Man's World.
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  1. ipek


  2. Cole Winters

    Marina Honey, you really make a statement with this I wish my late Mother could see this and appreciate it, love you girl. I raise my lashes to heaven for you :)

  3. Mark Raimer

    Queen 👑

  4. Chris Morlock

    Why wasn't this on the album ffs

  5. Koke Hdz

    “Do you really want me to write a feminist anthem? I’m happy cooking dinner in the kitchen for my husband” and then she did... QUEEN

  6. Koke Hdz

    Honestly me neither lol

  7. Jullius Tanguilan

    it has gotten 8 years and this video is still clean and perfect

  8. •Aurora Games official•

    That song arrived when i birth😏 Who waching 2020?

  9. MalvadoChefe

    I love this song.

  10. Gabriela

    muito boa pqp

  11. Peks Rex


  12. Mu Ma


  13. TurtleNugget


  14. Luna The Magnificent

    1:43Best part

  15. Amanda Jean

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much this music video and the ending of this song used to freak me out as a kid lol

  16. it's eva

    now why am i cryin. this is beautiful

  17. Kaitlyn OwO

    I feel like marina keeps saying "im from robot"

  18. itsdakota

    Her music aleays gives me the feels I got when I first started listening to her shes timeless omg I love her

  19. Barbara Emanuele

    I MEAN, GUYS SHE'S NOT BLAMING MEN AS A GENDER. SEARCH FOR THE IMPACTS PATRIARCHY HAS ON ENVIRONMENT FASCISM AND YOU WILL SEE. It's about how a society that gives authority only to men in power to decide every f*cking thing on this planet would be a lot better if they change the perspective and give voice to women, lgbtq+ etc.

  20. sc shakar

    This is now my fav soge

  21. i have lemonade

    Not me suddenly being obsessed with this song even though I don't relate to it in the slightest.

  22. omgad

    The thumbnail really is me waking up after a night out

  23. alice wright


  24. empathy empathy

    lollllllll bopppp😭

  25. empathy empathy

    💘💘💘💘💘i felt libra energy caus i thought of my nan 😭🥺 she’s libra sun😘

  26. Enrico S

    I love Marina, I think this song is beautiful and still, as a gay man and part of a minority i really can't appreciate the lyrics "man's world". Basically the song is reassuming all-bad-things-in-the-world with the word "man". I'm sorry to hear that, this is not what real men are like. I mean, this is truly mankind, but nothing to do with men as a gender (I'm thinking to Savages and To Be Human). I personally believe, live and fight for equality without aiming to a useless gender's war; so i cannot ignore the fact that the lyrics sound pretty abusive against men. Always spread love and not hate ♥️ I'm sure Marina meant the same.

  27. Sarah '93


  28. Sarah '93



    I love this song post in 2020 i love to sing this coz this song make me happy wen i m bord coz have a corna time hahahaha i love this song so mach

  30. Jakob Whale

    Marina, I too don't want to live in a man's world anymore.

  31. Tara Carmelina

    The concept that “manly” means brave and strong is so disgusting, when femininity is associated with weakness. I mean, just look at the Harry Styles situation, people were telling him he’s not “manly” just for indulging in something feminine, and saying that makes him weak. The point of legally blonde was to show that feminine women’s interests does not make them dumb. And after living in a world where music videos like “stupid girls” by Pink is the norm. I’m glad we got something to empower femininity because if we don’t put femininity and masculinity on the same level then careers associated with females like nursing and teaching will remain underpaid.

    1. Vincent Escolano

      Really well said

  32. _ sunflide _

    1:55 for people who from tiktok

  33. ONsh bk Laguerta


  34. Indra Yudha Kusuma

    Eww feminazis

  35. Twili Vaati

    This song makes me cry so hard because I dont know if I will ever find my happiness. I honestly want to die

  36. lauren mcgough

    How do I get the look of her as a secretary?

  37. Rollagher

    Here's my Christmas Gift for you:

  38. Ef DeEl


  39. Fluxfy

    Whenever I listen to this, Mairo always comes to my mind XD.

  40. Nozuki _:3

    She have 35 years old!!!!!!!😵😵😵😲😲😲😲💅💅💅💅💅

  41. Ana Deisy Corona

    No entendí nada .__.

  42. Stef R


  43. Stef R

    Love you so much, Marina.

  44. Giannis Pap


  45. Vidisha Das

    Love love love ❤️ each an every music sound and words and lyrics .. everything !!!

  46. pomp0us

    this is beautiful.

  47. Isaac Chavez

    1:48 is the meme

  48. Eddi Mateus

    Maravilhosa, entregou tudo

  49. HecclingHeccles

    why am i just realizing this was posted on my birthday

  50. Meredith Julia

    just posted a cover of this!!!

  51. Kevin Crosby

    I hear "I can't help that I need it all" as the scene in Batman where Pennyworth asks the model if she'd like canapés.

  52. Paiton Harper

    When this came out 6 years ago it was my favorite song, I haven’t heard it since then until now and plot twist it’s now my favorite agian


    lol, why are my dad's girlfriends name the title for the song?

  54. Stephen Key

    She's alot like Jessie ware....they should collaborate...they're both underrated and dynamite

  55. Lizzy Grant

    I'm sorry but she looks anorexic here :/ I've been a fan since she was Marina and the Diamonds years ago, but then she looked healthy. She looks like she's been getting thinner and thinner to the point where she looks sick now

  56. Reaper Coded

    Feminist drivel. Comments are full of what's to be expected as well. Masculinity is toxic and patriarchy is oppressing us, yada yada. Good tune tho. And it's interesting to hear/read different and wrong opinions.

  57. Achillobator Droamae

    This is so comforting.

  58. cookie lover lopez

    Me: how was this Made Me: OMG it was Made 10 years ¯( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  59. cc_criree

    hEe hEe

  60. Mateus Silva


  61. Dylan Goldstein

    I found this song so many years ago from just dance LMFAO

  62. jérôme parenteau

    sis the chorus

  63. Jonathan G

    What happen to diamonds?

  64. Guilherme Oliveira


  65. Guzzy Green

    Picture this : your the final girl the killer has killed all your friends and strangers in front of you and your stuck in a house full of their body’s and it’s the final fight and you have reached the broken point and your about to face him and this starts playing as the theme song.

  66. moon

    I fucking love her

  67. smallypuppy22

    I LOVE this aesthetic, they all look like celestial beings dancing in La Toscana

  68. LOL Science

    Everyone saying this made them bi but for me I started doubting that I’m bi cause I didn’t feel even 0.0001% attraction to any of the men 😬😳

  69. LOL Science

    Is nobody going to mention that the she looks a different ethnicity here than in other videos (idk what she is but she looks much more like a brown girl)

  70. Deirdre Ginley

    Divine feminine goddess in the flesh. Ushering in the new paradigm!

  71. Traficante De Batatas

    if you get offended by this then you are exactly what she's criticizing ;)

  72. Maddy Stardust


  73. alejandro cervantes

    not her towels!

  74. Hoori Yousaf

    Why did fricken tiktok make a Michael Jackson meme out of this?

  75. _D_o_g_g_o _

    2012 : how to be an heartbreaker 2020: *I don't live in men's world anymore*

  76. Ricardo

    We really have to change, all together. Companies, politics and the people. We have to put more attention to things like zero waste, veganism, feminism, racism, green energy, public transport, healthcare, peace... more good stuff, less bad stuff.

  77. Chris plays

    Dont like it live on a island some people are bad we all have to live with it nothing is going to change

  78. Chrissy DeGarie




  80. Reegirl_love_bodoque

    the fact this almost just got popular this year because of tiktok-