

  54. Natalie Vidrio

    Mattpat im a fan but the internet is not always right you know that right?

  55. Ilumonati Reviews

    It’s pop

  56. FlamesofJagger

    Ditkovitch: Rent? Virtual kitchens: drop money on the table. Ditkovitch: cries

  57. CodFishStrangler

    Your method does not work.

  58. U R Phake And Gey

    I love sour stuff. I literally eat grapefruits raw without sugar. Lemon Juice would probably be S tier for me. I bet I could chug it.

  59. Anthony Garza

    my mom cooks the Turkey and because it takes so long she wakes up at 2 AM to start cooking the Turkey and does not go to sleep at all

  60. Mr Pancakes

    Buca di beppo is the restaurant for the Kissimmee location of MrBeast Burger

  61. T Sisko

    Having eaten at all four chains and worked at two of them, I do have my personal take on which is best. For pan, stuffed, or thin crust I prefer Pizza Hut they do have the best toppings and the best crust for those varieties only. I find Papa Johns original crust to be my favorite hand tossed style crust. Dominos is the best alternate choice in all categories, so if I can't find a good deal on the other two I can usually get something from them. Little Caesars is VERY low quality. Yes it's super cheap so if I am desperate for a budget option this is available... but I can't truly call that pizza.

  62. Calvin Hendrickson


  63. Anonymous

    7:27 Did you miss out on dominos on purpose?

  64. Alisha Gneco McDevitt

    I am doing my graduate degree in Marketing and used your video in my presentation. Just for my notes, what were your sources? Dont worry, I can put them in APA by myself. Haha!

  65. T Sisko

    This video gave me an idea. Just order a cheese pizza and sauté the toppings you want while waiting for the pizza to show up. Any topping would be FAR less expensive at the grocery store. When the pie arrives dump the cooked toppings onto a plate covered in paper towels and sprinkle some finely shredded mozzarella cheese over it. Mix it together and spread evenly over the cheese pizza. In theory this could produce an extra cheesy but perfectly cooked version of any pizza for far less money.

  66. The Chillin Saiyan

    Next channel :meme theory

  67. Aspen Despain

    I actually grew up hearing it as both pop and soda, so I don't see one way as right, just different ways of saying the same thing. Which is really what it is, in the end. Soda-pop is the one that's a bit stranger to me, but I've heard it enough that I still don't think much of it. ...What I'm saying is that I really don't get this whole rivalry between the two words.

  68. helpconflict

    You missed an opportunity to note a similar phenomenon: The Islamic Golden Age coincided with the spread and increased consumption of sugarcane.

  69. Luz Gomez

    When you live in a third world country you don't have these problems. You just don't have enough money to buy everything you want (?)

  70. Sari Gaming

    When he said “delivering the food” I got a Grubhub ad... what are the odds

  71. Shahido-kun

    i would never drink alcohol cuz I'm muslim but i enjoy watching matpat explaining stuff

  72. RedKnight Mix

    I got 69 battery

  73. Deathcall777

    I love how when they are eating the last dab MatPat is talking about his experience and Steph is just like trying to survive lmao.

  74. Eliza La Pierre

    Hey food theory give you a free idea make a video about grapes with no seeds OK bye I love your videos

  75. Samuel Whitman

    Beast burger is real fast food

  76. Iced Fire

    If I were to describe this channel in one word it would be... GLORIOUS!!!

  77. Dominic Lake

    I always dont get toppings mainly cuz well I just like plain pizza.

  78. Mr. Rykes

    Thumbnail: It’s not real! My brain: But If you close your eyes *ey oh, ey oh, ey ey oh, ey oh*

  79. Joybuzzahz

    I'm disappointed. This man's business is private. I can't invest into it.

  80. Grey Market

    yeah it took me like 5 minutes to figure all this out on my own with google.