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  2. Dawn Hoffman

    Hello. I just wanted to send you a message. I follow “My thoughts will probably offend you” by Michellle McDaniel (and her dog Yoshi 😜) She did a video about you and the snails. Don’t know if you have seen it but she defended you. Anyway. Just want to tell you that people can be stupid. When I was your age I reacted that way when there was an ONION on my plate!!! I don’t know what I would have done if there was a SNAIL there!!! Ugh... you are beautiful and people get jealous because of that. (I had to tell my daughter that all the time). It has NOTHING to do with money.

  3. Riya Helen

    Dixie: “Isn’t this food so good” Still dixie” Omg is this a snail” STILL dixie *throws up* Charli “dO wE hAvE aNy dInO nuGGeTs

  4. Emely Morales


  5. Genesis Lantz

    Everybody in the comments need to calm down their just trying to be funny and mistakes happen their not perfect and people in the comments are also not perfect so stop saying mean stuff about charli and dixie

  6. Student Kaitlyn Mendez

    ya'll need to stop hateing on dixie if someone would have given me a snail then i most defiantly would have thrown up I get it charli was swearing that she's iconic sis only blew up just for dancing 😐 like anyone can do that.

  7. 。゚。liv 。゚。

    honestly, james saying “was the 95 million not enough for you?” gives me life cause they were being so terrible

  8. sofia mirleys sanchez zuñiga


  9. Among Us


  10. musa ali gamer

    So I don't know this "da'melio family" my friend said that they are actually really famous so this is the first video that I am watching and tbh it is just weird...

  11. Among Us

    So disappointed James Charles is the calm one

  12. Ireland Osten

    i love you James <3<3<3

  13. Janny Gaming

    No one literally no one Them Winning 300,000 Dollars to Give to their fans and donate Them: Living the life lol

  14. Josh Alt

    4:28 is just embarrassing 😳

  15. Maria Ella

    Ungrateful brats! 😃👍🏻

  16. itsStar

    Why do people want to cancel the damelios like wouldn’t u throw up if you had snails🤢

  17. Fatima Al-Katheeri

    James was so professional.❤️❤️

  18. Ahries

    I only like here is the outro by James Charles. He also recognize the Chef 👍

  19. WelcometoChynna

    I would let James Charles at my dinner table anyway after watching this!!!

  20. Jebin Zooni

    Awww so cute

  21. Aan Aducal

    Yung dalawa parang may mga sira ulo🙄🤣

  22. Grecia Madrid Torres

    oh this family is so horrible and dramatic really poor cook

  23. Grecia Madrid Torres


  24. Grecia Madrid Torres

    Buh poor cook

  25. Grecia Madrid Torres

    Oh Jesus, a horrible family

  26. Lylann Phan

    Tu veux vraiment plus d abonné 🥺

  27. cloudzinmyize

    Looks like the D' asshat sisters are going to be our next generation beauty influencers. You know it's problematic Morphe who will sign anyone. 🤑🤑🤑 Ugh. can they please go away now !

  28. Holly S

    Does anyone else just not have a problem with this video

  29. aed thekidd

    That was kinda rude when James sat down and the mom said “we thought it was gonna be like a hugely famous person” 😳😥 James is like super famous!

  30. Fahad Adel

    James : talks talks talks TALKS Dixie : food food food Dad: mmmm ya ya okay mmmm. Hmm mmm ok Mom : ya rember that time when blah blah Charlie : I am scared of James James again : no nu uh babe

  31. Romina Vera

    Dixie, you literally suck, you and your sister are spoiled, who do not think that there are people who do not have food and you doing the fine, then they talk about humility.

  32. Yael Lujan

    Poor pewdiepie 100m in 10 years and charli in 1 year

  33. braylie Jane

    I don’t know why y’all are hating. Y’all know good dang and well y’all wouldn’t eat snails either, also Dixie has a gag reflex and the snails were a joke. Y’all are so quick to judge just because y’all don’t have any fame. Get over it. It’s a stupid snail

    1. Shreyas shintre

      Yeah but it’s not just that, they acting like 12 year olds and are so dramatic. Dixie is 19 and isn’t immature at all, we hating for a reason. Also the fact that they get fame for shaking their hands

  34. Memealicious _YT

    charlie is the favorite child

  35. Lucy Jean

    Ok but Dixie literally said she was nauseous before they even ate so stop bashing her.

  36. Wisnaiter


  37. Pinkiπ ProTM

    what's wrong with you Dixie the chef gives you a good meal to pay him that way and in front of James Charles you are rude with money you dont't pay your head think 🙄

    1. Pinkiπ ProTM

      @Tony_ Slytherclaw Yes

    2. Tony_ Slytherclaw

      If u remember she said she was nauseous before even starting to eat.

  38. MC JuN【频道】


  39. fina

    If I would sit there with other people like the way dixie did my Mum would've killed me. so disrespectful omg.

  40. Denisse Martinez Garcia

    Quien de México? Jaja

  41. Keira Stars

    James looked so done when she said she wanted 100mil XD


    173k dislike wtf ¿Why?

    1. Shreyas shintre

      Did you not watch the video and see the disrespect?


    Y los perritos pasando por ahí 😂😂 dale like si amas a los d'amelio ❤ porque yo si y mucho

  44. Steven Galyean

    That JUST Water 💧

  45. hongluv

    ¿Por qué dixie actúa así? Me pone nerviosa. Pobre chef al tener que bancar eso todos los días.

  46. xNiah Naih

    Nobody.. Not Even James. Charlie: Do We HaVe DiNo NuGgEtS

  47. Liam Teagarden

    Legit stop hating so much like they act how I would expect a lot of teenagers to act. Also, if you do more research before hating cause that’s so easy then you would see there ain’t even anything to have a controversy over. Calm down everyone

    1. Shreyas shintre

      Dixie is not a fcking teenager, she’s a n adult and acts like she’s 13, she’s not mature at all😂😂

  48. Lilmariliz Villanueva

    I don’t think that everybody should attack them for this video because the only thing that I see is a normal family having a normal dinner. Just because their are famous doesn’t mean that they are perfect, because we all are humans. I can say that all of the people that are judging eats worst and don’t respect anyone even their parents.

    1. Shreyas shintre

      Yeah but actin like little kids? Dixie is an adult and acting so immature

  49. Shreyas shintre

    The fact that James was the only one that praised the chef is just sad😔

  50. Mishi Mische

    Omg only james carry this show

  51. Iraq plays

    Mr best did the honey ad better

  52. Asparagus 31

    Like really Charli is so ungrateful. Like James said wasn’t the 95 million enough

  53. pepper mint

    one word..entitlement... thats what you get - all this overdramatic, I can have anything attitude teenagers. honestly, i just hope this drama makes them realize the wrong and be more grounded. having this huge platform and still not be thankful plus this whole video looks very awkward and oh man notice how the mum looks like she's about to yell at her daughter's megadramatic behavior.

  54. Enrique Pineda

    Maleducadas, son parasitos

  55. John Blaze

    James seems like a normal person the Family act like weirdos

  56. ꧁Norami Chaidsu꧂

    15:09 Wow Charli.. So we are just numbers?

  57. hasnah salsabila

    “EvEn NuMbEr”😔😔

  58. Morena Roglia

    Yo creo que fue algo irrespetuoso que hagan eso delante del chef algo más de respeto

  59. kim sanitizer

    everyone: talking how they being disrespectful me : why charli facial expression change so fast , its weird having a smiley face and laugh than a straight up face all sudden

  60. LollipopPlayz

    James was maybe right about the "last ever dinner w the amelio"

  61. LollipopPlayz

    What's their subscriber before this video?

  62. Ludivine Meriaux

    Poor dixie

  63. saladepasvegan

    Charlie = 🗑️💩

    1. Shreyas shintre

      Don’t forget Dixie

  64. That Onedude

    What’s with the crazy facial expressions and mannerisms that both of these girls are making? Looking pretty autistic. Talk about undeserved ego and opportunity with this family.

  65. Grace Harkin

    Charli’s laugh tho...


    Love charli(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)😍❤️

  67. Dingle McCringleberry

    you lot are a bunch of snowflakes 😭🤣😭

  68. Basuca Neyly

    Los que no entienden lo que dicen en inglés de su like XD

  69. andres and anthony

    this what you call animals

  70. Gian Ihap

    Thats so mean chef try his best to cook good foods for you guys and u just like so ungratefull to have like those foods

  71. Rhojie Robles

    Unsubscribe this two Bratty!!!

  72. Bellah Zamora

    heidi is a bad mother .

  73. Music Tzitzos


  74. Mateo Blanco

    The hello james charles charli damelio💚💚💚💚

  75. Meneertje A

    why the fuck are they disrespecting their cheff l gonna unfollow Charlie bye bye

  76. Sara Moessle

    Are they serious with this show??? It should be the first and last show just like the dad said is sow weird and awkward. And does two girls need some manners yes they still teenagers but wow they acting like little kids . Thumbs down 👎 a thousand time

  77. Mhyzel Obingayan

    What a brat

  78. MeJustAimy

    ​​I came to this video wondering what all the hype was about this family (never heard of them before) and see no problem?? Like I thought they actively swearing making rude comments.. etc. I'm guessing charlie and dixie are the twins.. and are kids right? umm.. they are acting according to their age lol. Im surprised people are expecting them to be all sitting up straight and 'proper' and having a 'mature' convo when they're 17 or so. I was the same at their age lol, now im 23, and am just starting to learn/know how to not get distracted and make good convo with someone. Idk why everyone is annoyed. But I guess maybe if I knew them they usually act different idk

  79. Cynthia siesson Toha

    Namber charli

  80. YoSoyFoxyYT