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  1. coi santos

    Halsey Let'sssssssssssssssss go Baby!!!!!!!

  2. Ralf bersabal

    damn never gonna see vids like this anymore

  3. Ashten Crowdis


  4. Ja Sinto

    Português pleace!!

  5. Row

    When’s the next podcast

    1. Euan

      There won’t be another podcast for a while

  6. Cheeseball The great

    A series of unfortunate events?

  7. Manabe


  8. nuiqne


  9. Daniel Greif

    Anyone knows what Mics they are using? 🤔

  10. Daniel Greif

    Anyone knows what Mics they are using? 🤔

  11. Iced Out

    Can someone give me a timestamp when Maddison talked about the biggest compliment that a fan give her

  12. Đam Mê Cá Và Hoa


  13. itzz giselll


  14. terrence neese

    14:30 . yea you didn't watch the whole thing because you came in the first 5 min. creepy ass old man.

  15. Letsdothisthing

    What a pos

  16. Polly Sally


  17. Zingibain

    David. Dobrik. Isn’t. Funny.

  18. I Died

    Most boring people in one room bruh

  19. I Died

    😴 💤 this is painful

  20. Goldie Broer

    I’m sorry Charli I didn’t know you didn’t like me having photos of you in my camera roll

  21. samf itzpatrick

    Boo you’re cancelled

  22. fedaniel4

    maybe the next video is the end of the show. thank u.

  23. jojo

    lmao people are so triggered over some bs

  24. Eshmal Waqar


  25. HustCrafty YT

    J is only 47 lol

  26. Jane

    get your feet off the furniture, madison

  27. SunStar 2003

    Who the hell is that random girl? Is she some sort of delusional case that thinks she’s famous and since this generation is like that they all pretend to go along with it?

  28. Jikes Badoodle

    I really Miss the podcast, when are you coming back? :( But also take the Time you need!

  29. MaggieAttanasov

    All of you are 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  30. Ryan Bishop

    I was a big fan, but you guys gave up and that's honestly sad, NEVER GIVE UP, regardless of this bull shit you guys are going threw stand up for yourself a and what you believe

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  32. Alexandra Čertíkova


  33. Steliqna Hristova

    Can anyone tell where Char say the f word(what minute)

  34. Vivi_Playz


  35. Ludovic Sarrazin

    what did he do Im not aware??? Pls tell me

    1. Hamza Hameed

      I don't know

  36. Jordan Gamble

    David come backkkk

  37. Sarra. Off

    22:36 charli was actually so cute ❤️🥺🥺

    1. Poops Shit


  38. Z10N_Cl4N _

    I feel like dipplo doesn't like you or is it just me ????

  39. Adam Helsing

    Google says 5'9 david

  40. Hollow Point

    Who would cheat on Madison wtf

    1. Farid Velazquez

      She's a really shallow girl irl that's why

  41. Marco Coelho

    most recent comment is from two days ago? that doesn't seem right

  42. Estela Vasquez

    Not anymore

  43. Nany Makita

    David:let,s talk The comments is close THEN HOW TF YOU WE CAN TALK YOU FACKIN DUMB

  44. SEE YOU

    Please put subtitles for songs your Turkish fans too much

  45. Loloinnit

    Be happy rn that I am giving you money off this comment because that money about to be gone 😻👺

  46. julia

    am i the only one who thinks natalie looks really ugly?

    1. dean G


  47. Dillan Mistry

    It’s meee

  48. Leona ASMR

    I love David man 😭

  49. Tyler R

    Every comment on here the same damn thing yo🙄 blah blah blah “Let’s Talk” blah blah blah, “comments are turned off” y’all grow tf up you can hate this mf and be original🤦🏾‍♂️ y’all copy and paste mfs can just like the comment

    1. Hamza Hameed

      David: Let's Talk David: Turns of comments

    2. ̇

      Let's talk.

  50. Criiinge Worthyyy

    Literally just want content😢miss the podcast, been a fan since day one so Ik it was all jokes, doesn’t even need to b a “scandal” the podcast lowkey got me thru tasks I didn’t feel like doing and I hate having to settle for less entertaining content😤

  51. Aleasha clark

    Isn’t it a law in California that famous kids can’t work if their failing school. Lol isn’t that a thing or am I crazy lol

    1. Mia Bearns

      good thing they ain’t from california then

    2. Ariana Moran

      They aren’t even California citizens they moved a year ago so idk how it works for them.

  52. Aleasha clark

    Thank god they brought security 😂

  53. Fly Drew

    Next Up ?

  54. anders nilsen

    tbh i dont give a shit about the drama going on.. this guy is entertaining af to watch

    1. Fly Drew

      Next Up ?➡️

  55. Gabriela Molina

    It was april 9th yesterday! Few minutes ago :) hope the hip surgery went well

  56. Gabby Chipner

    People with online or even face to face they are both super difficult and but for charli I have 8 hour of school and I'm in 7th grade so that's is nothing compared to what I do and not top I that I have volleyball practice and after school thing but even with people with nothing after it's still difficult but I don't want to through shame I'm just trying to say that what your doing is somewhat compared to what my school does sorry I don't want to mean by that but like just saying I love you Charlie ❤❤

  57. Fly Drew

    Next Up? ➡️

  58. Nic ,

    Well fuck I think that’s the end of an era. It’s been a good run David!

  59. Denise Wood


    1. Fly Drew

      Next Up? ➡️

  60. Dariel

    He and the vlog squad, are monetized until further notice from youtube itself lol

  61. RainFN


  62. RainFN


  63. RainFN


  64. lazurite kitten

    Your bubbly vivaciousness is soooo fake. 🤢 I bet you're a miserable person inside David you God damn sociopath.

  65. ramo M.

    so no Sponsorships means no more videos?? gee thanks loved the whole " i only make videos to make people happy/laugh"

  66. JOBY

    Wait, what's happening?

  67. Monky Dollqueen


  68. Killemsaqt

    I miss u David

  69. joedits games

    So are they together???

    1. spcllmans

      nope she’s with nick austin

    2. Fly Drew

      Next Up? ➡️

  70. Jacob Edgar

    Yeah Madison is hot... but that Rolex Daytona though. 😬

    1. Fly Drew

      Next Up? ➡️

  71. Al Hakim98

    Ada d beranda apa disini ada orng indonesia juga

  72. The Native Creative

    Sun. We all need sun. Except Madison. She needs to just own feeling confident and drop the slightly disingenuous technique of trying to disarm people (chicks) by advertising how "awkward" you feel at any given time. It might be misinterpreted as insensitive or a phishing as opposed to humble and unassuming. It's okay to be aware you're pretty and talented.

    1. Fly Drew

      Next Up? ➡️

  73. Faraaz Mir

    It was going good. You had to fuck it up 🙃

  74. ampavoo

    .....................................AND THEN THE WHOLE TRIP CAME TO AN END..............................................SAVE YOUR MONEY DAVID !!! know what i'm saying

  75. Little Boy


  76. Tooka Nimmes

    Well considering I'm homeschooled and work upwards of 16 hours a week...guess I'm missing the best years of my life lol

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  78. Kayla Richard

    Of course marc and Heidi doesn’t care if charli swears because she makes the family money 🤡

    1. Katie Rac

      dude she’s 16 turning 17 shes old enough

  79. Alessandro Ott

    I dont give a fuck about what happend years ago and neither do i give a shit if David is a bad person or not as long as i can watch entertaining Videos. Please Post again David

  80. Exility

    12:22 is when charli swears

    1. lnconceal