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  1. David Gonzalez

    I wish that if you were playing offline you could pause it. Sometimes we need to get up for a sec to check on a child or let the dog out cause he's going to vomit, or answer a phone call, or hide our controller from our boss, let me pause if I'm offline.

  2. Gob Sauce

    I’m a lil annoyed they kept world tendency that shit was str8 up stupid tho I respect the ambition


    Imagine they add two players offline option one play with Peter and other one with miles

  4. Dale Stoddard

    Bless the Bluepoint team. Their remakes are some of the greatest games of all time.

  5. Kallam Junintho

    i just want to see the nexus

  6. Seth Raman

    The game looks great and kudos to them for taking on the challenge on remastering a classic. I am a little disappointed that there is no 6th archstone though, I feel like it was a missed opportunity.

  7. Ben Adelaide

    Seriously-Demon Soul’s the most requested remake? A game almost no one played (in the PlayStation player-verse)- and a game that was overshadowed by every other future From Software game..,. Even though I don’t like it - even I know that Bloodborne is the most asked for remake game. As for a Bluepoint’s Shadow of the Colossus... it was technically good, but it was painfully obvious it was an ‘old’ game.... I fear the same thing for Demon Soul’s Edit - he thinks the big change is the load times... so... you didn’t need to update anything?.... rose coloured PR glasses

  8. Raul Santos

    Can someone help me? I'm still a little confused. I'm upgrading from PS3 to PS5 Disk-version and - obviously - I wanna play Spider man. So should I buy a PS4 remastered + PS5 Miles disk OR can I go directly to PS5 Ultimate edition?? I want to be able to play both games (2018 and 2020), it's what a meant.

    1. indy921

      Ultamate edition has both but if you buy Miles Morales for ps5 on the title screen it will give you the option to buy spiderman remasterd. Is that what you ment?

  9. Christos Chatzisavvas

    Bluepoint is a gift, they've yet to make a bad game; on the contrary, everything they touch is instant gold. This is the reason I'm buying a PS5 day one and this interview just solidified my decision.

  10. hellsgate700

    my tail is wagging

  11. Hi was geht

    I wish blue point could remake Bioshock 1

  12. Виталий Васильев

    Почему не включают , хоть показывали бы ,,Меню,, PlayStation-5.

  13. snip3r416

    Precious memories now days it’s just Zoom calls

  14. Shay

    So Miles vs Electro would be the shortest fight in history huh.

  15. Stickman Arena

    WiFi router ???

  16. Vodkannibis

    Thankyou for this!

  17. Rango N

    You can't make the 6th archstone without miyazaki

  18. Dai 大

    So they basically just did visual work.. and got lazy on everything else. They should have balanced the game..

  19. hanselthecaretaker

    Maybe it’s because I’m watching vs playing and there not being a hud, but it’s odd seeing nary a flinch from the player character after taking some of those heavy attacks. That’s pretty much my biggest concern is about the feel and presentation of those combat nuances. The visual feedback of being hit even with a shield up needs to reflect any stamina loss with at least a bit of push back or slight stagger.

  20. Dai 大

    While I respect it, this is basically useless.. would rather play the original with it's charming look. Not fixing world tendency, item load, etc.. Had an opportunity to make the game good (considering how old it is).


    Please make the 6th arch stone I’m an og original Demon’s Souls player (Platinum) no guide and it’s something we as the original community wanted. Do it as DLC with guidance from FromSoft!

  22. Liam Thompson

    Can you activate camo mid-anim in case some comes around the corner while you're performing a takedown?

  23. Jeremy cr

    never played it ,is it really that good?

  24. GADAS

    If only Unisoft learned how to optimize games better :)

  25. The last View Ever!

    Spider-Man MM and Demon souls remake day 1 for sure.

  26. Yidaki

    Accidentally clicks delete

  27. TheGreatDabdos

    This is just fueling my thirst for Spider-man remastered and Spider-man Miles Morales

  28. Yidaki

    0:33 are we just gonna ignore the photo of techno viking in the music book?????

  29. Bernardo Lopes da Costa

    No Sixth Archstone tho :(

  30. The last View Ever!

    "Bluepoint are gods" ‐Maximillian Dood

  31. Niche

    I'm quite disappointed. Of course, I'm still VERY interested in this, but them backing off from the sixth archstone isn't " true to the vision ". Rather, that's the opposite. there's no sixth archstone not by choice, but due to monetary/time constraints.

    1. Steven Branas

      They didn’t want to implement the 6th arch stone without direct involvement from fromsoft directly, as the developer has great respect for the title and doesn’t want to implement content that isn’t in the same vein of the existing game without the creator’s input. That’s not to say it can’t happen in the future. When he talked about it he seemed pretty cryptic.

  32. Anthony Mugianesi

    The Road is f*cking amazing, GoD does give a lot of that vibe

  33. Tyler West

    0:30 Miles: Hey Jonah Looking Good

  34. Royale

    What about new enemy mobs????

  35. Rorickson the Grey

    We need this for PC...

  36. SwinnyUK

    Please give us the option to play the original from within the remake! I'm very concerned about the visual changes that make no sense with the lore as well as the atmosphere which, IMO, the original has the greatest atmosphere of any game ever. So if we could have access to the original, I'd be happy. No complaints from me, in that case. Plus, it'd be nice to have it properly preserved. I'd appreciate it :) I do like the look of the remake, however. I can't wait to play it.... I'm refreshing Amazon every hour to try and get a PS5 preorder, lol, and have been for the past month. No luck so far, but I do hope to play this on launch day. Just, please, include the original. You guys already have it up and running, right? There's absolutely no reason to not include the original.

  37. Faishal Azizi

    I want that Dark Soul mineral bottle

  38. roshiron 18

    It would be cool to get the sixth archstone as DLC. I hope I warm up to the impact animations as I play it, the rest of the game looks really good as is.

  39. Vydel Hicks

    Can you imagine if sony bought bluepoint and remade every ps2 classic including the original gow and dmc or even way back to ps1 days and remade legend of dragoon in 4k?

    1. xQn89

      legend of dragoon, legacy of kain and parasite eve. it would make this gen the best hands down

  40. András Lux

    I have only one question. Do they include a native 4K mode with unlocked fps so we can play it in 4K 60 fps on the PS5 Pro?

  41. Dean de Villiers

    Why not bring the sixth arch stone as a DLC please?

  42. Poseur

    The original parry/front stab was so cool. Remake front stab looking like stupid chokeslam

  43. Я не жалею

    Back when R6 wanted to be more like a swat now it's an awkward tactical hero shooter

  44. prohelling

    You cant fucking roll in the swamp and no ring will make you move faster. So hard to find your way, trolls are so hard on land, in water will need a miracle to survive a fight with one, well.. What about two? Not going answer that. I'll just say that I'm happy that they know the Valley was a nightmare and they did somthing about it.

  45. Vichhai Chhim

    He sounds like a professor teaching in class.

  46. prohelling

    This was so informative. Thank you

  47. Julio Alcantara

    Sony is trying so hard not,to show gameplay on ps5

  48. Carter Hughes

    I want this game so bad, but I can’t afford a PS5

  49. DanteObscuri

    How much can you improve on the XbOne controller, though? I mean, leaving Elite controllers aside which are clearly more costly, for a standard $60 controller the new changes were just what anyone would have expected. It uses USB-C, there's been some improvement on the D-Pad (likely based on the Elite controllers). The Share button is kinda unnecessary, but some people like that. I also think they made it slightly smaller, so that kids wouldn't find it too bulky. So, other than that, what do you add or change? I mean, looking at the DualSense, indeed those haptics thing, and the adaptive bumpers seem interesting, but are they going to be given some serious use, or will they end up like the touchpad that's mostly just a gimmick? I suppose someone might try fitting in six buttons instead of four, and that could be rather functional, but I think real changes should go beyond just gimmicks. Think of the Wii controller for example. It surely brought some innovation, but ultimately what remained was whatever that was practical.

  50. Ishan The Jaguar

    I am gonna love the duo of peter and miles

  51. Chelsea Duncan

    I got so dizzy when he spine arund

  52. Futuristic

    Where's my xbox fans

  53. M S

    Terrible game that ubi- booby has converted into a left-wing political platform. You suck Ubisoft.

  54. Type2 Tech Reviews

    Look at god! It's so beautiful! o_o!

  55. Michael Williams

    Does game informer do better reviews than ign?

    1. Michael Williams

      I'll base my judgement on how they review miles morales. If the give it a 8.7 like they did with spiderman than we'll know

    2. thedarklordx

      This one is a really good review but idk if this is game informer's usual standard.

  56. Teddy Jones

    Honestly this game looks absolutely insane, I’m just sad it’s a PS5 Exclusive so it’ll have to wait quite some time before I’m able to play it since I have to start with the Xbox Series X. Hope everyone who gets to play it enjoys, y’all got a really good game to look forward to!

  57. 綠火

    Really, really great interview, thanks Dan & Alex, and thanks Gavin! And also can I say to Gavin Moore: I love The Puppeteer and have felt that it never did get the attention it deserved. While a sequel may be unlikely, one can always hope right? :)

  58. Alan Walkman

    4:23 "Learning your environment" You would not believe how many times I've died from rolling off a cliff by accident, not realizing the ground behind me can crumble, not noticing the skeletons on the wall aren't fake, not realizing the chest in front of me is a mimic. I have tunnel vision.

  59. Alessandro Garofalo

    So it's the original game 1 on 1, magic is still OP and enemies are dumb as ever. So, the day after the release, veterans will already break the game (and probably find some glitch) 🤣. Still, I'm hyped

    1. Alessandro Garofalo

      @SwinnyUK Hi. Of course i know AIs don't "think". What I meant is that in the modern souls, enemies do many different things: they are much more aggressive, get stuck less and has better movements overall (I don't talk about animations, but of the type of movement they could do based on the situation and place). For example: you can't compare Gael's or Artorias' IA to Old King Allant, or Sif's to the Leechmonger's or the Old Hero's. Same with the common enemies. They are "smarter" cause they have a better tecnology behind them. In 2020 it will be exhilarating to see the same IA from a 2010 game. Not to count that veterans will already know anything about the game, that is generally unbalanced (magic is OP, a faith regeneration build makes you invicible ecc...)

    2. SwinnyUK

      But there's no such thing as "smart" AI. There's only game design, IMO. AI doesn't think, it just follows instructions based on the parameters set by the game designers. Sorry, this is a pet peeve of mine, haha. It's good to suspend your disbelief and pretend that they're thinking, and I have no problem with that, but surely you know that in actuality, they aren't thinking, right? This is why I think that calling AI dumb misses the point. But perhaps you, and others, are using it as shorthand? I don't know :)

  60. Lancine Keita

    If miles just sounded like how his voice actor naturally talked... I'd be fine with that. Sounds more New York than what we got but whatever.

  61. Spencer M

    I absolutely love the original game but I am disappointed to hear the response to things like the scraping spear is "well you can do it right back" I mean when you get to a certain point it doesn't even matter but just kinda annoying. Also disappointed with the 6th Archstone, would've loved to have a brand new area to explore whether they stuck with the frozen North theme or made something new up entirely

  62. Arbiter

    The one gripe I have is how dedicated they seem to keeping everything as close to the original as possible, yet they have digital deluxe pre-order bonuses that you can't get outside of that specific edition. That goes completely against the whole idea keeping everything the same.

    1. xQn89

      yep thats the only bad thing, hopefully

  63. D Rew

    The hostage looks like the actress from vikings

  64. Shrek Harriott

    So what’s good with the music?

  65. muccmaster

    Fractured mode sounds really neat. Adds a ton of replay value.

  66. Jayjay Myers

    The developer is a good talker

  67. Dumb Comment

    You get the base game for only 59, then only 40 for a DLC that's even bigger than the base game itself

  68. solparadox

    Blue point should re make legend of dragoon. That is one of my games i want remade so bad!!

  69. Crosby The Wolf

    Game informer gave them the name Warzone

  70. Steel Paragon

    Man I just can’t wait. I have so much respect and trust in their team!

  71. Mj F

    veterans of Twilight Princess and Mario Kart are like "Fractured Mode, you say?"

  72. BAD

    Honestly the PS five looks like an alien tech were, and the controller is fat.

  73. Joseph Borland

    The poorest packaging for an overpriced console ... I can buy this... But I don't see the meaning and purpose of this game system right now ... Super unnecessary... And I have and love the all PlayStation consoles...

  74. Jeremy Comans

    I was really hoping that world tendency wouldn't move to the server average.

  75. marco schneider

    So next please Bloodborne Remake for PS 5 or PS 6 😂🙏

  76. Spike Bebop

    I want to wait untill PS5

    1. Dr. Eldon Tyrell-Rosen

      If I could have gotten a pre order i'd have waited. Played 4 hours last night on PS Pro graphics are "good enuf"

  77. mrshmuga9

    54:57 There was something close on PS3, it was called “Eye of Judgement”. The eye toy camera scanned the card and then showed it in-game. I think rotating it affected which monster it faced/attacked too (both players played on the same 3x3 grid). I think the only way to “do it right” is charge for packs, but the game is free-to-play. Paying for a $40-$60 game (I think more because of the camera and setup) and then having to pay even more for card packs is going to turn off a lot of people. And that’s before finding out if the game is any good. I think also giving you digital copies of cards with the physical ones would also help. If you feel like playing but don’t want to take them out or lost some you would have that option. And each card could have its own code so you can’t cheat by re-using the same card over and over again.

  78. Raferu Art

    The sixt Stone will be an DLC, I can feel it...

  79. Tim Macone

    I mean, all the gameplay so far has been in 60fps alah "performance mode"... What even is the "Cinematic mode"? Like how the actual fuck can this game look any better graphically?

  80. herblackwings33

    New archstone doc expansion designed by From Soft,needs to happen. I've seen what's behind the 6th archstone and unfinished cut content,some great stuff in there.