1. rita sparks

    From i just want to stay home and eat chips to this

  2. sevval celepci

    She deserves more views :(


    Very nice song


    Why does it sounds like I went back to the 80s?

  5. Skullz 101

    U get my like , cool vid gorgeous 😏


    awsome video i loved it your a amazing singer i had a idea you should do a music video with mellisa dancing in it with you im your biggest fan


      yeah funniest epasoide

  7. Lama Amazing

    i am so hungry

  8. Selena Stephens

    I love it girl, you are blowing ❤❤❤❤

  9. Chana's Jewish Life

    This is the best song I’ve every seen in my whole life. And Kenzie you are so pretty and such a good dancer and is amazing at everything. This is how much people think the same thing as me. 👇

  10. Carolina Stella Rabello


  11. Khanyiso Mlindi

    Girl this song deserves more views

  12. Sim B

    The guy kinda looks like Shawn Mendes from a side profile 😂

  13. Janiha Smith

    Donuts and exhale are my two favorite songs

  14. i Ryu

    Isn't song addictive?

  15. Tehilla Salumu

    3:17 is the thumbnail teeehee

  16. Salsabil Itaoui

    I don’t even understand the song

  17. babieangel jeno

    Next song should be "Stay Home and Eat Chips"

  18. eddmat

    I love donuts so much that’s why I love this song🍩

  19. Alina Ivanov

    no one: me doing donuts coming back this song: 💖🍩💖🍩💖🍩💖🍩💖

  20. Nayonika Kapoor

    Idk how u can make a song sound so good like wow

  21. Noorhan

    This song is so catchy ngl

  22. sol_choque uwu

    I love


    I love this song so much I just can't stop listening to it.

  24. Polly s2

    Dance mons

  25. Janea Cubon

    Kenzie is pretty and also the dog in the background at 1:13

  26. PAULISLIT xxx

    Kenzie this song was FIRE 🔥

  27. MVR


  28. Amelia Parker

    I love your new video #donuts I love it and I love u Kenzie your so awesome!

  29. B E A U T Y

    Wait, this song is actually good like why doesn't this have a lot of views?

  30. Random E

    Giving Dua Lipa a run for her money here!

  31. Abigail Pérez

    Ya me gustoooo tu canción prra

  32. Rosalinda Eshmon Eshun

    This is amazing o

  33. Brooke Meier

    I love you kenzie

  34. Nhi Tran

    We can relate to this “I want to stay home and eat chips” More like “I want to stay home and eat donuts” young Kenzie finally grown up before our eyes 😭🥱

  35. i Ryu

    Who listens dozens of times?

  36. Mark Watson

    Pathetic ashamed to have watched it

  37. Staley Meier

    Can we just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful Kenzie is like, im so jelly.

  38. nesh

    kinda mad she didn’t have cars doing donuts in this vid

  39. nesh

    so in love w this song

  40. jhalak godhwani

    Who is happy that kenzie sended Johnny a donut cover and gifts

    1. Aparna Anand


  41. tiana Jovanovic

    dua lipa nostalgia vibes

  42. Valeria Freyre

    Kenzie you still killing everything!

  43. Loyalty

    Is it just me or does it seem like she sings like she’s older than her age? Not a bad thing just asking...

  44. Mary Qoja

    I love u soo much Mackenzie I just want to meet u I remembered u in dance moms you were so young omg you’ve grown

  45. Molly McCready

    This is a great song Kenzie Congrats ILYSM

  46. karen feng

    y'all see nia in the beginning? dunno if y'all remember nia from dance moms but she in this vid.


    in the second 0:20 nia sioux comes out

  48. Issa MiaBear

    NIA WAS IN IT 😍😍

  49. Issa MiaBear

    I'm so proud of kenzi ☺️

  50. HAWUNGTODAY하웡투데이

    All I wanna do is...just stay home and eat donuts

    1. 유하린


  51. Sadie Rosalws

    who else notcided nia

  52. Typical Weirdo here

    Kenzie in 2012: I Just Wanna Stay Home And Eat Chips Kenzie in 2020: I Just Wanna Stay Home And Eat Donuts

  53. Olivia

    Best song ever ❤️🥺


    [cool] 😎

  55. Sofia Barker

    This is painfully underrated omg. amazing job Kenz you're so talented!

  56. Red lucozade

    All the dislikes are abby and all her fake accounts

  57. luisa branchini

    Your voice it's SOOO 🤩🤩👌👌

  58. amanda sanchez

    oh kenzie ... boyfriends every week for me ..i like the song tho

  59. Kavya_pro1

    I can’t believe she in only 15

  60. Benjamin Fabunmi

    I am so happy to se Kenzie and Nia together I am so happy

    1. Benjamin Fabunmi

      It is great to see

  61. acorns are corny

    This song would fit in a cartoon

  62. Furhana Motlib

    Verse 1 find me on Tuesday night for take off i don’t wanna waste no time what you want? Doing circles going 70 dont wanna be a fine line that you zig zag Givin you a new baseline To tip tap you’re still playing are you kidding me? what you gotta say you aint gotta phrase No (Just say you want it!) Thought you need space Now you at my place Hell no (Ok be honest) why you playing safe Run another base or go home (Just say you want it) where u goin? Come on I’m on sunset Chorus you’re doing donuts Right up my street Yo whats the hold up Pull up on me Going round, and round, going right around me around me Going round, and round, going right around me around me You’re doing donuts So supa sweet sprinkle dat focus What does that mean? Verse 2 think it’s time to wrecking ball the chit chat see where all the feelings fall You catch that throw your body where its ‘spose to be (In my bed) Pre Chorus PLS LIKE TOOK FOREVER

  63. Jello Games

    I love how this is like her first song related to this

  64. Mariam Hovakimyan

    this is so dawn gooddd

  65. ryu-kun

    this is so ✨ a e s t h e t i c ✨

  66. Hi Bye



    I'm sorry but kenzie has a boyfriend every week. Like girly u should take time. And I don't mean 1 month, I mean like a year. But shes happy with this guy so be it right?

  68. sudhiksha manoj

    kenzie - sings about donuts cakes and chocolates- so are we next? like if you understand..👍

  69. Priyadharsini T

    I have a million views to this song , I love it that much, Kenzie is such an amazing creator, amazing costume, good theme Love it

  70. Xanna X

    I love the whole vibe of this

  71. Tiana Jones

    I love you thank you so much

  72. H o n e y B e e

    Is it just me or did I see Nia 👁👄👁

    1. MR POST MAN

      That's Dylan and Emily

  73. Jaimee Lucas

    In my opinion, she could've been a big singer! If she continued consistently releasing music after "it's a Girl Party."

  74. Tiffany Tan

    It's been a week,and we are still only on 400k something,I'm so sorry kenz

  75. Elena ræ

    Warum hat sie bis jetzt nur so wenig Aufrufe ?!

  76. Vanessa Kehlani

    This song is so good 🥺

  77. Valerie Gamboa

    Abby can't compare you to maddie now you get em sister

  78. Rylee Tennyson

    I love that dude in the car behind kenzie just chilling with is dog, like same bro 😂

  79. Alyssa Morton


  80. Aya

    that sparkling top aint for.a 16 y.o.