I'm Smooth McGroove and I make acapella arrangements of video game songs.

My cat's name? He's Charl :3

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  1. MilesMXGT

    Welcome back, man! 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  2. 제네시스

    으악 고양이 귀여워 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  3. zaza inverse

    Memories OMG

  4. Bedirhan Çavdar

    Oh.. you back :)

  5. The Lone Spooner

    This feels so good with headphones on.

  6. Weegeeguy01

    The enemies never even get to move in this version

  7. Christian Cashman

    *my ears are once again very happy*

  8. Christian Cashman


  9. mack24 might just be great

    Alot of checkmarks down here


    Request:tekken 3 jin kazama theme

  11. Severinsen

    If I ever go to a court, this is what I'll be imagining in my head.

  12. Richie Transformers

    Wie immer Perfekt.!!!

  13. oiuet souiu

    Watch to the end, it gets funs :)

  14. c7o2


  15. Michał Kwiatkowski

    I wish i found your channel sooner its amazing

  16. XenoFan

    It's just so good to see this legend back here.

  17. Busmann _

    Damnit I'm late, but still, great to have you back

  18. Janet Chambers

    i love his music

  19. GamingDude217

    Jesus is a fan of Tetris

  20. のどあめ

    I want to listen your yoshi star gyalaxy!

    1. oiuet souiu

      Smooth McGroove is the only person i've ever seen take a break from youtube multiple times and not get fucked over royally by the algorithm.

  21. Nugboy 420

    Another good game

  22. Nugboy 420

    Fuckin good game

  23. Nugboy 420

    Not enough bubbles!

  24. Nugboy 420


  25. Nugboy 420

    Sounds good papa

  26. Nantai

    Make Cannonball from mmz3 pls

  27. Nugboy 420

    I buttered it up up? Anyone watching with captions knows what I’m sayin

  28. Nugboy 420

    Just now noticing that was 2.Almost5 MILLION subs not 2.5k holy cow

  29. Los Pasatiempos de Jimmy

    You are back! Yeah! Don't go away for so long :(

  30. Nugboy 420

    Good for you happy you are healthy! Do some snes mega man x. We love you

  31. Nugboy 420

    It’s been a long time since you posted though I only found you yesterday and my son is obsessed with you I’m glad you kept it going. Keep up the good work

  32. Dennis Johnson

    The bah bah has return

  33. Boxhead

    3D dot heroes "breakout" would be super hype

  34. Player One Ready!

    Thanks Jesus he is back!

  35. Robert Beste

    This is correct.

  36. Haroune 190


  37. Aidan Baldwin

    Love the cat at 1:17. He cuddles it continuously

  38. Cris

    I'm glad to see that the legend came back

  39. Cyrus Durham

    This is a vibe

  40. Galo O.E

    I don't understand why this have *subtitles*

  41. jph `

    I was blond and my bro had brown hair, so he was Ryu and I was Ken, and it was fair since they were basically the same.

  42. Rishii Danan

    He smack He crack But most importantly He back

  43. kitsune

    amazing hair and beard, i could never grow it that big though ):

  44. Masterofallthesticks


  45. Fruit Punch Samurai

    yoooo that voice what the jesus

  46. Nagoragama

    So glad to see you again!

  47. Fruit Punch Samurai

    glad to hear you are ok, try to not overdo it please, i need you in my youtube asap. But really,. thank lord you are ok and ready to rumble.

  48. Lucas Fortes


  49. Fruit Punch Samurai

    so much talent, dude you are inspiring, and what the heck this song is op

  50. Ramil Javier

    281 people were suplexed along with the Phantom Train

  51. WeroPlayer2

    Omg!!! MAGIC!!! Waooo i like this song are the best bro

  52. Mark Mark

    I like how 28 years later this is still the best song :)

  53. The Epic Announcer [TEA]

    could you maybe do Cape Crustacian from Shantae Half Genie Hero Acapella? here is video on what it sounds like. kgup.info/get/laOGoKalep6UfX8/video&t

  54. Benjamin Trout

    0:15 - bottom towards the right.

  55. Juan Camilo Romàn Panesso

    You came back !!!!

  56. Sean Baker

    Hey, you're back! Good to see you.

  57. Joel Peters

    I swear to Sega on high they better port Sonic 3 again. Curse you Michael Jackson family controversy!!!

  58. Otarr

    Welcome back buddy. You’re the best!!!

  59. Volvagia´s Blaze

    Smooth McGroove is the only person i've ever seen take a break from youtube multiple times and not get fucked over royally by the algorithm.

  60. Giant Skeleton5

    Good to hear your feeling well again

  61. Josef Prado Sanchez

    Te amo

  62. Mrkittyhead

    He’s back!!!!!

  63. GrahamChapman

    God, I've missed BAH BAH papa. This year started rough, but hopefully this is a good sign.

  64. zdvxr

    The subtitles thinking this is a foreign language

  65. ASRAP 151

    Can i replace de sounds of the game for yours sounds?

  66. Sean Reynolds

    Something new for my downloads welcome back😁😁😁

  67. zdvxr

    Smooth when he had the Mario Cap on scares me

  68. Isak Cady

    The groove is back!

  69. pugtrees

    Loving this!

  70. 月的廢片頻道

    Deaf people open the subtitles watching this : *BAH BAH BAH*

  71. Renaissance Man

    Wow this is awesome. Not only are you an inspiration for music but now for health. I’m looking up Anthony William now because maybe he can help with my autoimmune issues. I’m happy you’re back.

  72. Evandro Almeida

    Were you are? I miss you!

  73. Thomas the comment rater

    Double cherry pass, please

  74. Yo soy Juanca

    comentario 10,596, increible musica

  75. Dave Moulie

    Can you do Among Us?

  76. Evil olivE

    Its so good to hear this man's beautiful voice again. Finally... something positive returns in 2021. Welcome back Smooth, take good care of yourself, okay?

  77. Lord Starvast

    At 1:10 I was expecting way more staccato intensity!

  78. jj solstice


  79. tann

    Smooth McGroove has returned 2021 isn’t so bad after all