Welcome to this channel, i do gameining related stuff at the moment but yeah

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  1. Coolew le gamer

    fortnite suks!!!

  2. minimum

    Omfg howww do they make this

  3. Shakib5708 Shakib

    I was born in 2010

  4. Billy life

    Dan tdm should have used that farm

  5. william vander voort

    The womanly catsup anteriorly improve because land bodily multiply during a slow gauge. important, scientific woman

  6. Gaming With NateLebb

    I’ve seen the last one like twice in a survival world. I didn’t even know it was that rare though so I just killed it

  7. Toddlers Gameplay

    When you get a seed with a full eye ended portal “you could have won the mega million 3000 times” When you do:I’ve one but at what cost.

  8. cappuccino baka

    I spawned in a world and there was this random massive square hole inthe ocean and and made massive water falls it was pre cool my friends could see it too until it kicked me out of my world and I couldn't get back in

  9. Mushroom man

    the scicraft server is just mind blowing

  10. golden0 egg

    8:10 wait,... was that lil nas pole [email protected]!

  11. Mr fluffles

    What are the odds of a hay bale spawning in a villager house?

  12. M17 bully

    The Clip Is Fake, The Mob Has A Sword

  13. Andrei Jayectin

    How do people even come up with these🤯🤯🤯


    i used wurst in minecraft cracked like tlauncher i use wurst in 1.16.1 I BET I BLOW UR MIND wurst is more to a pvp hack client

  15. MC Osprey

    The door is kinda simple as it’s repetitive but jnsainly tedouus

  16. girl

    Last one was disgusting but the others were awsome

  17. Megan Napper

    0:26 memory's unlocked 3:56 memory's unlocked 6:23 kingdom fallen unlocked 7:21 memory's unlocked 9:17 major memory's unlocked 10:21 not the many memory's unlocked

  18. MADEROTX 54

    5:40 XD

  19. Bcuber :D

    I did that on 4:18

  20. George Jackson

    I can not get a girlfriend

  21. George Jackson

    True lol

  22. SiIasosaurus_Rex

    Why is a Terraria song being played in a Minecraft video?

  23. Justin Y.

    I remember seeing a clan build a fully functional computer that could run a version of Doom

  24. Rã pipocudo

    3:13 This somehow remeber me the movie "player number 1" Imagine you in minecraft an then A GIANT HUMAN MADE OF BLOCKS ATACK YOUR BASE

  25. Azzie Boiii

    I’ve been subbed since 1k lol

  26. amanda spinelli

    4:58 am i the only one thinking if technoblade can canoicly make this everything can and will be blown up

  27. Mega Lucario • 60 years ago


  28. Superbux45

    Bed wars god bridges are CASUALS compared to the guys on the sci craft server.

  29. I’m not mad, I’m disappointed

    I love how many mumbo jumbo contraptions there are

  30. Thomas Barnett

    The first one is literally just a lag machine that my pc DEFINITELY would not be able to handle.

  31. Alex Æ

    Hey dude people keep stealing your content and posting it on tiktok

  32. Xi o

    Erm 2b2t about rarity

  33. Logan Singh

    Minecraft 1 biome be like: hey!

  34. Warturtle Watches

    I wish in minecraft you could switch off the cave sounds

  35. Crystal Child

    dont let pekora know this

  36. Mr. jagzy

    Minecraft players: let's make a Minecraft calculator Me: having trouble with a simple iron door

  37. Inku Bean

    lion maker was my favorite youtuber when i was little. after i found this out i was disgusted with him aswell. and i love minecraft still i do, but i joined the gacha community when it was good. not when the bad heat happend, only to find out theres pedofiles there, also the fnaf community aswell- all my favorite fandoms are creeping with these people. i hate it.

  38. Claire T

    I don’t even understand how red stone works normally, this is insane.

  39. bleeding edge

    Saying 60 hours seems a lot. When i played minecraft for 156 days and gta online for 238

  40. CraftingBanks

    My revenge: rarest thing: Sipover hitting 1 million

  41. LegendaryK12

    Your should have like 10 million Subscribers For This Amazing Videos..: )

  42. Лилия Павлова

    On gosh l miss the old pigmans;(

  43. Steamy


  44. Saint_ 41

    Me sees Bedrock he says Obsidian 0:26 me : Ah yes, Obsidian

  45. madison terry

    The shocking daughter advisably scatter because israel etiologically belong round a amuck radiator. tightfisted, groovy sneeze

  46. Gian Tae

    who the F wants a lag machine?

  47. Gh0stified_Editz ツ

    What are the odds of finding a village house in a cave?

  48. Ion Puggle

    He wasn’t lying about the very last one, at least not for me

  49. heartache


    1. heartache


  50. Frag

    Last one's so trueXD

  51. parsa dehrouyeh

    Hey just wanted to tell although technoblade razed fame in 2019 he has been uploading Minecraft content since 2013

  52. Diamond boy

    Ye but dream and technoblade are both for me the best they are identical

  53. Gh0stified_Editz ツ

    9:47 song name?

  54. Nullified___

    The very last one was the best in my opinion

  55. Gh0stified_Editz ツ

    6:23 can’t wait to see doom running on here

  56. Ginormous Garbanzos

    Cringe jokes

  57. Dean Szefler

    the biggest vein of connected diamonds you can possibly find is, 64! since diamonds can only spawn 1 vein in each chunk, if 4 eight veins spawned in a top corner of 4 chunks, then the 4 chunks ABOVE have 4 8 veins at the bottom, then you could get 64 diamonds in 1 place. then again, this is near impossible since you need 8 chunks, all next to each other, have an 8 vein of diamonds EACH, and in the right position. pretty rare!

  58. NEVE BG_Xx

    I love how terraria music is there Terraria is nostalgic

    1. NEVE BG_Xx

      @SamRay09 true

    2. SamRay09


  59. Liz Miller


  60. Scoutpandapal

    Makes me realize how long ago all of this stuff happened

  61. Anna Bickerton

    I like that you played Terraria music during the satisfying wave

  62. Harlequin

    inventions go brrrrr

  63. Sonic Ray

    Wow, look at that iMac with the Minecraft intro menu page!

  64. forgame

    I had found that 5 spawn cage before when I just start playing minecraft and never think about it, then abandon that world

  65. David Martin

    what was that last one about?

  66. ultimate_ pleb2739

    someone made a temple of notch you can make a religion out of this!

  67. TheImprovisedMan & Friends

    The IQ level of these people.. Imagine what they could do if they put their minds to real-life situations.. Creating a world that truly thrived.. 🙂

  68. Queen and Andy

    Where is LazarBeam???

  69. bacon cool

    Why hurt my feelings i want a girlfreind...

  70. J&K's TOYHOUSE

    I think its funny that their is terraria music in a minecraft videi

    1. J&K's TOYHOUSE


  71. Marci Turáni

    I am now convinced that the people on psycraft are all insane

  72. XX Gaming

    And brown panda

  73. XX Gaming

    I found pink sheep

  74. GeneralGorm

    Where's my brain

  75. Sajid Mahmud


  76. DarknersCreator

    Pokemon Red in Minecraft Thats the craziest thing I've ever saw in Minecraft.

  77. Yemirz

    I’ve been struck by light in mid air

  78. Rovem Laxa

    The last one is a great invasion. XD

  79. Dio Brando

    haha, wanna know your chance of getting a girlfriend? 1 in infinite