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  1. misti & anika's channel

    Dogs ...... see BLUE

  2. Surjit Pednekar

    if we all had tucker we would never die

  3. Ruchi .Khare

    I am scared of the beach

  4. Anha Maliyat

    Sorry my heart just shattered because tucker called us filthy

  5. Sofmil Sofmil

    Question for Tucker : Have you ever tried the tree of doom with chimken? 😂💙

  6. Sonia Rose

    That Should Be A WWE Match

  7. Anha Maliyat

    No shampoo has 100 lives not like catto

  8. Ruchi .Khare

    why are the two newly weds fighting?

  9. yutup çenıl

    im not sure which one more sweet. Linda and tucker

  10. Chantha Ny

    Yeah tucker is so exiding forever

  11. Ishan Rocky

    Tucker and Maya

  12. Total GAMIX

    In a few hundred ir maybe thousand years dogs will be a lot smarter than they are now. If of course humanity is still a thing


    so sooo cute

  14. Ruta Reinholde

    Wod you wear a pumkin costum for HALOWWEN "

  15. Milk tears

    For tucker: Do you love broccoli?

  16. Here Puff Puff

    I find the concept of dogs talking in incorrectly spelt English hilarious and in no way tired and unoriginal.

  17. whatever3210

    Great video and beautiful dog.

  18. Ruchi .Khare

    why was he acting like rose from titanic saying (I'm Flying)?

  19. Salvador Salinas

    Tucker is cute

  20. abhiveer bajaj

    loved when u gave them the peanut butter

  21. BabyTucker

    hello, future me

  22. Linda D Rothwell

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  23. kaushik siva

    I like tucker so much because he is so funny

  24. kaushik siva

    Tucker is so funny

  25. Sophie Schneider

    Have you bite anybody"?

  26. Sophie Schneider


  27. Roberta Bogojević

    Tucker do you love broccoli🥦🥦🥦

  28. Kaitlyn Chapman

    The subtitles make me laugh all of the time

  29. Gaha shabanam

    His expressions are just .. 😂😍😍

  30. Rannel Anacion

    Omg Im so exploding of cuteness when tucker is a little pup 😍😍🤩🤩

  31. hyperhalo

    Tucker needs a sibling to be a derp with

  32. Minal D'Almeida

    Where is Flutter now? She must be a big doggo by now. Please bring her back!

  33. Yojanna Phoemela Yazmine Cabaguing

    I want to see tucker going the United kingdom now

  34. Yojanna Phoemela Yazmine Cabaguing

    U going to the lake ?ok?

  35. Sooraj Vishnu

    oct 15 was my birthday perfect gift

  36. Mongkeybuu Fifi

    Dogs pee on trees sometimes and paper id made of tree so tucker like pee

  37. Noble

    Tucker is a sucker

  38. Earthworm Makeup Sally

    Tucker: *am babushka* Me: **dies of laughter**

  39. Subhasini Manivannan


  40. Ofelia Anda

    This dog is so cute I wish my dog will be smart and cute

  41. Lucky Bot

    He cute af

  42. Yojanna Phoemela Yazmine Cabaguing

    Wo cool

  43. Yojanna Phoemela Yazmine Cabaguing

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha they are so funny 😆 i want to see them again

  44. Alexia Hill

    do you like being a dog

  45. Alison

    both look exactly the same.. twins!

  46. Yojanna Phoemela Yazmine Cabaguing

    Cool shoes and cool outfit tucker and journey

  47. Yojanna Phoemela Yazmine Cabaguing

    OMG! He is married!omg!

  48. Yojanna Phoemela Yazmine Cabaguing

    I have a question for tucker is he married ?

  49. Nabin Subba

    Question for tucker do u like fruits

  50. Deborah Mcmullen

    Do you wanna attack Linda sometimes🤣

  51. Ismi Hafsari

    Alexa.smarter than all of us here

  52. Joshua Samson

    That bride couldn't wait to be married

  53. rg

    3:40 I died- 😂

  54. Johnny Wong

    My daughter love golden retriever puppies

  55. Ruchi .Khare

    what is his wives name?

  56. Anaisha Patel

    he loves that poop and hates a mouse this makes no sense 🤣🤣

  57. Salvador Salinas

    :me tucker wants to go for a walk

  58. Ruchi .Khare


  59. ze milky smol bean

    Bubblez:wats dat? Tucker:a wiener Bubblez:ew 😂😂

  60. HG Mystery

    His but is shiny

  61. Lily Kitts

    So cute

  62. Kotal Editz

    The “henlo” ☺️



  64. Derick Reyna

    Ya ya ya ya ya hollowen 1 wich is tomorrow 1 m0re day till that day i was wrong the first time so ya hollowen tomorrow but happy hollowen because it is already because it is 12 so ya happy hollowen this is going to be posted at 12 so just trying to have a happy day tomorrow well for me i have to go to bed in well the time i have is 11 min so ya

  65. isabella grassl

    I just CANT when he said "oops I face farted"

  66. Jayanti Patel

    This dog has a better love life then mine ...... Single

  67. matsum banks

  68. Emma Akpan


  69. Derick Reyna

    2 more days till hollowen

  70. Derick Reyna


  71. Emma Akpan

    Do you like your toys

  72. Kinda Sus

    His little “awooo”s when he was looking for Journee 🥺💔

  73. Krystal B

    Do people really allow dogs on their bed like this?

  74. Immortal Discoveries

    they are so cute together, i want both

  75. Danica Mae Larena

    He dosen't love Linda, who took care of him...l

  76. Jake Salvatierra

    Tucker: *roast mode has been initiated*

  77. EllaPlayscape

    I'm dreaming that I have that kind of dog and coming home from school and cuddling it for hours sooooooooo realxin

  78. Clyre Rodriguez

    golden retriever is so so sooooo cUTeeEeeEeeeEeeeeeeee

  79. Cuddly Teddy

    Please feed tucker a pepper I wanna see his reaction!