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    I want a 3d pen plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  2. Jennifer honeycutt


  3. ourforgiveness *com


  4. Hi Yeah

    I knew Viv would win

  5. Norelis Mercado

    You are the best Zhc

  6. Leo J


  7. Hillary Kovatovich

    it would be really nice if i could be in a video it would make my day and i hope you have a good day

  8. Katie Tunget

    Comment if you are here in the first five days of this vid coming out!!!

  9. Dandndre Cohen

    I want to be in a video

  10. Unknown Unknown

    what ( is t o co me so on.

  11. sunnatjon negmatov

    Zach is the master the lord of art he is the best artist in the world someone compete with Zach

  12. Courtney Ford


  13. Paisley the savage Demon


  14. Meghan Gulickson

    I’m subscribed with post notifications on

  15. Rina Barcena

    i use left hand ;w; when i write

  16. Meghan Gulickson

    I have a chameleon

  17. Family Memories

    Oop I mean hewo ;-;

  18. Family Memories

    Hero uwu

  19. Ryder and Hayden


  20. Ethan Chernicoff

    What 3D pen did you use

  21. Kooksrus 5293


  22. xavier sadikin

    I like Jack's the most

  23. Rita Bryant

    I hit that subscribe button

  24. Irene Natalia

    Are you crazy but how you can got 3Dpen huh?

  25. Emmalee Ellis


  26. tiger_ 666

    I hate how he says if you lose you have to use your left hand. What an insult to left handed people. I’m triggered

  27. Alicia Padilla

    That can can you come make a video with you if I could I wouldn’t be able to because I’m not I don’t live in LA I live in California I live in South San Francisco

  28. Elise Burchard

    *me being bored out of my mind* *clicks on this* Me: a m a z i n g :D

  29. 26Sofia Gutierrez


  30. Mackenzie Ward

    Wait whats her name ?!

  31. Martin Reynolds


  32. TC Ceasers

    Tbh jaz is kinda cute jk

  33. Penut_chew


  34. Stephanie Little

    I really thought that viv should have won

  35. Nadia Howe

    the elafant

  36. Kiana Perry-Wilson

    Jake made a spork knife 😂

  37. Kiana Perry-Wilson

    I love Mackenzie's pink dress 💓💕

  38. Kiana Perry-Wilson

    Viv failed art school🥺

  39. Echo YT


  40. Echo YT


  41. Kiana Perry-Wilson

    Mackenzie failed art school and ate mayonnaise 😂

  42. WinterSammy

    hi from phillipines!

  43. Kiana Perry-Wilson

    Mackenzie won🥳

  44. Bentley Rodgers

    Your the best youtuber ever please let me be in a vid

  45. maricel beltran

    ZHC we are so close at 20M subs!!!! at ZHC channel

  46. Kiana Perry-Wilson

    I love Michelle's pig 🐷

  47. Kiana Perry-Wilson

    Michelle is my favorite 😍😘

  48. Kiana Perry-Wilson

    Jake lost🥺

  49. charlotte's galaxy

    Theese look so good

  50. Kiana Perry-Wilson

    I love Michelle's hair🥰😁

  51. Tracy Clowes

    U guys look like cute colourful jelly beans

  52. Amelia Pringle

    you are the best artist i have ever met and your vidios make me clm and i just like to see how happy you always are and all the funny challenges you do

  53. Mike Ruchington

    When are you doing a plane?

  54. Olga yolanda Rodriguez

    I wanted Michelle to win

  55. John Pearson

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  56. Headset Heaven !!!

    The hole thing is cap

  57. Kylea Walters

    I am almost Ten I am Ten in May

  58. Ali whitaker

    You Are the best KGupr Think you for making the video

  59. Kylea Walters

    I am only nine and never get a shout out in my life

  60. Kylea Walters

    Can you plz pin this and give me a shout out


    Zach wasting his money in all his videos........... - His wallet - Nooooo I’m poor I’m broke why r u doing this!!!! Some times in the videos, “my wallet R.I.P” Me XD bruh your life savings

  62. Maria Aguirre

    they said a bad word

  63. Kylea Walters


  64. Mayelin Leal

    Amazing video 😍

  65. Forever Legend

    The cringe versions of mr beast

  66. Ezekiel Hodge

    Meow my pic is cat now

  67. Puppy Love

    I love you ZHC and I am so supportive of your channel and I hope I can be in one of your vids some day

  68. Elise Jessamyn


  69. Anouk Devin

    I hate Johnny’s outfit