Quando Rondo sets the bar high with the release of his debut album, QPac. In 18 tracks he’s the most honest, creative versatile we’ve ever seen him! The highly-anticipated release is celebrated with an official music video for the melodic standout track, “Nothing Else Matters,” which features exclusive behind-the-scenes and performance footage from the artist. QPAC - which follows last year’s chart-topping FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD TO THE STAGE - showcases Quando Rondo’s recent string of increasingly potent singles, including “Collect Calls,” “Double C’s,” “Marvelous (Feat. Polo G),” “Just Keep Going,” “Letter To My Daughter,” and “Bad Vibe (Feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & 2 Chainz),” all of which are joined by official visuals streaming now.
FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD TO THE STAGE immediately rose to #1 on Apple Music’s overall album chart upon its May 2019 release, fueled by the hit singles, “New Ones (Feat. NoCap),” “Imperfect Flower,” “Why Can’t We,” and “Scarred From Love".

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  1. Teaya Johnson

    This album litty❗❗

  2. Teaya Johnson

    Tha Goat❗❗

  3. Teaya Johnson

  4. Teaya Johnson

  5. Teaya Johnson

    Tha Goat❗❗

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  7. Teaya Johnson

    Tha Goat❗❗❗

  8. Teaya Johnson

    Tha Goat❗❗

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  10. Teaya Johnson

    Goat ❗❗

  11. Teaya Johnson

    Tha Goat❗❗

  12. Teaya Johnson

    Tha Goat❗❗

  13. Teaya Johnson

    Love this album💯💯

  14. Teaya Johnson

    Tha goat❤

  15. Teaya Johnson

    Tha Goat❗❗

  16. Teaya Johnson

    Quando real love him ❤

  17. Jasmine Rollins


  18. Jasmine Rollins


  19. lIDylan-

    All they way from 🇮🇪

    1. Baby Zoe


  20. Jacee

    This bih hard af 🔥

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  21. Sara Golubić

    tucker carlson tonight

  22. NFJ IZZY

    Quando 💯💪🏾

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  23. RPC

    I’ve noticed he’s liking his stone island now 🔥

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  24. AceDawg32

    Once i play this song yk all the girls gonna turn up, no doubt 🥇📀🎉 some might even be shocked but i don't care though im built different yk.

  25. Torrence James

    Im here

  26. The4100one

    Straight heat 🔥

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  28. Tam Speaklessdomore


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  29. One and Only Beat Gutz

    Its Officially My Fav Tracc From This Young Man... Slapp!

  30. Danielle Cardenas

    I know your worth my wait #EliDavisHerrera

  31. Danielle Cardenas

    Quando go hard af always no 🧢 💯

  32. Danielle Cardenas

    Quando that voice ... omg fiyah 🔥

  33. Jalen Johnson


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  34. Nathalie Martin

    Lite 🔥

  35. Nathalie Martin

    Fire as usual 🤷🏽‍♀️🗣 #IremeberIremeber 🔥

  36. Domioo

    we need this quando bacc

  37. KrazyKillinCre Pubg mobile

    Ngl man I still listen to dis everyday dis song hit different 😓 much love quando straight LOVE From SAVANNAH GEORGIA 💙 keep grinding

  38. Sy Nob

    The label needs to push this 1!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    1. Baby Zoe


  39. Kevinl Iima

    We need the old quan bacc no cap bacc to da basicss!

  40. Miguel Angelo

    He said I kicked shorty out the spot for asking what 4kTrey mean 😂💯🔥🖕

    1. Baby Zoe


  41. Life's a song worth singing.

    King Von > Quando Rondo

  42. 4L Dripp

    this song is so underrated..

  43. Lilred Robinson

    yesssirrrrrr this bitt hit frfr

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  46. Julia Cacho

    Love it

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    Bout Time..🗣🥶💙🇹🇹

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    I been listening to this shit sentence I was three

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  54. Dlow Groovy

    U left jai 🤨

  55. LilBen Youngan

    I want dis quando back ong

  56. ELI Choppa

    This is the most slept on song by quando 🗣‼️

  57. ELI Choppa

    This how many people miss this quando 👇

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  60. Donnell Crudup

    This song sound like that ne yo song called she knows 😹

  61. the rich mindset

    Quando 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  62. the rich mindset


  63. the rich mindset


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  65. Lil Ma

    Y he gotta be so damn cute tho like damn 😔

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  70. Jay Bee

    TOTAL CRAP. why recommend youtube?!

  71. ppadmore7

    2020 .?

  72. Justin Hausermann

    Crip shit 💪🏾♿️♿️

  73. Brandon Boston

    I need the old Quando he overated now

  74. Team Cryptic

    Who the girl is?

  75. Dwight Chatman

    Quando so underrated

  76. Jessemy Roberts


  77. Jessemy Roberts


  78. Roxanne Carter

    Hmmmmmm. I Dont Like It Now. But Im Sure It'll Grow On Me💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

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