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  1. Xavier Lekubarri

    Be strong, greetings from Mexico, I know what you feel. 🇵🇸🇲🇽

  2. Jinsoul

    Oppression at its finest

  3. Dream


  4. mai sarah

    Its have been years and years.. the palestine struggle is not something we can ignore.. the Israel just do not have any Humanity value

  5. S K Y

    The fact that this is legal is just so arghh! Are they even humans? They're worst than animals.

  6. Bilal Javed

    I wish if Arabs didn't make deal with UK against Ottoman Empire, nothing would happen. Now, enough is enough. Children already paid very high price for the mistakes of their father, This has to end now!

  7. aa aa


  8. Jessica H

    I only wished that there were more doctors that recognized this as a real illness. I am worried it will fall into the trap that lyme disease and CFS patients are familiar with.

  9. Md juwel Rana


  10. Maria Guess

    That is why Scandinavia is years ahead of the rest of human civilization.

  11. Rohan Jha

    think of kashmir

  12. Adrian

    To move forward and advance as a civilisation, we need to leave religion behind. India is a prime example...

  13. Doctor T

    If I don't steal your house someone else will ~ yakob 2021

  14. Raymond James

    This self made man over millions of years knows he's doing harm.

  15. Lucia Reyes

    This is amazing!! Thank you for this video!! I just learned something new about my beautiful culture 💕

  16. Vice Richter

    Its ridiculous seeing a feminoid individual who is educated and has a degree or any democratic rep with PHD's and B.A's/Masters but go full-on smooth brain mode when it comes to the logistics of firearms. Both in function and in legal action. Like how you gonna talk police reform and race theory, and talk about international politics and their conflicts. But go derpmode on Americans owning guns???

  17. Ionatan Purcaru

    All that beautiful women's go to waste😥Such a shame and a pitty. But y think the problem its with the men ho are not incuriging and helping women's after they have a baby. They need support they can't do it on their woun. They are just affraid. They didn't met real men.

  18. my tales

    no matter what racer religion, I'd rather be homeless than stealing homes from people especially with elders & kids in the home.

  19. john foster

    Is that illegal??😟😟

  20. Wierdo

    These kids are so adorable

  21. Simon W

    Dumb and dumber

  22. Paiman

    FACT: there are a lot of wars and unjust things happening in this world. I pray for world peace ☮️ ✌️

  23. Hari Sadu

    They're not asylum seekers. They're economic migrants.

  24. nafi naf

    I cry and pray for you, Palestine. Your people are the brave ones. Watching the series seems surreal, like watching a bad, dystopian movie. But the horror is, it is real..

  25. Cool Dude

    6:13 you must mean “Trump’s anti illegal immigration rhetoric”

  26. rainbow_ちゃん

    I don't want to die... Cause I'm 8 years old...

  27. Hassan Zaman

    Notice how the title says 'share' but as we can see throughout the video they are stealing their homes

  28. nafi naf

    I didn't know how the Palestinians were robbed thus brutally, and it breaks my heart. Nine years ago this report got so liitle attention, but now the truth is slowly surfacing thanks to youtube algorithm, and it's Allah's will.

  29. リハンRehan

    And his channels name is THE GAURDIAN

  30. Pete Mitchel

    I never seen so many losers in one place.

  31. Grandson


  32. Shaheen Sha

    A nation with no self respect- ISRAEL

  33. Md.Mahir Labib

    WoW! A country full of HITLERS

  34. citrusrage

    These kids have been experiencing what the world only realised today for 9 years. And today they are not kids anymore. Such unfortunate way to have to spend their childhood.

  35. Md. Shah Alam

    We support you from bangladeah

  36. marchan mutia

    This is really abad

  37. Megan Atze

    The chief when he says he can be anonymous? He’s not smart enough

  38. Megan Atze

    You should be ashamed

  39. Jens Kruse


  40. mo zed

    These settlers are rejects of society that could not make it in the “real world” They left their country to start over as you can see they are either drug addicts or the low of the low.... look at these charity cases.... rejects of their own societies to start over by taking houses from people.... what a way

  41. Tourshi

    business as usual for Israel...they say one thing (talk about peace and democracy) and then their actions are entirely different direction (illegal-settlments, apartheid conditions...)

  42. Mars Bellator

    This is life for the indigenous Hawaiians, under U.S. Imperial rule.

  43. Alif Nasir

    9 years ago

  44. Christian Kepler

    israel =Apartheid =nazis

  45. Old Gregg

    White people brought their hate here.

  46. Harold Sullivan

    Americans for Palestine, down with Israel 🇺🇸❤️🇵🇸

  47. Daniel lynch

    She looks like a bus driver

  48. Bear Bones

    Stay strong keep your souls. The vaxxers will regret it

  49. David Liu

    Imagine you are doing a zoom call and someone’s background noise are random screams.......

  50. MrsD

    Watching this in May 2021 this has been going on for years, enough is enough.

  51. HellbillyGoebig

    Forget colors. We are all EARTHLINGS

  52. Waiting on E.the.T

    Why couldn't they build their own houses with all that money they receive from the US?

  53. Aamir ahmad khan

    Sharing.....? This is illegal occupation and encroachment. 😏

  54. Jason Rom D. Lacida Jr

    I love their fashion

  55. Mr.Theist


  56. Forfuxakes

    This man is a fighter Truest definition of A fighter

  57. Aresu/AnimeMaster

    Humanity was a mistake....

  58. banksiasong

    But why the heck are Brits still voting Tory? Boris is privatising the NHS which saved his life for FS!

  59. Chicken Wing

    This video is 9 years old Now imagine these kids being 8 or 9 when they recorded this now they are 17 or 18 and they are full of hate and disrespect. Now they can be terrorists just by the fact of that.

  60. Mazuia Jongte


  61. Efraim Monsale

    their team, their decisions.

  62. Abdi So clean

    “Settlers”. Recent videos and coverage gives idea this kind of stuff just started happening. These people have been living like this for years 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  63. Russian Bot

    I would never EVER let a bunch of hostile strangers a mile within my house. The fact they could just do this like it's nothing is so very violating and unbelievable. Absolutely vile.

  64. moreb哈哈哈

    Can I fillm wan I'm 20 years old


    Lol there are second class white people. Wow

  66. Ben Humaidī

    Creepy and disturbing face

  67. kracksmith4ejm1

    i'm blown away from this vdo, insane how they are treated by the other side.

  68. A Abdullah

    2:35 THIEVES!!! LEAVE... you don't belong in "PALESTINE"

  69. mr. truth

    What's wrong with taking vitamin D3- zink- And vitamin C. I haven't been sick in 20 year's , that's what I take.. no money in selling these vitamins.. ?

  70. bigkey bars

    This is showing a one sided story.

    1. home

      @bigkey bars you mean the side of the story Palestinians fight back?

    2. bigkey bars

      Hamas are terrorists. They attack israel also , it's a one sided story

    3. bigkey bars

      @SyedForLife !! yes it is

    4. SyedForLife !!

      No it isn't

  71. Jannah Lam

    The way they're arguing with kids is disgusting. Get lost tourists.

  72. Wafi Danish


  73. Sadaf Shahid

    Just noticed these kids are Muhammed Al kurd and Mona alkurd 9 years earlier.. I can not imagine my home taken away and have tourist being so freely entering my home.. Praying constantly for Palestine.

  74. Brent goff

    This is why Asians see black ppl as dangerous

  75. cty ctnn

    The Guardian is getting bombed next by Israel for putting this video out.

  76. Tahril Aziz

    take care you save palestine ❤❤❤

  77. Molly Jo

    I want kids one day but this video was very interesting tho bc I’ve always been curious abt this. It was very eye opening & educational thank u for sharing

  78. Pierre Py

    It would have been proper journalism, at first, to ask all these immigrants what they voted for ?