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  1. Martin Bosveld

    Omg he made a trip of 1 kilometer home without leaving the seatruck for distractions. UGE W well done

  2. Daily shit!

    Honestly? This could be second game of the year 2021. First place going obviously for RE VILLAGE

  3. RSWOLF27

    like the video. now.

  4. Zylic

    I know the rules :)

  5. Kid Named Iso

    Imagine being so dumb you build your base in a place surrounded by walls

  6. Jake

    “I’ve got my strats chat”

  7. Hanzirah Channel

    the most MAN scream i ever heard 1:6:42

  8. Justin Pyramid

    2bad no 10k likes, but still no excuse to base build off stream. That's the exciting part watching Noah put plants on the roof!

  9. Nasty Nato

    Do the seatruck modules increase its hp?

  10. James Morris

    Face cam top left...

  11. Chris Gibbs

    Couldn't catch the stream but glad I could watch now ☺️🤠

  12. Angeluss Blade

    Make a big tunnel as part of the base up to the surface and put the solar panels there. I did that on the first one.

  13. Ninja 988

    I like it how he says he need diamonds but he has a full locker of them cmon now

  14. Jon Kristian Helmobakk

    The 7 minute or so that's the TONE weapon from titan fall 2 and the name us titan how cools that

  15. adamorichearo

    Love this series

  16. Shawn Hughes

    hears constant roars around his base: genocide is the only answer edit: if you make the aquarium bigger, your fish inside will repopulate. if you put bladderfish in it they will make babies and you will have more water.

  17. Phillip Miles

    Bro love ur vids but ur getting so far ahead of me that I don’t wanna spoil things for myself

  18. Niels Beringen

    Fast guide: quantum locker is an ender chest

  19. Wil T

    He should build a scanner room down deep so he can find all the deep materials easier and faster

  20. Shorty Cunningham

    His indecisiveness makes me scream at the screen.

  21. Angeluss Blade

    I work at the same job for 20 years and I put your videos and it makes it more bearable. Wish I could play video game on youtube but I just dont have the time.

  22. frane 0209

    And by the way can i use cistom game for this

  23. frane 0209

    I have a problem the symbols are not spawning for me

  24. Chill Squirrel

    raft in the future be like

  25. Skylancer727

    Creatures grown in alien containment will never be aggressive towards you or other fish even after being taken out of containment. Note though that the larger fish you take out of containment can't really be put back in as you can't pocket them.

  26. Dhiya Jauza

    Omg why he always get distracted

  27. It's ya Boi

    Does he know how to get the prawn suit yet?

    1. It's ya Boi

      It’s right near delta island under some vents so it’s kinda hard to get to

  28. gerbil

    Hey Noah your play through for the first subnautica genuinely made my life a happier place you always give me an escape from some of the harder things in life I can just watch KGup and chill with you and the others in chat

  29. TUI Artemis

    What game is this

  30. e Moot

    I’m not able to watch live but I ALWAYS watch the vods. Love the movies my guy! Keeeep it up my favorite KGupr :)

  31. David B

    You can tell by the way Noah acts when he plays this game that he genuinely enjoys it. 🙂

  32. Dex0tr1x

    That isnt an AN-94 its an ASM10 from Codm

  33. Skylancer727

    Can confirm the music is not copyrighted. They made sure to make their own music just for the game as they knew the series is popular with streamers.

  34. MrCrumpitizer

    That creature tried giving the truck the Gluck Gluck 😂

  35. Maribel Varela


  36. *Iris *[IAM]*

    Please do not play of screen. A lot of us do care! I could watch you interior design a whole day. You make it entertaining. P.s. you're really funny! Appreciating that

  37. Massimo Conelli

    I just realized that the chat narrator sounds exactly like Al-an

  38. SparkyV63

    Dawg, thank you 🤙🏻 just keep being Noah.

  39. zombusplayz

    Double jump more like epilepsy

  40. Nomad 745

    If you think about it the quantum locker is an ender chest from Minecraft

  41. Saud Mohamed

    Listen to them don’t listen to them

  42. Erin Timmes

    Ocean and got a Harley close to your house and trying to get you bye be aware what really playing with I will be in your game sleep stream sniping you kill me I'll be even one of your friends good luck Spider-Man the challenge hahaha sky Toys channel

  43. Erin Timmes


  44. Erin Timmes


  45. Erin Timmes

    Morning on playing Black Ops real play Minecraft or GT Black Ops 3

  46. Erin Timmes

    Dggdnvvf h bfct best eh hfk ct7

  47. RyRy

    From 40 minutes to an hr is so triggering😭😭😭!

  48. CiCi Ashley

    So I'm currently playing gauntlet working on the modded Ray Mark II (for round 17) using brain rot. I spawned in a brain rot to dig up the canister and picked it up. I did not see the orb, or maybe I shot it by accident, but I can't find it anywhere on the map. I even started a new round to see if it'd appear, but still can't find the orb. Has anyone else ever encountered this? I have to have the ray gun done for round 17 & I began the elemental craft at round 8, but can't finish. I need help ughhhh.

  49. Reece London

    And hears me spending everything I earn just on the Mbox to get this gun. Iv had it twice out the box. Now I know 😅

  50. Luke bullen

    We need 10k likes for him to carry on!!!!!

  51. Johnny Lal

    "I do not want to see any leviathan-class enemies." Sees a leviathan-class enemy 10 seconds later

  52. Jovano Prepelec

    Is that Kilo 141 that you are using?

  53. The Smuggest

    Pls just build the window.

  54. The Perennial Podcast

    Been watching since 2014 subnautica was my favorite playthrough watched them over and over while i was playing looking forward to playing this one with you too keep it up bro

  55. Sean Brooks

    Another play through with no missions done why Noah

  56. SilverTalon007

    59:38 Oh for the love of god... Its an AMONG US REFERENCE.

  57. Samuel Acosta

    Did anyone else get mad when Noah didn’t get the last part for the storage module?

  58. Liam S

    The first two maps of WW2 zombies I played and liked the most, didn't get much time on 3 & 4 and never learned them sadly

  59. Jimi Tikkanen

    Did theu ever do the EE?

  60. pitchblack 94

    Play resident evil 3 remake

  61. Tyler Wallen

    Seriously going to be disappointed if you don’t at least make videos out of you playing off screen. 😞 enjoying watching you play this so much.

  62. Erin McAllister

    Not that you necessarily need the water now, but since you have the big aquarium if you put two bladder fish in they should breed. Always love the content I appreciate that you actually listen to all the PDAs

  63. Recalled Memory

    omfg you really shouldnt try singing gave me a haemoid


    Ever wonder what was on the ceiling? It was an M14 and the other one is an Wunderwaffe Cuz when i bought it i regretted the time i wasted and got so much zombies to kill in one barricade...


      Wunderwaffe on the right and m14 on the left if your in the left side


      It was glitching thats why u cant buy M14 •-• It was only light

  65. AstroprOject Gaming

    Congrats on 5 mil dog its been a journey im glAd to of gone through it with you

  66. pitchblack 94

    Chat got noah looking up doll dresses for keys

  67. Jackson Stoecker


  68. Michael Tilly

    Pretty sure you picked the worst spot to build a base. Right up against a cliff and a wall on a small ledge.. no wonder it's so hard to attach the moon pool and any other extension. not pog homie

  69. Tyler Smith

    I did my part and left a like don’t you dare play off camera

  70. Christopher Gobler

    Yo we need 10K likes so he keeps playing on Stream. Let's do it for NoahJ456 like he makes alot of our lives better just by being there for us. We owe him that!

    1. GHS_OG

      When we relize it's only at 7.3k likes - Panik

  71. nuker boomber

    Mostly I can’t see your live streams Bec they are midnight and I need my sleep and I watch them when I have time to watch YT

    1. nuker boomber

      A noot fish make it a noob fish

  72. Karla Fuentes

    I liked the stream! I’ll share too. This will probably be the second game I buy and play. It seems fun and interesting. I bought Valheim but can’t play on iOS. Glad this one is compatible.

  73. Zarcinia

    i cant play this game freaks me out so much but dont mind watching someone play it lol

  74. Dor Jay

    you lied this is not l4d 3 thumb down !

  75. Peski


  76. Jay Tizzl

    People he did all this on purpose, he’s smart..

  77. Dinkxed

    The cod zombie youtuber trying new games........interesting

  78. Soul Whisperer

    We still need 10k Likes people. Letsgooooo

  79. FirstDrop427

    Just done this solo today and wasn’t to bad. Round 28 boss fight