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  1. borger

    nice job milking every little last drop you can of rvb and rwby

  2. MweeSloth49

    PIZZAAAAAAA!!!! well thats a bummer

  3. AveryGwyn

    Love Sam asking the real questions, "Do you wanna go to Olive Garden, or fuck?"

  4. The Mr. Man

    *_rip tucker_*

  5. The Mr. Man

    *_get lopez deported_*

  6. Hey Alissa

    Roostedteeth backstabing each other. Im sure Monty hate if he see this...

  7. Sampson Brandon

    gah the animation

  8. AsashinDaka

    lol sis about to have a 3some

  9. Addibro

    I hope this carries the Red vs. Blue charm even without the reds and blues!

  10. Sampson Brandon

    i love the other seasons but re watching the series ive been excited for the moment Monty joined

  11. The eyed One

    Holy shit I remember when Watched the og videos and the fact that there animation has come this far is amazing

  12. Sampson Brandon

    "these things aren't as effective as they used to be" XD I love the meta joke about how they nerfed the pistols

  13. The Mr. Man


  14. Sampson Brandon

    i guess church isnt the only one having visions lol

  15. Bowen Orcutt

    You know, while it is kind of sad that blue team is down to just Tucker and Caboose now, I have to admit that they've always made a pretty good comedy duo.

  16. mentra1

    If only there was a way to watch all this content on YT... oh well

  17. insertgenericusernamehere

    Congratulations you're killing your own fanbase. Moving shit to your own website is going to lose views. It's pathetic and desperate.

  18. Virgo

    Holy shit washington screaming innrelif/frustration is amazing. Also, you tend to forget that Washington was the laughing stock of project freelancer, but a badass compared to the reds and blues

  19. mic 1133

    Tucker: Simmons what the fuck is this? Simmons: it was either her or the hot one who plays volleyball! Tucker: right so what the fuck is this!😂😂😂

  20. BlueFireLoki 2

    Where’s the Reds and the Blues we know they are still alive because so is Agent Carolina so where are they!

  21. Keith Croy

    Can I get a hell yeah if youd wear that mawl me daddy shirt

    1. Keith Croy


  22. Sampson Brandon

    So is hat Krovoses old body? XD

  23. Victor van Rijn

    Epic ProZD

  24. Roxas

    1:51 da fuck?

  25. alexander ho

    this show isn't very popular ? 2 hours and only 465 views 17 comments 48 likes really thought 1.03 million subscribers would have at less 5000 views in 2 whoke god damn hours. really think why this show is continuing great show by the way

  26. Virgo

    They were scared of doing one more time jump and donuts out here doin 700 leaps in a 10 minute battle sequence lol

  27. Black Pink Luv

    4:10 is yang watching rwby 😂

  28. ZIFU21

    how do carolina and wash not know spanish

  29. Virgo

    Singing destiny sisters is definitely something I'm going to steal

  30. Raymond Chapa

    Great video

  31. Virgo

    Sister is hawaiian confirmed

  32. ArtblockOnTheFrontLawn

    More RvB please.

    1. Jack Carpin

      They only have so man PSA so they have to spread them out because most people got fired or left

  33. numaTruehome 100

    That was hilarious

  34. Gaming Root

    800 boys

  35. Corey Majtyka

    Vacuo: where we don't care if you're human or fanus, we have plenty of problems already. If you can help out then you're welcome here.

  36. Gavin Kailey

    How has rooster teeth not made a tmnt series or movie yet?

  37. Natam

    Jasper seems very much fine with his death

  38. Pancake Dragon

    Same #steven universe

  39. José alejandro Reyes espino

    Men i want RWBY volumen 8 now where is it but put halloween special cawabunga

  40. Dustoo Mcnabb

    100 sum million views

  41. CosmicWolf58

    Imagine getting rid of rwby on KGup

  42. Kdeem lalla

    0:40 almost threw my phone across the room

  43. [ ThegamingJNT ]

    Dang Carolina is really cool...

  44. Richard Walker

    0:42 hotsisters.online

  45. Stephen Lucas

    Hello Sargent I’m in your head 2:59

  46. RAV

    bring back pyrrha ffs

  47. Rose Min


  48. zol4 99

    Well i still have my RWBY VOL 1 to VOL 7 in my dowloads

    1. TheMoonlightHD

      Premium KGup let’s you download, I think that’s what they mean

    2. Matthew Bradley

      Downloads? Like I tunes?

  49. TheMoonlightHD

    Taking RWBY off KGup is a pretty desperate move RT, that’s disappointing.

  50. William Folwell Shryock Cooke

    Four people in one video📷📹 nice😀.

  51. Lord Chanka

    Man it's depressing to see where you are rooster teeth all the original people are gone and you have a scandal with sexual harrassment what happened to the company that made a series called RvB and now your just milking that

  52. Riley Welch The Swagger


    1. Jack Carpin

      me to but i also want original rvb back

  53. _elijah__n


  54. Levellearner 4

    At what cost= lots of moneys

  55. Tmoose X


  56. Snow

    This is intense. Lmao

  57. UniCat Pops

    Agnes is where she deserves to be.

  58. Virgo

    As soon as tucker said "someone was watching" I immediately knew where they were headed lol

  59. Emir Game

    can you do a video where sarge go to hell and fight the demons of doom

  60. Cappers

    Me: Walks over to sad girl Sad Girl: Is about to throw something in trash Me: You don't have to do that Sad Girl: What About Starting Over Me: you don't have to destroy the past to have a future Also me: proceeds to hold hands My brain: this is going well LETS SPICE IT UP A LITTLE Me: take off your suit Sad Girl: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  61. Rulerforsure Awaits for his destiny

    Ok I didn’t know that church was dating Carolinas mother

  62. silviohohne


  63. Mike wazowski_69

    1:03 i dont know why but i felt a sudden surge of happiness and almost cried

  64. mike bruise

    billie eilish ocean eyes

  65. Sampson Brandon

    Ohhh im just realizing it was Charons chairman he talks to for some reason I thought it was the former director

  66. Mister Wubbles

    Just coming back here to remember the good times before RT started burning down. Might not be long before they pull these episodes like they did RWBY.

  67. El viciado

    This and Dbza are the best series I ever seen

  68. Joey Alvarado

    Anybody else reliving childhood? 2020 baby

  69. fablies andrade

    Similar to the halo up to the armor and the cars but it can be an inspiration.