Welcome to our little slice of life. Hi, I'm Simon! Hi, I'm Martina!
Oh and this is Dr. Meemersworth the cat and Fudgy the puppy, hailing from Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦
We lived in the bustling city of Kichijoji located in West Side Tokyo for 5 years 🇯🇵
Before that, we lived in Bucheon City before moving to Seoul (South Korea) for almost 8 years ❤️🇰🇷
👩🏼‍💻🎥 We organize, study, film, eat, import, edit, upload, all of our own videos. We may not be pros, but we love our job and we love chatting in the comment section with the community 💗
🧬 🤔 “What’s up with Martina?” Sometimes I comment about being "sick" in our videos. I was born with hEDS (Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos) and I’m pretty open talking about life with a chronic condition and how I push through the pain and depression that comes with it using my technique of Build A Ladder kgup.info/get/l2qpd2imooqPgq0/video
It might come up from time to time...when I’m not busy eating 🍣

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  1. kiaros

    Martina that was so cute the way you talked to yourself in french and Japanese we could almost believe you were cooking in a restaurant.

  2. Ed F

    Does anyone know where I can get the mini calcifer pan?!?! I love that little mini

  3. Amaro Miguel Ángel

    Drink saké like a pro... i don't like drink it hot, i like to drink it only at room temperature and is the best way to know what sake tastes like. Try one and try another, as we portugueses call "room temperature". Also a good way to test our wines Made in Portuga. But Portugal is poor in the diversity of imported sake. It is imported from the USA. Few marks ... 3 or 4. Sorry, but Ozeki Sake is more expensive and knows like water. And it is more expensive here.And has no flavor. A more bodied and tastier, tastier sake. With a fruit flavor, it is Gekkeikan sake. That was why he was at the table of Emperors. Kanpai!

  4. Dewar kittens

    I’ve been watching for about 6 years watching y’all grow has been soo inspiring! I thank you for taking us on the ride and can’t wait to see what happens next.

  5. Seventh Bmw

    Everyone is Sushi Master But He is THE SUSHI GOD 🍥

  6. Alexandra Moore

    Gotta disagree on pie vs cake simply because cake decorating is so fun and Swiss meringue buttercream is delicious. I love a good layer cake. That said fall pies (pecan, butternut squash, apple) are my favorite kinds of pies! (I may also be salty that I can’t make a pie crust without boogering it somehow)

    1. Alexandra Moore

      Also are there any very Canadian desserts you could make? I’d love to see those!

  7. Jamie Byford

    Me me I wanna be an adult and have cake for dinner and dye my hair pink... oh wait that’s the only perks... we’ll fk this.

  8. José Rivera

    I hope you are doing ok Simon. Big hug.

  9. Char lie

    I´m hungover and really hungry why am I watching this Q.Q

  10. Mar A

    My heart's a little heavy right now, knowing two of my favorite youtubers are having a massive change in their lifestyle currently due to covid-19 along with many other things. I'm ignoring the comment section and going back and rewatching all favorite videos of Simon, Martina, Meemers and obviously Spudgy. I love you guys so much, you bring me so much joy and it eases my anxiety that you guys are both posting and doing well not for each other but for yourselves. Thank you for all the beautiful content 😭

  11. Shia san

    Well, this didn't age well LOL

  12. Jae86

    To whoever reads this: Jesus loves you! He died for you! 🤍

  13. Ash

    idk why but i just started crying when i saw the little spudgy doll

  14. Adzka Pangestu

    hook me right theree 😭😭

  15. maya ibrahim

    Is it just me or Simon and Martina both don’t have their rings on...?

    1. Karlee

      Not our business sweetie. Lets respect their privacy. ❤

  16. alejakruxx

    Hi :) you actually look pretty good and that makes me happy, you really seem to be more at peace and that's always a good thing. 2020 has been hard on a lot of us and I'm really glad you're coming out of this tragedy of a year stronger and more aware of the things YOU want and need. Sending out good vibes!

  17. Jun L

    Lol i love Martina’s trilingual usage, “yeobo, chotto matte, can you check....” 😂

  18. fuzzyferretlady

    No wedding ring...! D:

  19. Kzp Lee

    I came back to watch this video and I cannot get over how cute amber is!!! “Jellybeans”!

  20. NeoGee

    Year years on, and I don't know how many viewings, this is still funny!

  21. Relaxolotl

    This feels like talking to the Other Mother in Coraline. He looks and sounds like Simon, but something is off. I really do hope he is happy and taking care of himself, but this video really unsettled me. I’ve been watching a long time and I truly wish both him and Martina the best.

  22. Monus Brewer

    Just catching up, this is a weird video till the end... I am so confused 🙃 Goodness we miss them together 💝. We miss you guys, take care!

  23. CuffA40 YT

    At the end of the day you have to like eating fish to enjoy sushi.

  24. Lady Bird

    Wow you actually look a lot healthier after you've moved back from Japan. I'll miss all your awesome Japan vids but I'm so happy to see you looking more vibrant <3 <3

  25. Monus Brewer

    Great video! 😋

  26. Jamie Byford

    Making me crave foods I’ve never even tasted !!

  27. Rhaná Teixeira

    I wish I could face my challenges with such dignity. I am sure you will be proud of yourself. And yes, the hand not moving was freaking me out! hahaha I am sorry about the car accidents though....life can be crazy at times... I saw somewhere that the best thing we can wish for ourselves and others is not the "everything is going to be ok" because that is not necessary true, but that in the face of a challenge you find the strength to face it in the best way possible...so, that's what I wish for myself and for you (and everybody reading). People change and sometimes when things get REALLY though, it's an opportunity for us to became who we really meant to be. Well....hugs from an old fan.

  28. B0ccob

    Holy mother Theresa on the hood of a Mercedes-Benz you lost weight!

  29. skybisonparty

    Our beloved family dog passed away a few days ago unexpectedly suddenly and early, way too soon. We've been taking it really hard and have been crying on and off for days, couldn't sleep at all the night it happened. I was thinking about this video and I tried to celebrate our Sammie's life in the same way, by thinking about his life and his wonderful time with us. Thanks for sharing this video, thinking about this kind of celebration brought me a lot of comfort.

  30. Diddi HY

    Missed u ❤️ more videos please 🤓❤️

  31. MsJavaWolf

    Honestly, I have watched your videos for a long time and I wish you all the best but you don't look healthy at all. If this is just a phase where you want to find yourself that's fine I think, and from what I can see there were a few times when you got a bit chubby maybe but the last time I saw you on the channel you were pretty muscular and healthy looking. I really don't know if this is something you should do in the long run.

  32. lightweaver 18

    Not sure what I would like to see cooked. Do you have any faves to recreate specific to Canada?

  33. TeaforTinka

    I've been looking forward to another MMM since you announced you're in Canada, so excited to see more!

  34. Alex Cooke

    the lady shot better than the dude lol

  35. Victor Wei Lin Ye

    Love that part when Martina got pwned after Simon says “Oh it’s Gordon Ramsay” when she try to make impersonation of Nigella😂😂😂😂

  36. Inyx

    Totally read Saimon onigiri 😆

  37. Omega Wau

    Martina!!!! I didn't get the recommendation for this video TT_TT I missed you.

  38. Ari823

    Martina, didn't you tell us a story way way waaayyyy back when, when you worked at the bread place and the knife was so sharp you cut your finger in one swipe?

    1. Simon and Martina

      Yup. That was the deli! They sharpened the dull knives without telling us and I put my full force into cutting a bagel (bc the knives were always dull) and sliced neatly through my pinky finger. Cut the artery and nerves and knicked the bone. Full anime style blood squirting. Never got the feeling back in my pinky but the scarred tissue somehow hurts like hell!

  39. Cara S


  40. Jaye Canada

    You guys are so funny I love watching you :) Jaye in Japan from Canada xo

  41. sanne alders

    wow this was my first video i saw of you. i subbed so fast. and i am still subbed 9\10 years later i still love you . both of you. so mutch has changed.

  42. ValnirAesling

    hairloss is no death sentence.

  43. Lucas Vidal

    Simon was disappointingly sexist in this video. It's great to see how people have been improving.

  44. Naughtysauce

    Well considering Canada and the United States rank #10 and #28 in education compared to South Korea being ranked #3 in the world would make a good argument that SK is doing something right.

  45. PlumRose Dharma

    Martina, do you believe in Faeries? Im gonna make this with my husband and give some to the Faeries! I just gotta make a new garden for them. It recently got destroyed from a storm. Would I be able to send you some awesome plants?? I am not sure because you may get to it late

  46. humblebumble

    Any good resources for learning about meditation and its effects on your brain?

    1. humblebumble

      Preferably podcasts or books

  47. AgustínJr Castorena

    Shall not be infringed !

  48. ali_young21

    You guys do such a fantastic job with all your videos👌 I’m 32 and I truly feel like I’ve been here from the beginning and I appreciate everything you do to produce your content x10, the music, the narrative, video editing, the photography, everything! I don’t think most viewers understand how much work this is, and if no one hasn’t told you lately, pat on the back, hugs, great job and good work! 👏🥰

  49. 00 agent

    Him asking where can I get my American citizenship 😂😂😂

  50. TehWeirdo

    I wonder if his arms are a metaphor for his relationship with martina

  51. Rachel Taylor Beauty

    When they thought memers was female

  52. chocchip187

    Dude you look super unhealthy..... I hope you're doing okay and didn't going a cult

  53. Naughtysauce

    Videos like this make me sad at the state that they are in rn.

  54. Annee Nguyen

    On days when I feel like crying from my own joint issues, I watch Martina for some ladder building inspiration. Thanks for the decade of love and ladder building, Martina and Simon!

  55. Michigan Girl

    I use jelly in mine! SO good!!!

  56. Bernadette Lurch

    I want you two to know...... I’ve watched this video probably 10 times. It brings me so much joy. And may be the reason I visit Japan one day haha. Thank you

  57. Lisa Shaughnessy

    I made the crepes and they turned out fantastic!