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  1. Agent G


  2. Derek Collins

    They should put all the pod bosses in one pod in see who really runnin shii

  3. b good

    You could really make this show better if you can interview the officers in there too... Maybe ask em why they do what they do hmmm?🤷

  4. Tayla Henry

    40.... in a 35 really

  5. CoolStuffZone

    There are so many functioning crazy people out there who really need to be institutionalized.

  6. raffytaffs

    0:51 this did not age well

  7. Ava

    When he said, "They all hate me," It broke my heart. He looks so sweet.

  8. Joshua Trujillo

    That child is like: wth is going on

  9. Truth Seeker

    They still gave this guy a ticket??? This is exactly why nobody likes pigs!

  10. CountryJasmine

    This was a year go...I’d like to know if she ever got in touch with him

  11. KIDnKLIQ

    That last guy looks like a skinny version of Bill Cosby!

  12. Rain Man

    no, no, no...let them represent themselves...it turns out it is societies best interest.

  13. Stacey Grambo

    This show really makes you appreciate first responders and police...

  14. Katherine Grimes

    Right at that banana tree is the body of whoever she burried

  15. First Last

    “I hope I don’t have a miscarriage...” aka don’t get suspicious when I’ve been here for a month and don’t show any signs of being pregnant. I didn’t lie I just had a miscarriage.

  16. Jeff Johnston

    Just another Karen

  17. Anodyne Hipster Influencer

    I've always thought they should take the clowns from each season, people like Robert, Tami, Jeff, the teacher "Cray Cray" with the gluten intolerance, Steve the "undercover" guy and lock then in a pod together and film it.

  18. Aierek

    The Devil took an L on this one.

  19. Rama Bary Baratha

    I need hoarder. But not a house. Maybe zombies. In the game.

  20. Wasted Audio

    Awful acting but it was funny none the less!

  21. Spathiphyllum Araceae

    I had his action figure.

  22. Roguelily79

    Eileen needs someone to grab her, shake her and sitter in a corner. The fact that her family puts up with her abusiveness is unbelievable.

  23. chalce Mae

    I love tony !!!

  24. **Kristy Barnes**

    Wannabe?! I would encourage others to fight their battles with the corrupt court system. The representation out there ain't worth the $$ you pay them!

  25. USN Patriot

    After someone has been Told 40 or 50 times "You can't do whatever you want at the AIRPORT, Regardless of how FAT you are"! Or How Loud You are or even How Stupid you are! Entitled Pigs are the Worst!

  26. matthew lambert

    As a vet this just made me super weak ..that uniform said alot about him ...glad to see a smile brother

  27. 404 UNF

    Happy birthday, there goes the next five years of your life.

  28. Jason Roberts

    He foiled most of those stabs. Rib, spine, shoulder blades.

  29. Dalton Williams

    I wish They didn't skip around in the stories. Just did 1 at a time

  30. Rama Bary Baratha

    Satisfied. 😌

  31. Lars Cain

    When Philly was built they didn't worry about parking lots

  32. J Robb

    Lol, kinda hard to blur out the Extended Stay of America logo on the soaps and toiletries 😆

  33. Queen A

    I don’t wish this on anyone. I wish guns were never created.

  34. Juan Espinoza

    Shut up dude you know you're D.U.I. and your high!!! You are just stupid!!!

  35. Doris Santhana Dass

    Most handsome brothers....kane and Undertaker

  36. G

    This guy just appeared in the house and decides he lives there? Not sure how that happens

  37. Jason Roberts

    Can't have a jail show without someone getting stuck at some point.

  38. stephen petrowski

    I’d like for them to find the Edge and Christian Elvis outfits

  39. Mimi

    That cop literally body slammed her to the ground 😬

  40. Jim Sty the HP Guy

    When you have the black Hulk and T.I. coming at you, you know you're screwed...

  41. JJohn Hipp

    So easy... don’t consent to a search!

  42. Yolanda Perez

    This is what happens when you give illigals English. Stfu

  43. K' dash

    I'll b bac

  44. Gaming2much

    Omg. Is I feel like I've watched 100s of these videos but this is the 1st criminal

  45. Doris Santhana Dass

    He still perfect

  46. matt nothin

    this show is kind of like "someone set a napkin on fire!!!" "send in the swat team to dump gasoline on it so then the fire alarm will go off and everybody will be safe!" :)

  47. Chicken Little

    She’s sick cause she does drugs lmao

  48. Marilyn OConnell

    Thanks for saving those children! God Bless you and your wife for being loving and caring to kids that desperately needed it!! Incredible!!

  49. Cx

    This is so weird

  50. Gold Only

    Everyone is calling the song “silly” for me that song was my CHILDHOOD

  51. EXO 785

    Welcome to America check your rights at the door. You can represent your self but can't speak lol

  52. Kyle Helton

    “This guy seems to be a little bit hurt” *just got flattened by a bus*

  53. joanh Jonah

    hes christ

  54. Ashley Miller


  55. Kyle Helton

    *Drinks Red Bull* starts to overdose flat on her back*

  56. matt nothin

    idk maybe it's just me but i don't think you should swat someone for "suspected" drug use/sale

  57. andrew dove

    DJ Slim

  58. guns blaze


  59. Brittany Fischer

    I like that the last you drove we didn’t catch the guy you know what I do for a living

  60. Manfred von Richthofen

    Jack Black is a mob boss?

  61. Lis Asllanaj

    To the genius that allowed the officer to chew gum while having a mic on his body i wish you a very awful week

  62. ryan wolf

    they dodnt need to do that shitcar is in the driveway

  63. peanut butter

    1:32 😬

  64. tk

    You can set up a new store from her belonging

  65. Andy

    That Dennis OMG talk about lil man syndrome. Thrives in a controlled prison environment, in the real world he would be laughed at.

  66. Daniel M

    "Welfare, social services, crackhead!!"

  67. Jason Roberts

    You don't give anything to someone without getting something in return. It's the rule of barter. Before you handed those headphones over you should made him make you an offer first.

  68. Carol Christiansen

    Perfect conclusion.

  69. Hall of famer 2020

    In the ring GOAT outside BIGGEST A HOLE

  70. Nicola Dawson

    Yes, you seem drunk.....

  71. Bryant W

    One hellava nose on that dude, who needs dogs

  72. Just MakeIt

    If Ryan didn't blend in he would've ended up like Brian which is dangerous asf. These police haven't been in there own jails and are clueless to what's going on that's why they are in this program. Ryan did great

  73. مشاري العنزي

    Saudi five-star prisons

  74. Anthony Ferrara Jr.

    Shots out to b-shaw. Reminded the snitch hes a snitch

  75. Rick Marciniak

    KGup Viewers: see tire completely separated from car Girlfriend: “My Airbags!!” 😭😭

  76. Davina Carrell

    I’m just shook by the undertaker looking normal.

  77. مشاري العنزي

    Saudi five-star prisons

  78. N4m3n10s

    Police: "You're Resisting" McCarty: "Im not resisting " "I dont have to Stand"