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  1. Hailee Winegar

    JS is a sad lonely man. Nate left him and his only friends are too scared to stand up to him. Think about it, JS started the makeup line with Shane and made Shane a ton of money. Shane is probably too scared to toss jeffree

  2. christine

    great episode! that man gives me the heebie jeebies. someone doesn't have to be a christian to know that he's very unlike jesus despite his ~*ministry*~

  3. Kaylon Buckley

    As a Christian, I know that the prosperity gospel/White American Trumpism is not the Gospel of Christ. Also, this shit is hilarious

  4. Adam Snider

    Kenneth Copeland is the devil, if the devil were an atheist.

  5. Jasmine Kirkman

    You guys NEED to watch Righteous Gemstones!

  6. Akash Takawale

    Thank God you ca cancelled Content court

  7. K Cook

    its sad ur mean to trisha then ur friends w her for clout

  8. Barry Alan

    Trisha is crazy but the Majority of Americans cannot afford a nanny

  9. Pitbulls Go boom

    Wow I am so dumb I actually thought she worked at dominos...fuck... I swear I’m not dumb

  10. King Reptile

    This is the most evil thing imaginable, and its real.

  11. Hailee Winegar

    I’ve said this a million times but H3 is the best thing to happen to Trisha. Her and Ethan seemed so opposite in the beginning but the more they do the podcast the more you realize they are actually so much alike. And Ethan is so understanding and patient with her and that is all this lady really needs. So glad she is dropping the fakes and finding a real family

  12. Emily Vincent

    I lost it at Anal Roberts

  13. Sydney Lemire


  14. Beth Solo

    i love how ethan lets trisha talk about things she passionate about and he genuinely seems interested. i WISH i had a friend like that.

  15. Jonathan Lagomarsini

    Guys bet $10,000 each au Mr. Beast. I think people would go nuts

  16. Grace Holgerson

    In any other context the statement “you can’t come out as a chicken nugget” is fucking hilarious😂

  17. Shelbi

    Love you Trisha. Please know we all stand with you. Don't feed into the bull shit. Keep pushing forward, you have so many positive things to look forward to in your future.. You have Moses and a new beautiful home. It's a blessing you are losing your fake fans. Ethan and Hila got you ❤

  18. Tom Christman

    How are none of us mentioning that Trish said she pissed herself at 1:50:10

  19. Quintessential

    Love Phantom of the Opera

  20. Morgan Ashley

    My grandma believes people like this. She thinks god puts people in power, so Trump was a 'God miracle'. But Biden being put in power is a 'Devil mess'. And a lot of other stupid shit the church has told her.

  21. Lindsay Farrell

    I will pay Ethan fat stacks to stop chewing into the microphone

  22. shame on you

    Why ppl in the chat saying they were gonna unfollow jeffree shane and ryland NOW and not when they had their giant racism+ controversies lmaooo yall wackyyy

  23. Satan

    These people actually make me physically disgusted

  24. Lindsey Pallos

    Oh great, Content Court was too “rigid”, so they found a way to make this lazier just like everything they do

  25. Debojyoti Banerjee

    Ethan is a true Christian

  26. Nouf Alqahtani

    when they said they cant play i said "AWHHH I WANNA PLAY"

  27. Elise Håkansson


  28. Cedric Brame

    I don’t like apologies after someone gets canceled. They seem like they’re only apologizing to save themselves not because they’re sincere. Love trish for accepting it tho and being a better person

  29. Jaime Berger-Cohen

    When AB spoke I went to sleep this was boring

  30. Sharon Rose

    This podcast is pure gold !!!

  31. Otis Gnevursauphtägen

    Make a documentary with iDubbbz

  32. Brittany Edwards

    Ethans chewing makes this episode almost unbearable. It’s fucking terrible and disgusting

  33. KC Lauren

    Trisha's 2005 video was on point tho.....

  34. BigJerBD

    I really liked content court, I think you should continue the serie, but maybe without AI ian

  35. yoohoo my tutu

    Trisha constantly saying disparaging things about Jesus is really putting me off

    1. AwsomeBecca

      Shes entitled to her own opinions

  36. Marki Spark

    Should just never comment on anyone’s weight ❤️ skinny or thiccy

  37. Chris

    Not her convincing Ethan why she should have been the winner of “The Biggest Mean Girl” category 😂

  38. Midnight Sun Watchmen

    Yo a guy is doing a independent documentary right now! Preacher Boys Doc, you can find him all over, KGup, Spotify, etc. Eric Swarzynski is his name. His work is super polished.

  39. Casey Marie Daniels

    Here after all of the drama, And Trish and Moses are engaged❤️❤️❤️

  40. Bad Betch

    21:13 purrrr she chewed him up

  41. Grizzly Knights

    Leon Lush was a much needed cameo when talking about these televangelists

  42. Alyssa K

    34:43 “It’s like a liquid IV” uh ya I think so, Ethan 😂

  43. Jane Doe

    It’s penny marshall!

  44. The known UNKNOWN

    if you enjoyed uncovering this fucking psychopaths enterprise, check out The Righteous Gemstones on HBO (or wherever you can stream). very heavy KCM vibes lmao

  45. Rachael C

    okay don't get me wrong, I support trish's band and I like the song, and I do think she put her own spin on it.... but this small creator on tik tok already recreated 1985 with the same concept and literally called it 2005 and I have a hard time believing she didn't see that and steal his idea...? :\

  46. Darth Vader of Nazareth

    Selling like a GOD CHURCH ⛪

  47. Candice’s Vanity

    I wish I had a true friend like Ethan

  48. Abigaile Shaw

    I would honestly watch a 12 hour episode

  49. Angie Monroy

    June 29, 2020. The B.E.T awards averaged a point of 3.7 million viewers.... this award show was 1 million away from the same viewers and it was only two people announcing awards what a shame. All of the best talented rappers and artist could only gather up 1 million more viewers! To be Ethan and Trisha at the award show.... let’s just cancel the awards shows because Frenemies is the only award show to WATCH 😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💋💋💋💋👄👄👄💕💕💕💕💕🛬🛬🛬✈️✈️🗳🗳🗳🗳🗳

  50. James Jericho

    “Ralph fiennes” - caught me off guard 😂😂


    Dan is right

  52. sean laRiviere

    that's all

  53. Kelsey Lynn

    Is Trisha wearing Mormon magic underwear?

  54. Shelly S.

    Soooo....when is the frenemies merch gonna drop? I want a split black and pink hoodie plz and thank you.

  55. Rose Lee

    Just here to give engagement because they’re trash for treating Trisha like this. Especially for men treating a woman like this. Wtf?? POS.

  56. Just browsing

    We’re just going to ignore trish saying she peed herself around @1:50:10 and then looking at her hand as if she’ll be able to see the pee. And then the fact that she said “AGAIN”. Same girl, same. 😂🖤

  57. Hillary Myerz

    I'm a new subscriber does Ethan have ticks?

  58. Charley Lowe

    Love you h3nation

  59. TurboCharged

    Some weird energy around this man. He has to have given his soul to some dark entity. Theres nothing human about that man

    1. Ana M

      Even the way he looks is terrifying

  60. nevaslippn

    I need someone to look at me the way Hila looks at Ethan when he reads ads.

  61. Danika Padin

    Awesome episode

  62. Rae-Ann

    Eric Roberts was so good in Star 80, js :)

  63. jello783

    damn Hila be poppin !!

  64. Shining Glitter

    Shane has changed because of Jeffrey.

  65. Mellon Lord

    Jesus said not everyone calling "Lord Lord" will get into heaven. Jesus would look at this guy and say, "Get away from me, I never knew you." Cold like that.

  66. Erick Saavedra Chavez


  67. Maria C

    this is like christmas

  68. sean laRiviere

    oh yea she also gave me a drink and some chips aswell as the money and the shirt and the pamphlet what a sweet lady man I wish the best for her I hope that she finds her way to god you know that's what she wants I hope she gets that man I really do I hope that copeland doesn't corrupt her soul she has a pure soul you know atleast as far as I know anyway what she did for me was pure and nice anyway

  69. Airagog 101

    Hila looks fucking sick

  70. Hayley Townsend

    They split the Avengers title half and half. Aww 🥰

  71. Candice’s Vanity

    “Remember who pays your bills” yaaasss Trisha you tell him!!!!

  72. Katlyn MacDonald

    It’s so funny, growing up my grandfather played Copeland ALL the time. Later in life I see how insane and corrupt this guy is.

  73. sean laRiviere

    it was in some small town that I haven't been back too in a while but one day I will go back there with the specific intent of finding this same woman and thanking her I thanked her at the time she gave me the stuff you know but still

  74. Alexandra Rodriguez

    Jacklyn hill s was on meth?

  75. Phantasm


  76. edith . s

    how did such a nice dude like nate ever surround himself by jeffree oh my god !!!

  77. Jaime Berger-Cohen

    This was like a therapy session for Trisha. Boring for me.

  78. Eden S

    As a Christian I don’t agree with that man at all ... and so many real Christians don’t listen to this guy.

  79. Caitlin

    This was their best episode the drama, MLK shoutout, socialism/getter welfare for everyone. This episode had everything

  80. Clown Nick

    ethan please no more talking while eating and smacking your lips lol its so gross to me