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  1. ana qme

    Do they got divorce??

  2. Elizabeth Vargas

    Lol I love Gladstone! I can picture this whole thing 😂

  3. Jazzy Woodroffe

    PK is the realest East End City 🙏🏽

  4. Danielle Morcom

    Doctors are not a lot of help when it comes to eds x they are to busy telling people they have mental health issues they dont have or are just being dramatic or not believing them and saying they are making it up rather than testing for eds and even when people get to go to the eds clinic its still very hard to get them to diagnose them correctly 🤨 you also get miles of medical records that shows clearly its eds but thats all ignored and most people just stop going to the doctors because of the allegations and frustration of it all, so they just suffer in pain as thet get worse x iv heard so many people with eds going through this its really bad the doctors are dropping this and is malpractice x i have a very abusive ex who then ran around telling all of my doctors im a drug addict and got bipolar, these are all lies but it made getting diagnosed so much harder x we managed it in the end but god damn it was over 20 years of trying to get a diagnosis with false allegations i had to prove were false constantly, this is disgusting and not acceptable from our medical professionals x

  5. SlyHikari03

    I love the vocals.

  6. Jordan Antonio

    Those subtitles though aha

  7. B K

    They told us clearly in this video what has happened.

  8. Woodstock Ross

    What recorder do you use? the sound is solid

  9. Abby Is Watching

    Simon's got one of those mutant powers the X - men don't talk about. Commence the shittening!

  10. Наталка xx

    Martina saved you and you tossed her aside like a piece of garbage. What’s wrong with you Simon? Chill your midlife crisis.

  11. mrbeeg

    Office-Tel, no ink, better times

  12. mrbeeg

    Sup sup for the humping dog usb key in 2014!

  13. mrbeeg

    Remember when you were entertaining? Before all the ink? 2011? 2012?

  14. John kim

    If you were Korean you would understand , and if you were USA n saw issues you would understand like getting killed in a minority neighborhood

  15. gnova7


  16. Karen Grace

    Thankful for subtitles because lip reading is not a thing here today. 😂

  17. Snoopdoggydog

    That seems hard to learn.

  18. Eggy Egg

    The korean humour always looks to be at expense of someone else =/ but that's more an overall asian thing I gues...

  19. ayanesss

    One of the original Nasties here...just stoppin by to watch some Old School nostalgic content 😌

  20. Miriam K


  21. Jjrose911 Z

    Why am I watching this I’m 5”5

  22. V Persona

    I've been binging your podcast on Spotify since I've been inactive as a viewer for a hot minute. I personally don't think I was mentally ready to listen back when this came out, if that makes sense. I was a viewer who only wanted to see happy videos. This is something I've only realized after listening to your podcast about influencers and comments (leading to a great epiphany at work while simultaneously trying to keep my packing rates up and process what I'd just realized lol funnnn). And now in 2020 I have opened up a lot more to change. I have learnt a lot about myself simply from allowing myself to listen to these topics and your experiences. Back in 2018/2019 I KNOW that I wouldn't have wanted to listen to this, because I was needing to stay in my bubble. I've learnt now, especially during lockdown where I had time to just STOP and reflect, that I repress a lot to keep going and I ignore a lot and tell myself that I am happy. And I BELIEVE IT. Wild my dude. Simon mentioned something about people thinking they're not allowed to be happy, and as a person who thinks this way it's a weird thing to realize about yourself. A year ago I would have denied this, saying "whatever happens happens" as a blow off comment to deter prying into my wellbeing. And while I'm not ready to admit this out loud to anyone I am comfortable writing it in a comment page to you two and the rest of this community. I have never felt uncomfortable or unsafe to be here and glad to have found like-minded individuals <3. So thank you for recording these podcasts, and your content. Hope you can stay safe from Covid and happy for your move back to Canada. It's another adventure! I'm moving to Japan next year and am grateful I was given the opportunity. If you see this comment thank you for reading my story, if not then it will always be here in the chance you look back :3 P.S. Fudgy is so cute! My friend just got a black lab puppy and while he's growing fast he still hasn't grown into his paws yet and still got that loose puppy skin. They named him Loki after the Marvel character!

  23. Karolane Gonzalez


  24. Randy Seabrook

    I love you guys. You are absolutely correct about everything you said. Relationships are about commitment and hard work on your self and your relationship. You have to choose each other every day and want to make life better for the other person. It is a partnership, a team. Everything is for the good of the team. This is very important information. WELL DONE!

  25. Christopher Price

    Plain donuts are great for dipping in your coffee.

  26. Ryan Bautista

    Martina! If you miss your bidet toilet there are attachments you can get and install on a pre existing toilet! My friend got one and it's from a company called tushy

  27. Ant_TonyLOL KID

    Kevin was 19 when this came out?! Holy moly

  28. Anon E. Mous

    Oh man, what a duo ! Jackie seems absolutely charming, and the two of you are so funny together.

  29. Tyrion Lannister

    Two thoughts. First, the portrayal of pre-Martina Simon as "shitty" seems a little excessive. I just don't believe he was ever that awful and think even Simon may be beating himself up about that time. Second, the whole idea of "changing to make someone happy..." Excuse me very much? I've always found this notion as perplexing as it is preposterous. A person is who they am. Demanding that they change to suit you is presumptuous, to begin with, but beyond that you're missing the point: we are who we are. We have identities and they don't change. If you're going to wait around for someone to change their identity to suit you, don't hold your breath.

  30. lazy onigiri

    spraying your butt with water after shit, thats in the islam religion fun fact

  31. Carrie Quake

    And then Martina what???

  32. Masen S

    Pretty much every chronically ill person I’ve talked to has had the same experience! It’s so messed up. I hate seeing doctors because I’m anticipating doubt, complete apathy, and/or outright dismissal. Took 10 years for me to get diagnosed with my autoimmune disorder, and right before I was, a doctor said I was “too young” to have it 😂 Doctors need to listen to their patients. Trust what we’re experiencing. There is a tiny percentage of people who are hypochondriacs, but most people hate going to the doctor so they should know that when we do, it’s because we have to be there. Also- for a lot of us in the US seeing a doctor is expensive, so we have to put off going for a while. No one wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on medical bills “just because”

  33. Bushido

    interesting topic! im getting married and i feel myself changing into "adultness" thats kind of pushing my friends away. im hoping i can find a balance to this. thanks for the video 💖

  34. Lady Asriel

    KGup putting this on my recommended list cause 2020 hasn’t kicked my arse enough quite yet.

  35. Clara

    I personally don't believe that soul mates necessarily fit together like a puzzle, but just feel very much drawn to one another- and that people have more than one soulmate out there, some you might never meet, some where timing doesn't fit at all- said like; you both might be in totally different places physically and mentally in your lifes at that time and therefore it might not workout

  36. Bushido

    thank you for giving that example. eventhough it seems really trivial, it does affect relationships. The root being unreal expectations that we always see in movies. It was one of the hardest thing for me to comprehend and overcome in my life and gradual concession saved my relationship. Much love to you guys 💖💖

  37. Mikaela's Sweet Life

    Wow, I hope someday I will experience Hanami in Japan. I was able to attend the 2019 Hanami festival in England kgup.info/get/nK6MZo_VaYGYjHs/video I enjoyed it very much.

  38. N Avery

    Us British are pretty good at apologising. Here its quite common to have someone bump into you for example, then you both end up apologising to each other!

  39. LX777

    2020 and I am still here 🤘 loved those series 💖

  40. LX777

    Still here in 2020 and I still love them 🎀💖 Gurrllll let me buy you a drink team

  41. John Joo

    I feel like usually Martina is the pragmatic “tell it like it is” problem solver. It’s so cute to see her interact with Jackie who is even more straightforward and pragmatic♥️♥️♥️ M: “what do we dooooo nowwww???” J: “get the wipe.”

  42. earlydable

    Lol, ordering a plain donut makes you upset - and I 100% get that. Me too.

  43. Blake Lane

    YOUR ATTENTION IS NECESSARY Hello^^ I would like to help you. I am here to tell you the truth; however, it is known that unless you are an ontological entity, you will automatically disregaurd, deny, or forget completely what I have said here. That is alright! I will continue trying to help everyone~ I have been around since the begininng, and I have seen the true feelings of Simon and Martina. Therefore, I would like to bring you both back to full health with a new life. If I am able to reach you, then I have made it to the right place. I give you a revitalized life, but only if you are willing. The truth is within the Keylontic Dictionary (its a PDF). Only the willing and ready will find what I have given to you. Those who do not know of this will be enlightened when ready. WARNING: The information held within the truth is instantaniously life changing to the ontological entites of D-4, Earth. Good Luck and Take care. That is all. -Lexey

    1. Blake Lane

      This message has been dedicated to Simon and Martina, but is not limited to them. This message is for the willing and the ready within the humanity of D-4-Earth. -Lexey

  44. VAnessa de jong

    You people used to be so loud!

  45. Kris Rowan

    My parents buy me a bidet for Christmas last year. I love it.

  46. Justin Daigneault

    Squirrel away is one of my favorite verbs (mainly because I love squirrels, but the visual is just comical)

  47. Wendy Bowman

    Munchkins are tiny from Dunkin . Wish had Timbits. Tim Hortons are better donuts in general. Even better than fresh Krispy Kreme.

  48. Monica Lopez

    Simon with the child: "What's with this sassy... lost child?"

  49. Laura Winters

    Im watching again cause life. But I have hypothyroidism. I constantly feel like you are normal but just complain alot. Im on medication and yes it helps but it doesn't get rid of every symptom. So yes I feel crazy. Thankyou for being being open. One day family won't make me feel like I'm faking. Love you all.

  50. Maplegrrl

    Plain dounuts are the only ones I'll eat from Timmies. In my defense, I worked at one years ago and became so sick of the food there that I cannot handle anything but tea and the old fashioned plain.

  51. Tsarminya Bright

    LOL, I have the mini Halloween candy hidden away in the back of the freezer for snacking ALL year long!

  52. LX777

    I am still here November 2020 😭

  53. Miss Anwyn

    In the UK Cronuts are like all the rage right now, there's a bakery near me that does the most amazing cronuts my fave is the bannoffe creme brulee 🤤 but they weigh appropriately the same as a house brick (might be an exaggeration, but I shall never tell) and my poorly wrists do not enjoy the lifting so I eat them with a knife and fork like a monster 😌

  54. KTpeckham

    I’m like that with ice cream! Me and my boyfriend will both buy a pint at the store, he eats all of his same day. Mine will last weeks with me eating it a spoonful at a time. Just enough to kill my sweet tooth and I’m set. The longer it’s in the freezer the more he’ll kvetch about it “I should probably just eat it for you so it doesn’t freezer burn” haha

  55. Tokyotart

    Oh no, I worry this channel will be boring now

  56. My Name Is

    Oh 2020, what have you done. 😭💔

  57. Jay-Lee van der Berg

    You gotta wash your hands before eating, period. I refuse to touch the interact machines because ew. xD I use wipes to “wash” my hands when I don’t have access to soap and water. One wipe per hand for, at least, 20 seconds :p

  58. Gem Bonham-Horton

    You can get a butt spray that you can fit to any toilet and portiabl bottles to keep in your bag all on Amazon

  59. ayse nur

    In Islam you have to wash 😆

  60. miss.understood

    I've never had the sour cream bc it sounds horrible !! lol but I'm gonna try it cuz of your vid lol .... always disinfect your hands after touching the debit machine, a chip card is great for this but then I always disinfect my card too lol but I'm immune compromised.

  61. Wendy Dickason

    Yes I remember Fire Marshall Bill . He was on fire in most of the skits.

  62. xXLetaXx

    So happy you've found inspiration to film again. I understand you were craving some Canadiana, kinda disappointed you didn't visit Glory Holes on Queen St W. Gourmet doughnuts with an appropriately suggestive name. If you ever find yourself in Hamilton, ON after this pandemic is over, might I suggest hitting up Grandad's Doughnuts or Donut Monster. They make wonderful treats. Grandad's is more like what Tim Horton's used to be, while Donut Monster is more gourmet. Always looking forward to seeing your videos :)

  63. JinxR22

    My sister bought a dozen plain donuts for her and her family the lady who was helping her even told her how boring I couldn’t help but bust up laughing

  64. Cynthia Stinson

    I have followed you since you began posting videos. I miss you guys as a team. I hope you both can work it out. Many times I thought my marriage was doomed, but it’s still alive and kicking. Forgiveness is extremely powerful. Wishing you guys the best.

  65. czuczmon

    Are timbits made from dough that was punched while making holes in doughnuts?

  66. Rollings

    I like you guy's positive vibes! Literally no one's making local japanese prefectures videos so I'm psyched to see you guys in Akita! Would like to hear you guys talk about Akita's interesting places or accidents or story times :)

  67. Rachel Davis

    Seems a little nitpicky and exhausting lol

  68. Patricia C.

    This was just in my recommended

  69. Jessica Ahrens

    Enough 2020. We've already hurt enough. Let everyone heal now

  70. starry_config

    Ngl... I’m the weirdo who loves plain donuts. Dip that sh*t in some black coffee a la Lady and the Tramp and it’s magical

  71. Kiu Kiu Makes

    Would a bidet attachment work?

  72. okieredrose11

    I would watch you and Jackie do anything. Ya'll are so entertaining.

  73. Girl. Geek. Foodie.

    Krispy Kreme doughnuts are my fav and now I want some.

  74. isabrinia78

    I thought that too, Martina! About the Crystal Method (band) in the song lyrics of Semi Charmed Kinda Life lol

  75. kagaminek

    I've never been to Japan, but I'm ready to join your religion Martina 😂

  76. Jack9579 O.

    Thanks again Meemers! You provide the best bloopers *head scratch*

  77. Mikeztarp

    REM - Losing My Religion! What, the game was only in the main video? But I only knew one song!

  78. Ashley Parker

    I'm totally the same way the candy. Idk why, I just have to keep it and save it. Lol

  79. ericalucy0802

    you should have bought back the washlet (thats how it's spelled?) top part to attach to your regular toilet!

  80. stella

    You are not alone Martina with taking your time with candy. Also I usually forget I have it for months and it gets spoiled. Whoopsie