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  1. stuart siglain

    Jerimiah??? He ain’t a Caucasian. Just saying.

  2. Dr. Z. Smith

    Well done fellas

  3. Bryan Eckert

    But her friends would be madif she didn't do it for them. Or someone else for that matter

  4. lp2565

    Any word on Winn-Dixie?

  5. Catrina Hartz


  6. vocky abney

    Please put trump back in office this guy don't know what the heck's going on his Self

  7. boomboom

    What a cool, calm, collected young woman. Talk about cool under pressure.

  8. Matthew Padgett

    So what, I will not take an experimental jab because someone else was dumb enough to do it ! If Biden can’t handle that, tell him to come to my house and put the “smother cover” on my face himself. I’d like to see him try it.

  9. Clarence Jasmagy

    Plenty of time to get out of the way, if they were paying attention.

  10. Marty Whalen

    Not just anyone would recognize a seizure in progress especially in another car in traffic. This young lady not only immediately realized the acute medical emergency and the hazard it presented for the other driver and those in traffic, but she took the immediate and risky intervention without regard for her own safety to help a stranger. She will probably make an excellent emergency room physician one day. Sometimes a life experience like hers can cement what some may see as a grandiose aspiration to become the path defining her future. I wish her the best!

  11. MsLeelee94

    i'm gonna get me a dog soon as i get my back better

  12. Lateasha Wilson

    Hopefully a "Dumb" person will be there to help her friends if they ever need it.

  13. Gwen Prudy

    0:13 vol.fyi

  14. Morgellons with Zach


  15. Tab Ormiston

    Thank God that he is a well informed man! Dam I wished he was our Governor in Washington state

  16. Clyde Sconce

    Typical GOP slime...most all republican congress members are criminals, child molesters and/or nut job conspiracy loonies!

  17. Subic Station Dito Sailor

    If you ask me to wear a mask I will do what I have done the entire last year. Turn around and walk out and spend my money somewhere else.

  18. johnny hanson

    POLICE STATE PIGS go to hell helicopter neighbours NAZIS GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH

  19. Subic Station Dito Sailor


  20. Chris Delgado


  21. Steven Leblanc

    Stack them in a pile lol nice shootin

  22. Subic Station Dito Sailor

    I never wore one anyways. If a business forced me to wear one I turned around and walked. I was buying 3 new phones for my family at a mobil store. She asked me to put on my mask so I went down the street and paid them my 1500 bucks.

  23. Born Free

    Graddy should come to Alabama and arrest some corrupt judges, lol

  24. Jane Lee

    0:30 vog.fyi

  25. Diane Greene

    Maybe he'll get a better haircut up in prison.

  26. Kakijade Q


  27. Kakijade Q


  28. Kakijade Q


  29. Flowers inherhair


  30. John Swigler

    Masks don't work. Come on sheep.

  31. Palm Trees

    No, no they cant legally require people to wear anything not relevant to avoiding nudity.

  32. Clint Huff

    Took them long enough

  33. BlueCollar Workingman2 BlueCollar Workingman2

    So you arrested the guy .And he did nothing wrong? and you arrested him for words? REALLY!! I guess that's the definition to thoughtcrimes ... This sheriff is a disgrace.. The guy physically did nothing wrong other than talk, and they arrested him for it.. where's the freedom of speech in America anymore. You don't have to like what someone says but you should defend their right to say it..... I guess the CCP will destroy this America with American people... when you let your freedom of speech go nothing else is left...

  34. Sunny Campbell

    She was prolly thinking "What else was I supposed to do?!"

  35. John Lammi

    I have not worn a mask at Public in many days. We should not enable neurotic phobias

  36. glowy the dragon

    SUCH AN IDIOT. Keep your dog on Leash if their fully trained then keep them of but for now KEEP THEM ON A DANG LEASH

  37. John Lammi

    This could have occurred a long time ago

  38. Arnabi Arnab

    So the MILITARY VET who THEY SAID got the description 99% is wearing a white tank top, black pants, visual jewelry, full beard, full head of hair The ACTUAL SUSPECT - White tshirt, grey shorts, bald, no jewelry, no beard HOW THE FUCC WAS THE FIRST GUY 99% of the description?? Unless 98% is just black, and 1% white tee

  39. Arnabi Arnab

    So all those cops showed up for this....7 cops car for a burglary incident... yet the police need MORE MONEY? Defund

  40. Arnabi Arnab

    So he gave him his MILITARY ID... wearing jogging clothes... clearly sweating.... stayed calm.... yet still placed him under arrest and made him a sideshow

  41. Arnabi Arnab

    White beard?

  42. kai 1

    What these men insist on is being housed with female inmates. They want to be called women but have no regard for women. Any woman with a bit of concern for her own well being does not want to be housed with a man. A dress and lipstick does not change male pattern violence.

  43. donnafrflorida56

    Enough already!!!! No masks

  44. Day By Day

    You are not dumb for that! You saved someone. If we were all more like you.

  45. Al E


  46. Philippa Mason

    0:31 vol.limo

  47. Rebecca John

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  48. Kip Crew

    Desantis 24’ 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  49. R M

    This is pure control of people now they are going to have us to wear mask forever.

  50. X marks the spot

    In the grand scheme of things no lives matter afterwards.

  51. Robin Tyde

    Super. Many of our Ormond restaurant and bars have been open and good. Only a few places have been creepy and wanted all kinds restrictions so we don't go there.

  52. Ryan Ayala

    Who cares your news is fake

  53. Flowers inherhair

    It is not your right to ask people about their vaccine status.

  54. 90 runnin north

    It's about time duh !

  55. Sir Ape

    this is all about control through fear. enough is enough..

  56. Tara Aliyeva

    It seems as if the only requirements for the GOP are having PREDATORY ways and PEDOPHILE ways.

  57. donald york

    Oh yeah not dumb at all but a real life hero

  58. Cynthia Crowther

    It should be a no brainer. If you want to wear a mask then do it. If you want to go without then go without.

    1. Palm Trees


  59. Fox Mccloud

    I mean yeah Biden right... He is a clown... XD

  60. Smooth Operator

    Send them the bill for the water used to put out the fire.

  61. D Mattingley

    Oh by the way Grandpa have you sniffed Kamala yet?

  62. D Mattingley

    When Grandpa Joe speaks.... Nobody listens!!! 😆😆😆😆. By the way Grandpa you spilled prune juice on your tie again..... Cmon.... man!

  63. Nicholas Bossen

    It’s funny when cops just stand they do weird things like grabbing they’re tits

  64. enduro dh

    I'd give him 5 years not 24

  65. Jenn E


  66. EyD Flowers

    poor white people and boring white culture... the clock is ticking.... hehe

  67. Neurotiic Env

    good he got arrested !

  68. Bryan Fraser

    I agree, the US should provide aid to US flagged ships...oh wait.

  69. Mars H

    Only in Florida...hopefully.

  70. Zookid Tha kid

    They all racist lies on paper work these cops on melf drugs head county federal law need to take off this racist pigs county

  71. Zookid Tha kid

    Federal law need to shut down this racist cops they all racist

  72. Petter Tran

    The deserted permission intrinsically reflect because ground reassembly handle from a piquant vest. daily, possessive tanzania

  73. lp2565


  74. Julia Green

    Im sorry but that is Denzel Washington