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  1. Charlie Bruckman

    So it's the police's fault? Why don't you guys in the press show a picture of those pillars of the community in their kindergarten photo. Give it that anti cop liberal spin.

  2. Brenda dirden

    Social security recipients I have had the bank account number for years. I received my first stimulus payment through the same bank account. Nothing yet

  3. ed white

    IRS portal stated check mailed 01/06 it hasn’t made it to NC yet 01/15

  4. Lisa Mcginley

    Get ON WITH IT !!!!!!

  5. They Don't Know

    Racist [√] ... Liar [√] ... Stupid [√] ... Republican [√]

  6. Crystal Petch

    have not recevied mine was sent in mail on 6th

  7. Terry Mcculloch

    how sad to see that poor car

  8. 00SecretAgent

    Bribe for slaves, and compliance..! It will last me as long as it takes to drive to the bank..!

  9. Deborah Burdette

    I went to the get my payment till and it gave me. An error doesn't match what we have on file well I know it does because I used the same info on the 1st stimulus check. What should I do

  10. Robert Callicutt

    I have to buy a new car now repo December 8 my birthday

  11. Michael Craig

    Guess what didn't do either lmfao this is a Joke

  12. Michael Craig

    There isn't no checks lmfao

  13. Glizzy Goofy

    How could you even move with the size of your balls


    Been waiting since the 4th cashapp, idk at this point🤦🏿‍♂️

  15. yolanda thompson

    This some bull i have been waiting cent dec 30 and have not seen nothing in my bank account yet. I was set up for direct deposit and i got nothing. Used the get my payment tool and rhey say my information dont match the irs records. So what i to do now. I have to pay my rent or my family will be home less.

  16. andrea wade

    just another lie they are telling it said it was coming but it didn’t so where did it go liar this is not the time to play with us stop 🛑 the lie it’s painful 😥

  17. aola wili

    This guy is going to federal prison for a long time. He’s def going to be someone’s wife.

  18. andrea wade

    they are lying they are not sending anything an now there’s hanging up on you when you call ☎️ so the IRS IS LYING

  19. James Hatfield

    $600.00 doesn't get you very far!!

  20. Guanako Lara

    I live in ames and there is a lot of snow

  21. Luccolts Luccolts


  22. iMolika Men-Thlang

    Canadians take care of their ppl while we out here ‘head under water’ as John legend would say. The money goes around anyways I don’t know why they tripping? We’re dying out here and they taking their sweet time. $2k a month for adults and limit to family of 4 gets only whatever-they deemed good. Should of done that and free medical til this crazy pandemic is over with. Smh.

  23. JDS

    Anybody get the paper checks today?

  24. Justa Awake

    It's 600$ for God's sake...ole dude acting like it's 6000$....stfu dawg

    1. Sherry Brown

      To some $600 is like $6,000 when it homeless and hungry. .have a heart

  25. Julia Baumer

    My second stimulus check went into a closed account and can't change direct deposit information on the IRS portal where is my money

    1. carriet3842

      You’ll have to claim the credit on your taxes. They aren’t reissuing a paper check for those who have an incorrect or closed be no account.

  26. Arron Smith

    Didn't Ernst say this what was going to happen if she wasn't elected? I'm pretty sure I heard her suggest she was going to stop this. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  27. Jerry Marr

    Shows u how dumb iowa is that place went out of business in kc

  28. Justin Hartway

    Thank God I already got mine

  29. clockwork Angels 2112

    I’m waiting on a paper check. IRS.gov says it was “scheduled to be mailed on the 6th” but I still don’t have it

    1. bill j

      @Justa Awake I'm in NC too it's firday the 15 in still nothing we need answers now

    2. Justa Awake

      The same...the 6th and no check yet here in NC.

  30. Julia Baumer

    You can't update your direct deposit information on the IRS portal and I haven't got my second stimulus check yet still waiting

  31. Donald Hernandez

    I received mine yesterday. Was a paper check?????? I've had the same bank account for over 25 years and IRS has my banking information????? Watch your mail.

    1. Mrs. Love

      Before you received yours did you check the irs get my payment website if so, did it say payment 2 option unavailable. That's what mine is saying 😔

  32. ellie cox

    The IRS website get my payment has not updated still says the same thing sent to the bank on January 4th was rejected by the bank January 5 where is my money

    1. carriet3842

      You’ll have to claim the credit on your taxes. The IRS is not re-issuing checks for those who have incorrect or closed bank account information on file.

  33. toijg avnnr

    reply was it was fake news... he’s sitting in a “real” jail cell... 😆

  34. Gum Ater

    And Trump is out here enjoy his life ,what a bunch of dickheads

  35. Carlette

    I got my on the 29th on my card and my boyfriend got his on the 4th and still waiting on our kids to come in the mail it was sent out on the 6th

  36. Nammari McFadden

    Im waiting on a paper check said it was mailed January 6 but I haven't seen it yet

    1. Deborah Burdette

      My 1st stimulus check was mailed same I have direct express card my 1st ck was returned address was wrong so I called irs got it straightened out they mailed me a ck I got it a week later . Now the get my payment tool has an error message saying that my info doesn't match what they have on file . So here we go again I know my info is rite irs needs more workers

    2. Princess Blackmon

      Me to

    3. clockwork Angels 2112


    4. Poison Garcia

      Im on the same boat mailed the 6 still nothing

  37. Rick Vaughn

    Haven't got my where's the money

  38. L Twig

    Rent back pay that they spent on pot.

    1. Justa Awake

      I need some pot at this point or a huge bottle of something

  39. Louis B

    Got my self a Ps5. Mucho Gracias Mr.Trump 🤣

    1. Louis B

      @Estela Rodriguez shut the F up and enjoy the check 😌

    2. Estela Rodriguez


  40. Finechina1987 Michelle

    Paying everyone receives their stimulus checks

  41. Snow Witch

    I'm one of those lucky people who get to claim this check on my taxes- so I should get it in ummmmm March maybe 😵😵😊🤣

    1. Alan Cleary

      Same here. Don't know how long the wait will be. People still haven't got last years taxes processed yet. It's going to be awhile if ever

    2. Richard Fazenbaker

      Yeah found out I am in the same boat, even though the last one was DD into my account such BS

    3. God Brim

      I salute burh... I feel the pain

    4. MelodyandBryan Phillips

      Ur not alone! It’s terrible!

    5. Justa Awake

      I'm sorry....I know it really suks

  42. Live Venomous Animals


  43. Live Venomous Animals


  44. Detroitgamer God

    Wtf today the deadline ??I got my last one and I checked on irs.gov it says it was mailed on the 7th but here we are all the way on 15th still no sign of it that website is bs

    1. Justa Awake

      Deadline to be mailed. Mine mail on the 6 th. NC here and 0 yet

    2. Poison Garcia

      It will take 3 to 4 weeks to receive it but the good thing that it was mailed out we wont have to claim it kn taxes

    3. Poison Garcia

      Mine was mailed on the 6th and still nothing

  45. Ty Black

    Childsupport took my first stimulus but I just received my second for 600 thank god 💯💯💯💯

  46. Mamie Z . Mitchell

    Still no $600 yet

  47. Phanthom Prince

    Come guys it's only $600 in 2021(peanuts)if we were in the 1800's we might be talking about some serious cash...

    1. 5.0 stang gang

      Early 1900’s $600 ws considered alot of money

    2. Justa Awake

      Yeah ole dude acting like it's 6000$. LMAO 😆

    3. Tinder Account

      everyone in the Government was born in the 1800's tho

  48. SlumRixh TV

    Praying everyone gets there Stimulus Checks quick

    1. Jokes On You


  49. CrouchingWombatHiddenQuoll

    What happened to the 2000 dollars ? Oh that's right, military industrial complex.

    1. digitalhammer1

      i really want to know why we spend so much money on that list of things in the omnibus part, like the big chunk of cash for Tibetan Grasslands study, OMFG if this does not scream CHINA PAYOFF>>>>wtf?

  50. Lawrence Mack

    Financial groups dont have a realistic perspective on how much most of Americans really make.....they look through the scope of their inner circle of people. How about acquiring some friends who actually make under $50k ,understand their economics and reasoning as to what this measly stimulus provides nothing but a teardrop in an ocean.

  51. Kenny Wall

    Those i know expecting a check or debt card via USPS have not received it. Despite similar IRS's get my stimulus, web tool payment schedule timeline "Send Out Jan 6th" information.

    1. Poison Garcia

      I havent got it and they mailed it on the 6th but i herd irs say it might take 3 to 4 weeks

  52. EXP _67

    I'm also waiting for my 2nd Stimulus Check hopefully I get it on Friday

    1. Jokes On You

      @DueceeeBadAsss That’s weird, No what I did was basically was filed my 2020 W-2 and last year during March or whenever the first check hit they sent it straight to my account fast. Apparently it’s like some automated thing it should’ve sent the money to your account via direct deposit if you set that up for your returns. I also heard if you didn’t get the first or this check you may have to claim it on your returns as reimbursed money I forgot what it’s called on the sheet. Definitely give them a call.

    2. DueceeeBadAsss

      @Jokes On You did you contact them? I filed with them last year but didn’t put my w-2 from 2019 but said I claimed it and never got nothing? Any help?

    3. Finechina1987 Michelle

      Me to amen

    4. Darryl Ramsey

      You and me both

    5. morgan challinor

      Me too!!

  53. Rick G

    Remember 75 million possible jurors can vote not to convict.

  54. Oscar Alvarez

    Everything thing trump does is slow

    1. Justa Awake

      Oh my God.....I'm ready for Trump to leave the scene....just so Karen's like you can gripe bout Biden

    2. digitalhammer1

      I don't believe that for a minute, what I SEE is that he has had to fight against ALL THE entrenched establishment for his ENTIRE term. I am AMAZED at all that he got done, EVEN WITH all that opposition, Imagine what could have been achieved if they were working together for the same purpose/goal.

    3. Wendy Sharp

      @Snow Witch biden wants at least 10 million more to come to usa

    4. Snow Witch

      @Wendy Sharp Facts!! There are caravans of them heading to US right now- have been since Joe Joe announced he was letting them in!

    5. Wendy Sharp

      W wait till sleepy r assist biden a and heels up.harris gets I you won't have any.money you will paying for all the 10.million .ILLEGALS coming in

  55. Misfit 636

    To help the economy lol that’s a kinda nice way of saying “they’ll just waste it”🤣

    1. Tinder Account

      Whenever my government gives me " stimulus " or any kind of money, I in turn exercise my second amendment with it and purchase weapons, ammo and gold. Thanks uncle sam, this is the reason they are so hesitant to send us any kind of assistance of any sort.

    2. Oscar Moreno

      I'm gonna spend it on something crazy! 🤪

  56. Michelle Gile


    1. Justa Awake

      @Arron Smith oh shut up Karen

    2. Justa Awake

      @digitalhammer1 deliver pizzas....that's what I do now....not bad MONEY

    3. Justa Awake

      Got to file 2019 tax return...if you did....you will get

    4. Arron Smith

      @digitalhammer1 well gonna report that comment...

    5. digitalhammer1

      @Arron Smith right there with you .2020 was going to be our best year, was booked all the way through NOW. LOST EVERY FRIGGIN JOB and can NO LONGER EVEN WORK. I dont want to storm the capitol I WANT TO BURN IT DOWN.

  57. Michelle Gile

    Here is some of what was in the covid bill meant for us. polosi gave 500 million to Jordan for their border patrol and another 250 billion to build a wall 12,000 miles long, yep she did. 231 million went to Sudan to pay down a national debt. 1.3 billion went to Egypt for their military . 505 million went to El Salvador and Nicaragua even though 3 caravans of their own people are on their way here thousands of them with covid. Biden promised them if they come they will be housed , fed and given jobs along with money . 40 million went to Kennedy Space Center even though they have been closed due to covid. 1 billion dollars went to the Smithsonian they have been closed too sooo. 2 million for research on get this DOWNED TREES LAYING DOWN IN THE FOREST!!! wtf!!! . Stimulus checks IF your an illegal alien every man woman and child in the amount of 1800 to each person. 258 billion to countries to help displaced people because of their vulnerability. 10 billion to china no reason stated. 110 million to china for salaries with another 107 million to be sent in 2 months. 304 billion to World Bank Group to replenish resources in foreign countries. 350 million for migration and refugee assistance that live abroad for housing , shelter, and food. The House and Congress paid their physician 400,000 for his services. 19 million 400 thousand for the House expenditures. 100 billion to reimburse international countries for lost revenue and expenses American businesses got nothing compared to how much they got and they shouldn't have received nothing WE ARE IN AN EMERGENCY SITUATION our government should of been like SORRY THE MONEY TRAIN HAS STOPPED WE NEED TO HELP OUR PEOPLE FIRST MAKE SURE WE ARE GOOD BEFORE WE HELP SORRY BUT NO OUR GOVERNMENT BASICALLY SAID [email protected]@@ OFF TO US TURNED THEIR BACK WATCHED POLOSI EMBARRASS HERSELF WITH HER CRAZY WITCH HUNT KNOWING WE ARE HURTING AND THIS WHOLE THING ..WE DIDN'T DO IT CHINA DID IT WHO IS GOING TO MAKE THEM PAY FOR MY BUSINESS I LOST WHO IS GOING TO PAY ME MY LOST REVENUE POLOSI CAME UP WITH 100 BILLION TO GIVE TO OTHER COUNTRIES FOR THEIR LOST REVENUE BUT US? LETS CONTINUE ON WITH SOME OF WHAT WAS IN THE COVID BILL THEY PASSED ,706 billion to acquire real property here in the US i guess polosi is going property shopping. 3 billion to International Fiance Corp to strengthen foreign country. 5 billion to African Bank to strengthen foreign country and for capital money. 513 billion to strengthen foreign countries to help pay for new arrangements, whatever that means. That's not everything here is what the American people received well when ever they want to throw it at us this is what we got.... 600 to certain people not everyone gets it gig workers are not included with this 600 dollars. if you were self employed NOT GETTING ONE. YOU can only get the federal PUA if you worked in 2020 YEA THAT ONE BLOWS MY MIND WOW. And here is the kick in the teeth polosi gave only... 2 million dollars goes to the people who works directly with the homeless as hazard pay, tech support and tech assistance( it says) NONE of the funds may be used to or for the people experiencing homelessness not for receiving treatments or other services like housing, shelter, or food. I KID YOU NOT THAT IS WHAT IT SAYS FOR THE AMERICAN HOMELESS AND WHY ARE WE HOMELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE BIDEN AND POLOSI FRIEND INFECTED THE WORLD NO ONE IS HOLDING CHINA RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THEY DID TO US WE LOST BUSINESSES , HOMES, JOBS and only one AGENCY GOT 2 MILLION WITH INSTRUCTIONS THAT NONE OF THE MONEY IS TO BE USED FOR SHELTER OR FOOD FOR THE AMERICAN HOMELESS WOW. SHE SENT 900 BILLION OF OUR DOLLARS THE MONEY WE PAID IN TAXES OUT OF OUR CHECKS SHE USED TO GIVE TO OTHER COUNTRIES BILLIONS YET WE ONLY GOT WHAT 600 TO SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS?!!!! i know what im going to do obviously polosi and biden are just going to take taxes make us pay back the money they sent helping well NOT US. IM NOT GOING TO STAND FOR THIS ANY MORE NO WAY HOW MUCH MORE ARE YOU GOING TO PUT UP WITH GENOCIDE AGAINST US. I KNOW WHAT IM GOING TO DO , DO YOU . IF YOUR NOT UPSET WITH THIS THEN YOUR AGAINST US OR YOU HAVE BENEFITED SOMEHOW FROM CONGRESS.

    1. Justa Awake

      @Marlon Mountjoy shut up Karen

    2. Justa Awake

      And we can't even get a 600$ check delivered promptly. Unreal and depressing

    3. sir farts a lot

      @Arron Smith yep the fact that you're a coward.

    4. Arron Smith

      @Gracie Rose Miller thank you for rebuking these misrepresentations... We're in 2021, the year facts and reality need to matter again.

    5. Gracie Rose Miller

      Pelosi doesn't set the budget bill which is what you are referring to that is the Republicans because Trump is a Republican and the budget bill is set by the republicans because it's their administration. The budget bill has nothing to do with the stimulus package.

  58. Saving Lives By Touching Souls

    You will get a debit card

    1. Cam Taylor


  59. My Melanin is Poppin Queen

    Most likely have to claim it on 2020 taxes because 2018 filed only and still didn’t get it! Received the 1200 stimulus though via direct deposit! Same account still open LOL 😂

    1. Arron Smith

      Last one isn't taxable income, I'd be surprised if this one was different.

  60. My Melanin is Poppin Queen

    Still don’t know if you only filed 2018 will you get it? News lady just said IRS will use the same information as the last stimulus but oh well we get a stimulus if we only file from 2018?

    1. My Melanin is Poppin Queen

      @Ray 1 me 2 and I was one of those ones that it took forever for me to get my refund 2019 I was almost mid 2020 😭😭😭

    2. Ray 1

      Well, ya I gave up looking in the bank account and the mailbox ! It’s Jan.15 already. If I knew this I won’t even waste my time since Dec.31,2020 until today Jan.15,2021! 🤣🤣I’m exhausted and stress out and broke!!!!! Thanks everyone for responding. Now got to wait til March or so depending how slow the Irs going to look and send my taxes for 2020???????

    3. My Melanin is Poppin Queen

      @Ray 1 I’m hoping and praying that she will show up in my mailbox obviously not today because I have informed delivery and I did not see the envelope I pray that it was sent out today and I receive it next Friday

    4. Snow Witch

      I'm one of the lucky ones who gets to claim my stimulas on my taxes - so I'll probably get mine in ummmmm March 🤣🤣 Ugh

    5. My Melanin is Poppin Queen

      @Ray 1 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  61. Bright Crystal

    Paying Bills! That's all.

  62. Steven C Highley

    Trump's "fine people".

  63. Who Cares

    America and The World need to see Donald Trump imprisoned! Treason Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000....... NO MORE EXCUSES!

  64. Lupita Rodriguez Pina


    1. Arron Smith

      @Cupcakes Viola it's a 2 weeks old account... dumb bot is dumb.

    2. Cupcakes Viola

      What leads you to believe this is false information?

  65. Y Schmidt


  66. butti fdft

    Soon enough, he'll be running from a mob of prisoners.


    That one that was crying is my aunty

    1. Shiloh Saves


  68. This J- TV

    This Friday or next

    1. Cam Taylor


    2. Cupcakes Viola

      @Yorsh Vences $600.

    3. Yorsh Vences

      Cupcakes Viola how much

    4. Cupcakes Viola

      January 15th.

  69. Johnathan Frederick

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  70. Hot Girls Video XXX

    Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

  71. George Reyes

    Sucks their a deadline mitch block it twice and the irs made an error why we have to suffer

    1. Arron Smith

      @Erik R actually, she passed on it because she didn't think the people wanted blanket immunity against legal actions to corporations that force unsafe working conditions on its employees, and spread the virus further. Do a quick google check about Iowa's meat packaging plants if you think that companies would never put their workers in harms way like that.

    2. Erik R

      Sucks that you don’t realize Nancy pelosi was offered a 1.8 trillion dollar deal and turned it down cause “ nothing was better than something “. If you’re gonna bring up Mitch make sure to not be bias and bring up Nancy pelosi too.

  72. George Reyes

    I hope so I'm still waiting for my 2nd stimulus money Direct Deposit

    1. George Reyes

      @Justa Awake thank u

    2. George Reyes

      @Justa Awake I tried can't doesn't go thru and I know my info by heart so Idk what to do

    3. Justa Awake

      @George Reyes bless your heart. I hope it comes soon.

    4. Justa Awake

      @George Reyes it has to be mailed by the 15 th. Check the irs gov website for your status

    5. George Reyes

      @noBody SUM1 yea man I been broke and I'm worried what am I going to do this 600 seems little for some but for me it's better than nothing

  73. Arron Smith

    Maybe instead of getting excited about people who can't feed their families getting a few eggs... we stop giving away tax cuts to corporations and billionaires then raise the minimum wage to a minimum standard of living.

  74. Arron Smith

    Keep this in mind... 1) research has consistently shown that the death penalty doesn't deter people from committing the crime as they are convinced they will get away with it 2) it costs more to kill a person than to give them life without parole 3) if the person is wrongly convicted, the state has committed murder 4) most rapes are by someone the victim knows, if they think speaking up about the assault will get the person killed they will be less likely to come forward... which which locks them in a cycle of abuse. There is no upside to the death penalty, but there are multiple reasons why we should oppose this legislation attempt. If anyone would like a source for any of my claims, I am happy to provide some.

  75. Glizzy Goofy

    I think if it’s for the harm of minors and it’s not going to discriminate or cause mental harm it would be fine I’m not sure

  76. hardeez1

    Not good

  77. Gail Brown


  78. sir farts a lot


  79. NoName ForNow

    You racist dummies can yall keep yr racist comments to your self . These are just kids who had no guidance ...

  80. Matt Hedeen

    Prehaps if they were taught how law abiding citizens function they would be here today. Why would they be steeling cars? Prehaps their community leaders should have classes on right and wrong. Just a thought.

    1. Shiloh Saves

      O I don't know, Let him without sin cast the first stone...

    2. Matt Hedeen

      @Deus Sanguinius thats not an excuse

    3. Deus Sanguinius

      It's just their culture

    4. Gerardo Rodriguez

      Thank you! Some person told me not to be ignorant. Like what they were stealing.