NASA's mission is to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research.

To do that, we have worked around the world -- and off it -- for more than 50 years, searching for answers to fundamental questions about our place in the universe. We're exploring space and discovering Earth. Join us for this exciting and important journey.

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    Missing stephen :(




    Who else got recommend

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    very nice

  6. Narcotic Slug The Obese

    Earth's technology can't work under micro gravity conditions I proved it in my videos

  7. Kiwi Boy hun

    i really like the gateway

  8. Eli Young

    Okay but why do the guys in space have better video and audio quality than the people on Earth lol

  9. P P

    Super drzim palce 🚀🚀🚀

  10. Ramufhi Mathivha

    Most of the SLS is the core stage


    God luck by amlet sky

  12. Thamindu kavinda

    Nice work space x

  13. YouTube blocks free speech

    This is what 🌎 needs! Let's work together to make sure this happens 🤞

  14. Fashion Chaos

    Wtf why there is super soldier in NASA.

  15. biraj bista

    what about carbon emission i guess we should look for another source of fuel

  16. Akash Paria

    That Camera Guy is A PERV

  17. BasementPizza

    Why he sound like cody ko

  18. Tina Gedam

    I don't think humans should live at any other planet because just like earth belongs to us, the other planets belong to organisms of that particular planet...even if they are micro-organisms. Another reason is humans will destroy the other planet also just like earth is being destroyed by human creations.😕😕😕

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  20. Raj Modi


  21. Charlotte Savitz

    That animation was incredible!

  22. Jayden Wolfe

    This has to be one of the greatest videos in human history. I cant count how many times ive watched this.

  23. Deca Dent

    NASA = not a space agency.

  24. Adam Galvez

    I Love Nasa SpaceX My dream is to go to the moon and mars when I grow up

  25. Zoren

    Future generations watching this: why are they wearing a face mask?

  26. Larry Taylor

    Why does one guy get a black helmet?

  27. Crohnie Queen

    I was here 2021 💜💜👏🏾we made it through

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  29. Megan Bowen

    This whole video is just the astronauts and seb fangirling over eachother

  30. CiTY_HuNTeR

    Why do they wear masks in the space shuttle? Shouldn't they be quarantined and tested before getting into space? They are going to be staying in the same ISS sharing the same air anyway. They should all have got their shots already, aren't they? Or is this just another political show? Science should never bend its knees to politics.

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  32. George West

    Love the Mass Effect the music has on my ears

  33. Trex531

    Hey NASA, you should bring back Jim Bridenstine as Administrator. I miss his enthusiasm and charisma. He would be the perfect leader of NASA during this exciting times!

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  35. Emilce Garcia

    Thomas Pesquet ❤❤My Idol!!

  36. ‡ T A Y R O N ‡

    merhaba türkiye türküm zatende yine de hello

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    Number 1 USA.🇺🇸🦅 God bless América.🇺🇸🙏🏻

  38. ThePubgGod

    Yo that’s on my birthday lol

  39. Daniel Hernandez

    Muy bien echas las imágenes de ordenador 👌

  40. LevelTwo Trading

    wait is that 1 of the Dougs in the background ?

  41. William4212

    To boldly go where no man has gone before!

  42. Vassya B.

    дайте мне разрешение и аппаратуру, я вам таких фоток наделаю, Кремль на Луне увидите.

  43. Oscar Molano

    El día de la tierra, sugeriría, que fuera un día sin carro.

  44. Emanuel Vezzoso

    why in vian jente al future

  45. JFYtitashowie Delpens


  46. colaboytje

    Why are they on the ground using a landline phone making the audio less good, while up in space they have a mic and great audio? It's like the past calling the future.

    1. Billybob858

      Who knows haha

  47. Ryan Bray

    The paper mask inside the spacesuits kinda cracks me up. Something about risk tolerance being out of whack I dunno...

  48. M. K.

    I like Nasa is using metric system.

  49. life style

    from morooco i love nasa

  50. Katy Zoch

    Ad astra everyone! ✨

  51. Joseph Astier

    It is really encouraging that used spacecraft are becoming the norm. These are what ordinary folk will be flying on eventually.

  52. Amber A


  53. Amber A


  54. Amber A

    NASA is wasting taxpayers dollars and time on Mars they know that there's nothing on Mars but only weird shape rocks NASA sends pictures of things from a far distance to make it seem like there's something out there but there never is and there also is never a follow up on these pictures that they submit! They make it seem like there's something on Mars but there's nothing out there but WEIRD SHAPE ROCKS and they continue to waste time and waste money DECEIVING PEOPLE MAKING THEM THINK THERE'S SOMETHING ON MARS and there ISN'T. BUT ONLY WEIRD SHAPE ROCKS!

    1. あかりゆあ


  55. thao nguyen

    Space discovery, it is the excited part of the Life. NASA YT Channel is cool 🌏👨‍🚀

  56. jahjah_light

    time will reveal all ....end game.

  57. Caps NZ

    Astronaut 1: Hey there Sebastian how’s it going... Astronaut 2: Longing, rusted, 17, daybreak...

  58. Natan Brito

    Eu dou minha vida para ir no buraco negre lá no espaço

  59. Colin Southern

    Dear NASA, PLEASE give your times in UTC; "EDT" is meaningless to (most of) your (potential) audience outside of the US.


    I am so happy

  61. Animesh Ghosh

    Hi Bucky

  62. Super Mario 64

    Wished to Become an Astronaut It would Working on it Wish me luck Going to college

  63. Brahim d

    l love ❤USA🇺🇸 , I love ❤ NASA

  64. Alex Wright

    If you are watching this Live channel from NASA - it will shown live here in UK and it will start from 6:30am BST!! Is that correct @NASA?

  65. Eyad Mohamed

    2021: has an Aerophobia. 2024: has a rophobia.

  66. Cool Lovely Princess

    Guy on the left. Casually does a flip. min15

  67. Spenza

    Fantastic video you guys. I hope to visit some day

  68. Brian

    I'm just happy to be alive and looking forward for my retirement funds from my research, God bless have a great day, amen america

    1. Brian

      Now is that time

  69. Wilvaaar

    Seb prepared for his questions

  70. { rulBmutnauQ }

    I'm just here to watch as the launch apparatuses get smaller and more efficient over time, nifty stuff.

  71. Henri Secret

    Nasa deserves so much more funding, actually all science agencies in the us do

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  73. ghostxavi

    Considering the world wide viewers that watch NASA channel, UTC/GMT time should be considered, no?

  74. Shivam Chatak

    This is best video KGup algorithm has given me in a very long time. And Sebastian’s geekiness is just so pure

  75. Kevin Rab

    Serious question. From 2:55 to 3:05 there doesn't seem to be any propellant coming from the nozzles of the "jetpack" in the top left corner. Why is that? I thought those were powered by some type of hydrocarbon not air.

  76. Mohamed Salah

    I will be one of them one day but going to Mars 😁😄🚀🚀

  77. Cory Mc

    20:18 Guy on left is literally LOOKING at the wire the other guy is grabbing/hanging from.

  78. Luke Skywalker

    Go Thomas go !👍🇫🇷

  79. your current dad.

    God bless this crew and God bless America 💝🇺🇸😎